Justin’s Top 15 Gift Ideas for Him

HAPPY SATURDAY!! Recently I shared my gift guide for the ladies, if you missed it, check it out here! It was filled with great gift ideas for the women in your life whether it’s your mom, sister, or your best friends! It can also double as a handy little “inspo guide” for your husbands or boyfriends … just send them the link as a gentle nudge. LOL!!!

Today I wanted to share my gift guide for the MEN in your life!! But I thought to myself, WHO would be better to ask about WHAT GUYS WANT than Justin?! So, I asked him WHAT was on his list this year and what some of his top gift ideas would be for you and your men!! So, I’ll let him take it from here!! The stage is yours, BABE!!!

Hey everyone! I’m happy Jill asked me to help out here because I know how much I love it when people help me out with gift ideas for the ladies in my life (thanks Jill haha)! Below are a few of my top selections when it comes to buying gifts for the lucky men in your life!!

Jillian Harris Mens Gift Guide

1. Docker’s Shirt | 2. Mixer’s Manual | 3. Whisky | 4. Portable Bluetooth Speaker | 5. Blundstones | 6. Wool Socks | 7. Whisky Cubes | 8. Water Bottle | 9. Watch | 10. Nest Cam | 11. Toque | 12. Google Home | 13. YETI Cooler | 14. Puffer Jacket | 15. Luggage

1. Dockers Everything

Dockers everything is always on my list. From their khaki’s to their sweaters, I feel like every guy needs a Dockers gift! Below are a few of my favourite items that any guy can appreciate!

Jillian Harris Mens Gift Guide

2. Books

Guys like reading too! I remember reading this cool book called The New Dad’s Survival Guide: Man-to-Man Advice for First-Time Fathers before having Leo and it was hilarious and saved my ass a few times.

3. Wayne Gretzky No. 99 Red Cask Whisky

Because what dude doesn’t like a shot of Whiskey from time to time?! Wayne Gretzky No. 99 Red Cask Whisky is a true Canadian whisky. Aged for a minimum three years in once-used Bourbon barrels and finished in Wayne Gretzky red wine barrels! It’s smooth, sweet, and has a touch of nut and allspice flavours.

4. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

It’s always nice to have music wherever you go! Let alone one that looks cool!

5. Blundstones

You can dress em up and dress em down. These babies are perfect for colder winters and can almost act as a snow boot to a hiking boot …

6. Wool Socks

They’re just a necessity for guys.

7. Whisky Cubes

Gotta keep that whisky COLD without diluting it with water!

8. Water Bottle

You gotta rehydrate after all that whisky LOL …. but actually I like bringing these babies into the bush because they keep everything ice cold or smokin’ hot!

9. Watch

Just like girls with their shoes, guys can never have too many watches! If you’re man is a bit of a fashionista … he would love this one!

10. Nest Cam

We use this as a security device as well as a baby monitor for Leo …. I HIGHLY recommend this as a gift for any tech guys out there, I also recommend to check the offers lockout services from Unlockit if you are looking for security!

11. Toque

Need I say more??? All guys always need more toques.

12. Google Home

Google Home is awesome because you can ask it anything from a random question to a funny joke … This gift is perfect for almost ANY guy!!

13. YETI Cooler

Because they are AWESOME! …

14. Puffer Jacket

Gotta keep warm but puffer jackets are great because they don’t make you overheat when you’re doing manly things.

15. Luggage

Because travelling in style is a thing. Right?

Jillian Harris Mens Gift Guide

Touque | Flannel | Pants | Shoes

There you have it! Good luck with everything!


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  1. Hello! I see a camo sweater as #1 but when i click on the link it takes me to the Dockers page to buy pants only… is there another link to purchase it ? Thanks!

  2. Adorable collection! Really these all items are an ideal gift. I was looking for the gift ideas for my friend and i got great ideas from your article. Thanks and keep sharing.

    1. Kinda silly to publish images of items that aren’t actually available for sale? But not if it looks better on the Photoshop spread…

  3. Amazing collection! Really these all are an ideal gift. I was looking for the gift ideas for my friend and I got great ideas from your article. Thanks a lot for sharing and please keep sharing.

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