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How You Helped Support the Child Advocacy Center of Kelowna

Over the past couple of months, I have noticed many issues circling the internet and social media about child trafficking and child abuse. As a mother to two little ones, my heart was aching. I couldn’t wrap my head around how this was happening around the world and in my community too! If you watched my Instagram stories a few weeks ago I shared some of these feelings with all of you. And a few hours later, I had an email from the Child Advocacy Center of Kelowna inviting myself and Team Jilly for a tour of their facility and learning session. I jumped at the opportunity and was very excited about our tour and to find out how we were able to help and support them!

Team Jilly visits the Child Advocacy Center of Kelowna
The Child Advocacy Center Entrance Area

As we arrived at the CAC, I was blown away with the overall design. As you walk through the front doors, it feels like a breath of fresh air! We spent the rest of the afternoon touring the facility, I experienced all of the emotions! When we arrived in the playroom, I was so happy and in awe, then they opened the backpack cupboard, and I had tears streaming down my face!

In the next couple of weeks, we will be sharing a full blog post about our trip to the CAC. But today, I wanted to share where we are donating this month’s Cameo funds and that just so happens to be The Child Advocacy Center of Kelowna!! That’s right, with your help this month, we are donating $4,544.56 CAD to help abused and neglected children in need! With your help, Since April, we have raised a total of $74,486 CAD to various charities and organizations to help those throughout our community! If you are new to our Cameo blogs, you can find out what they are all about here!

Total Donation to The Child Advocacy Center of Kelowna
The CAC Open Playroom Area for Children

What is the Child Advocacy Center of Kelowna?

“The CAC has been designed to meet the needs of vulnerable children and the everyday heroes who work in this space to protect them. Every nook, every cranny has a purpose. Every detail has been thoughtfully inspired to create an environment where children will be supported in their journey to a brighter future!” – Child Advocacy Center of Kelowna.

How you can help the Child Advocacy Center in Kelowna

How you can help!

If you feel connected to helping the CAC make a difference, here is how you can help!

1. If you are able to donate $91 a month, you will help deliver one day of wrap-around services and holistic support each year to kids who need it most.

2. If you are able to donate $57 a month, you will help deliver one whole day of dedicated services from a trained advocate for children in need.

3. If you are able to donate $25 a month, you will help deliver educational programs each year to children and adults.

4. If you are able to donate $8 a month, you will help ensure every child’s unique support needs can be met.

For more information on The Child Advocacy Center of Kelowna, you can check them out here! As always, thank you from the bottom of my heart for keeping me busy recording Cameos and helping those in need!

Until next time!


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