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Introducing: The Jilly Digital Spring Print Collection!

I am SO excited that the days are getting longer and the weather is warming up! Not to mention, the first day of Spring is RIGHT around the corner! Spring is a season of change and just so happens to be the perfect time to switch up your artwork for a little decor refresh! 😉 And, it just so happens that today, we have released a brand NEW Jilly Digital Spring Print Collection to help you do just that.

These prints were carefully designed and curated by our very own in-house graphic designer! The best part? Not only do they look amazing on their own, but they are also designed to work seamlessly together to create a gorgeous gallery wall! And, for the first time EVER, we have bundled this collection up and are offering it as a Gallery Wall Collection!

Without further ado, let’s take a peek at the new Jilly Digital Spring Collection! 🌷

Silver Linings

Remember those warm Spring days as a kid where you would lay down, look up at the sky, and watch as the clouds passed by? We hope this print does just that and brings a sense of nostalgia and cherished memories into your home.

Silver Linings from the Spring Collection

Wild at Heart: Cottage Green

It’s a classic, and we love it! The Wild at Heart Print is back again, this time in a beautiful cottage green colour!

Wild at Heart from the Spring Collection

Change is Good

Change is all around us, and whether it’s big or small, it often teaches us something valuable along the way.

Change is Good from the Spring Collection

Abstract Peonies

White Peonies, the symbol of love, romance, and sheer beauty!

This gorgeous print was created intentionally with each unrefined brush stroke that came together to create an elegant abstract bundle of white peonies; simple and sophisticated.

Abstract Peonies from the Spring Collection

Up, Up and Away!

The sky’s the limit! So this is your gentle reminder that you can do anything you put your mind to!

Up Up and Away from the Spring Collection

Love them all and can’t decide on one? Not to worry. As I mentioned earlier, not only can you purchase all of the prints individually, but I’m excited to share that we now offer the Gallery Wall Collection! This means that you can purchase the entire Spring Collection in one bundle and hang them together on your wall. I love how cohesive this collection is and how every print compliments one another. Purchase your Spring Gallery Wall Collection, here here for only $80!

The Spring Collection gallery wall

We know how much you all LOVE to see the process behind how our prints are created, so today we want to share that process of the new Silver Linings Print! This video shows the sped-up version, but don’t be fooled this piece took Shauna (our amazing graphic designer!) hours to create. So kick back and enjoy a little digital print magic!

If you enjoyed watching the process, make sure to pop over to our Self Care Print Collection blog post to see the creative process behind the Lily Pad Paradise print!

I absolutely LOVE this new collection, and I cannot wait to see you all style them in your homes! I’d love to know in the comments which print is your favourite in the collection, and keep your eyes peeled on our socials for some exciting news next week!



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