Jillian Harris x Etsy Holiday Collection is HERE!

Good morning everyone!! I’m popping on to let you know that the Jillian Harris x Etsy Holiday Collection is now LIVE and ready to be purchased!! This past year has been such an amazing (and busy!) time for not only myself, and Team Jilly, but for each of the 9 amazing Etsy Makers!

From multiple conference calls to revisions, emails, and setting up my home for Christmas in July, it’s been an exciting whirlwind and we’re all so pleased to finally see everything we’ve been working so hard on come to fruition!!

We’ve made sure to document this partnership along the way to give you an exclusive behind the scenes peek at the entire process from gathering inspiration, to our “meet & greet” with the Etsy makers and lastly, the product photo shoot in my home!!

I hope you LOVE this collaboration as much as we do! Ps. I know there will be some questions about this collection so I’ve gone ahead and provided some additional information for you below, including how to SHOP the collection!

Jillian Harris x Etsy Holiday Collection
Jillian Harris x Etsy Holiday Collection
Jillian Harris x Etsy Holiday Collection
Jillian Harris x Etsy Holiday Collection
Jillian Harris x Etsy Holiday Collection
Jillian Harris x Etsy Holiday Collection
Jillian Harris x Etsy Holiday Collection
Jillian Harris x Etsy Holiday Collection

How did the Jillian Harris x Etsy Holiday Collection happen?

Last year Etsy approached me to see if I wanted to work alongside 9 talented Canadian Etsy makers to create a limited edition holiday collection! I, of course, was over the moon when they asked me to be a part of it because I absolutely LOVE working alongside and supporting local businesses as much as I can!!

We wanted to make sure that the entire collection was true to my style and ultimately timeless with a festive twist! After a number of emails, phone calls, and revisions, we have a collection that I’m so insanely proud of which includes the perfect mix of locally made and vegan, lifestyle, apparel, and home decor items!

It’s been a year in the making and I’m so excited that our holiday collection has OFFICIALLY LAUNCHED TODAY!!

What is included in the Jillian Harris x Etsy Holiday Collection?

Winter Love Candle by Brand & Iron

Chenille Chunky Knit Heart Blanket with Pom Poms by Handmade by Kris and Chris

Plaid Tassel Pillow Case by Cloth & Main

Holiday Heart Plaid Buffalo Farmhouse Pillow Case by Cloth & Main

Charcuterie Board or Serving Tray by Crawford Creek Designs

Mug with Heart by Looks Like White

Shallow Bowl with Heart by Looks Like White

Salad Plate with Heart by Looks Like White

The Jilly Dress by Emma Knudsen

Gold Sequin Slouchy Clutch by De Almeida Designs

Crocheted Heart Hats by Lakeside Loops

Red and White Heart Check Dog Collar by Pooch & Tabby

Red and White Check with Hearts Bow Tie by Pooch & Tabby

How can I shop the collection?

You can shop the entire collection here, on my dedicated shop page!

How many items are available for purchase from each Etsy maker?

Each Etsy maker made between 300 – 500 items!

Will the collection be re-stocked?

No, this is a limited collection so once they’re gone … they’re gone!

How long will everything be available for?

Everything will be available for purchase now until December 31st, 2018 while quantities last!

Can we get the products shipped to the States? Or Internationally?

Each vendor will be shipping throughout Canada and the United States (shipping costs vary depending on the product!). In regards to international shipping, this is up to each vendor so please pop by their shop to see if this is something they offer!

Jillian Harris x Etsy Holiday Collection
Jillian Harris x Etsy Holiday Collection
Jillian Harris x Etsy Holiday Collection
Jillian Harris x Etsy Holiday Collection
Jillian Harris x Etsy Holiday Collection
Jillian Harris x Etsy Holiday Collection
Jillian Harris x Etsy Holiday Collection

There you have it, everyone!! I hope you’re able to welcome some of these amazing items into your home!! If you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Etsy makers individually via their Etsy shops, or, feel free to comment below!!

Happy shopping!



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  1. Was interested in purchasing one of the knit hats, but when the shipping is almost as much as the hat, not really worth it! $20 for shipping in Canada and $40 for the hat?!

  2. EkkkkkkK!!!! I am been waiting at work for this moment. All your photos and collection pieces are SO pretty and I want everything. Perfect for the holidays and I can’t wait to receive my orders. A job well done by everyone !!!

  3. Congratulations on the launch!! It’s all so beautiful and festive! What size collar is Nacho wearing?? I have a boxer too and I LOVE the collar! Can’t wait to see it!

  4. This whole line looks amazing ! Congrats! Is it safe to assume that magically the adult sizes in the hats won’t reappear? Lol

  5. YOU AMAZE me honey!!! Little Jilly & look at you now!!! Aunty still has the picture of you when you & Sheri were about 8 years old. You came for a weekend sleep over for Shannon’s Birthday ! So cute!!! I LOVE your blog!

    Congrats on Annie hon, just a mini you! Leo looks very happy with his New Baby sister & I sure know your mom is!!!

    Hugs & Keep on being the STRONG individual that you are!!

    Love You,
    Aunty Jackie

  6. If the budget (or husband for that matter lol) would have allowed, I would have purchased every single item from this collab; it was that good. I’m just gonna have to settle for the Pillow and Hat ❤️

  7. No shipping to Finland:(but a really nice collection,love them all!:) wanted the candle and the board really bad,:D and the heart mugs and the..well everything!:)

  8. I am so sad…really fell in love with the heart pillow but its sold out. The mug with pink heart (sold out)…I hope these come back in stock!

  9. Love your support for small!! It’s really exciting to see you partnering with Etsy as well! If you decide to do another collaboration with more Etsy shop owners, my husband and I would love to collaborate with you. We have a woodworking shop (our garage ?‍♀️) and make real wood home decor. We’d be honoured if you checked us out! Congratulations again on the launch!

  10. Hey jillian, the green greenery on your fireplace and across the dining table, may i ask where i can purchase that?

  11. Hey jillian, i was wondering where i can purchase the green greenery across your fireplace and dining table in the pictures.

  12. I was browsing Etsy over the weekend, specifically looking for mugs made in Canada. I found that there was one seller who had a knock-off of your heart mugs. I double checked and it’s not the same seller as your collaboration. In the item description, they even say ‘Jillian Harris’, probably in an attempt to get more search hits. I can imagine that’s kind of a bummer for you, so I wanted to bring it to your attention.

  13. Hi Team Jilly! Can you tell me where to find the shoes Jillian is wearing in the photos for the Etsy collaboration? (The silver sequin heels seen in her photos on Emma Knudsen’s page.) Thanks!

  14. Hi Jillian,

    I’m sure it is posted somewhere I just can’t seem to find it.. where abouts did you get your dress??? it’s stunning!!

    Thank you!!

  15. Hi Jillian. I ordered the heart and plaid tassle pillows! Now, about the appropriate inserts – what do you recommend? I’ve heard you should size up but if I do this should I purchase anywhere/does it matter where I buy them for these particular pillow covers? What do you suggest? Thanks

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