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Introducing “For Evergreen”: A Limited-Edition Print in Support of Coastal Douglas-Fir Forests.

Hello everyone!!! Allow me to introduce myself for the first time ever on the blog! My name is Shauna and I am the Graphic Designer here on Team Jilly! I wanted to come on here today to announce something very exciting that the team and I have been working on behind the scenes for weeks now! But first, I want to share a bit about myself. I was born and raised here in the beautiful Okanagan Valley where I spent all my time either at the lake, in nature or drawing anything and everything under the sun. This love of art and nature is what drove me to become so passionate about nature and the environment, as well as pursue a career in graphic design. Now on top of designing social media graphics, websites, newsletters, and so much more, I also design our seasonal digital prints on Jilly Digital. And recently we had the idea to do something meaningful in honour of Earth Day, which allowed my passion for design and the environment to coincide. 

So without further adieu, I’d like to introduce you all to “For Evergreen” a limited edition digital illustration depicting a grove of Coastal Douglas-Fir trees. I am also so proud to announce that 100% of the sales of “For Evergreen” will be donated to the Raincoast Conservation Foundation. Raincoast is a non-profit organization led by scientists and conservationists safeguarding the land, waters and wildlife of coastal British Columbia. 

"For Evergreen": The New Jilly Digital Charity Print

Purchase the “For Evergreen” Digital Print Here. 

Only 10% of true old growth Coastal Douglas-Fir forests remain, these generations old ecosystems have almost been completely logged and replaced with what is now considered second growth, meaning the forests [or trees] did not grow and mature naturally. Small tree forests, while still beautiful and important, have not been around long enough to develop the same self-regulating environment, critical to mitigating the effects of climate change and supporting different species and biodiversity, that old-growth forests have achieved over thousands of years. 

"For Evergreen": The New Jilly Digital Charity Print
Courtesy of Raincoast Conservation Foundation

With no laws currently in place to protect British Columbia’s old forest ecosystems and the very real effects of climate change, which we are witnessing first hand here in BC, it is apparent that actionable plans need to be taken sooner rather than later. If you’d like to learn more about these threatened forests in the Coastal Douglas-fir (CDF) biogeoclimatic zone you can visit the Raincoast website here

Raincoast and their partners at the Pender Islands Conservancy initiated a $100,000 matching campaign toward the purchase and protection of 45 acres of Coastal Douglas-fir habitat on the edge of the Salish Sea. Every dollar committed to protecting KELÁ_EKE Kingfisher Forest on S,DÁYES (Pender Island) between now and June 8th 2022 will be quadrupled!! If you’d like to make a direct donation to the Raincoast you can do so here. 

"For Evergreen": The New Jilly Digital Charity Print
Courtesy of Raincoast Conservation Foundation

Together we have the capability to make a noticeable change in our environment and with the purchase of “For Evergreen”, or a direct donation, you are helping protect these ancient ecosystems which in turn promote a safer, healthier and more sustainable future for everyone.

As for your artwork we recommend printing on a  #100-110 100% recycled or 100% post-consumer waste paper which is FSC Certified, Green Seal Certified, and Processed Chlorine-Free. 



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