Jillian Harris x Saje Wellness: The Aroma Om is Back!

Hi everyone! I have some VERY exciting news for you today! The Jillian Harris x Saje Wellness Aroma Om diffuser is BACK IN STOCK due to popular demand! I’m so unbelievably happy that all of YOU loved our collaboration so much that we could get it back a second time!

I’m still so in love with this diffuser! Not only was it my very first collaboration with Saje Wellness, but it’s also a work of love between myself, Team Jilly, and the Saje team! When we were first discussing design, I knew I wanted it to have a natural look and feel, I wanted it to have texture, a little bit of a pattern and personality. I really wanted it to look like a piece of art and for it to have a place in YOUR home for years to come and I think we really nailed it and I can’t WAIT for you to have one too!!

Keep in mind, quantities are limited and the diffuser is only available for purchase online. We don’t anticipate stock will last long, so if you had your eyes on this Aroma Om when it first released, now is the chance for you to scoop one up for your home!

Shop the Jillian Harris x Saje Wellness Aroma Om, here!

Jillian Harris x Saje Wellness Aroma OmJillian Harris x Saje Wellness Aroma Om Jillian Harris x Saje Wellness Aroma Om Jillian Harris x Saje Wellness Aroma Om

Not only do I LOVE this diffuser, but I have so many faves when it comes to Saje Wellness products, so much so that I’ve gone ahead and curated a dedicated page to highlight all of my favourites from their essential oil rollers, to cleaning products, and diffuser blends! Check out what we like to keep on hand in our home, here!

I hope you too will enjoy this limited edition diffuser as much as we do! Happy shopping!



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  1. Hi Jillian, congrats on the new diffuser. I absolutely love love love the texture of this new one. But I’m not crazy on this shape (to me it looks like a bottle) I loved everything about your first one (I got it for mothers day) it looks more decorative, like a big candle or a piece of art. I wish this new one had more of an artistic shape to it, as apposed to a bottle shape. I am always on my boys (hubby and son )about leaving their water bottles all over the house and it drives me crazy. If I had this sitting on a table, I’m sure they would be all over me about how it looks just like a bottle…tomato/tomato?!? if you know what I mean. This is just my humble opinion. Again I absolutely love the texture look of it but not the shape. I will however pop into Saje to get more essential oils. Love you, your crew and all your posts. Thank you for keeping us working moms on the ball with your amazing style and suggestions.

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