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Key Dates & How To Shop The Best Sales Of The Year

As I sit poolside in Maui with my little family I wanted to share ALL of the details about what’s to come for you and for the site in the next little while. It’s crazy to think but … it’s only a 39 Days until Christmas .. can YOU believe that??? Stores are already playing their Christmas music and people already decorating their homes and putting up their trees. It’s that time of year where I start sharing gift guides and gift ideas with you for your whole family. You might be thinking OH NO … and I promise I will try not to bombard you too much. BUT I want to give you all a sufficient amount of time until Christmas incase shipping times are slow or something gets delayed. It also gives you some time to digest everything and start planning!!! Follow along with me below as I lay out some key dates and give you a to do list that you can follow to easily shop the best sales of the year.

I mainly wanted to write this blog to educate and inform you about what to expect and how to shop, to make your life EASIER. I will be posting gift guides and will be trying to cater them to SOMEONE on your list, if not everyone. Lets start this off by telling you about some KEY sales dates to mark in your calendars:

  1. November 24th: This is when some of the sales start to launch for American Thanksgiving
  2. November 25th: BLACK FRIDAY, if you miss the 24th, make sure you check back here on black friday to get a list of the best sales and my top picks!!
  3. November 26th: Small Busines Friday, this only takes place in the US
  4. November 28th: Cyber Monday … the sales are still going straight through Monday.
  5. December 16th: This is FREE shipping day … if you are ordering anything from gift guides or for Christmas presents. The 16th is a great day to order to get free shipping!!
  6. December 18th: This is the LAST day to standard ship ANY of the gifts that you’ll see here to arrive in time … otherwise you will have to rush ship and I hate taking chances during the holidays!

It might seem like A LOT of dates to remember and like a lot is going on …. but I promise to make it as easy as possible for you. I will have a dedicated shop page just for Christmas and for the sales. I will continue to share lists of the best sales and will continue to pick my favourite items from them so that you don’t need to sift through everything (there is A LOT). Anything else related to holiday content, gift guides, outfit inspo, holiday DIY’s and decorating tips … I will be your go-to source. Don’t worry, we can do this together!! Just make sure to constantly check back, especially during those key dates and NOTHING will be missed!!

Now that we have the key dates behind us, lets move on to a little TO DO list that I’ve created for you!!! You know how much I love my lists and this one is important if you get overwhelmed by all of the sales going on. This will be a great list to reference when things start getting busy and the holiday season starts to take over your wallet and your mind …


1. Make a List: Get everyone on your list to send you wish lists EARLY. This will help you search out the best deals and from where so that you can save and compare. If they don’t, start taking note when they say “I really need new winter boots” and start scanning their closets on your own. Sometimes they don’t realize what they need and only ask for what they want! Compile these lists with alternate ideas incase you can’t find just one wishlist item. Hang on to this list to reference during the sales, if you find it while shopping Black Friday or Cyber Monday … score!!

2. What are you Shopping for: Cyber week is the best time of the year to pick up Christmas gifts for your loved ones. Instead of making the sales all about me and my closet, I have learnt to put myself last and save the money when buying presents instead (ok and if I see something that I love … I may or may not hint that it’s on sale to my loved ones lol). Here is a list of my favourite things to shop for during cyber week:

  1. Kids – Now that I have Leo, kids clothing, decor and toys are near the top of my shopping list during the sales!!
  2. Outerwear – I don’t know why but coats and jackets are one of the first items that I graviate towards during sales because they can be pricey and you might as well save on them when you can.
  3. Shoes – You can never have too many shoes … especially during sale season! Make a list of your favourite boots and from where to make it quick and easy to shop.
  4. Decor – This seems to be one of the categories that people forget about during sales … but it’s the BEST!!!! I love saving on big decor pieces for my home and my families …
  5. Accessories – If you have a very special accessoy in mind like jewelry or maybe a designer handbag … search for the best deals on it and make it easier on your loved ones to buy it for you AND save while doing so …

3. Where To Shop: Now that we’ve covered WHAT to shop for … I have compiled a list of WHERE to shop with my favourite online retailers for you. If you online shop often you might already have a list of your favourites … but if you don’t, make sure that they ship to Canada (and the US if you lilve there), they have a great shipping policy (sometimes even free shippng), and that they offer exchanges or returns. Start searching their sites early to get an idea of what they offer, create accounts and save items in your “shopping bag” so that it’s easy to shop when the time comes … and sign up for their newsletters so that you don’t miss their sales!

  • Nordstrom – the perfect store for EVERYBODY on your list! And they offer great returns
  • Etsy – if you want something special or locally made
  • The Cross Decor & Design – beautiful home decor for the interior designer on your list
  • Minted – if you want a special piece of art for your home (art is always a great present)
  • One Kings Lane – for the vintage keepsake on your list
  • Wayfair – great interior decor with GREAT shipping to Canada!
  • Williams Sonoma – perfect for the foodie on the list
  • Shopbop – for the fashionista in your house
  • ASOS – gret priced clothing items that are unique
  • Anthropologie – decor and clothing items all in one place

4. Start Saving: Start thinking of ways you can save some extra cash this holiday season. Maybe skip your daily coffee and lunches out and instead put that money towards your shopping list. That extra money will add up quickly. Shopping can sometimes seem like it’s breaking the bank but if there is ever a perfect time to shop … it’s during sales!!! If you’re doing a present free Christmas or are trying to not consume as much this year, stay tuned for a blog all about giving back instead of buying!!!

Once all of this is covered … we’ll be wrapping presents and putting them under the tree in no time!!!


I’d LOVE to hear from you … let me know in the comments below WHAT you would like to see this holiday and sale season. Are there any specific gift guides you want me to create?? Any other requests??




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  1. Hi Jillian I hope you and the family are having wonderful time in Maui. Just a heads up that the Cpc employees are currently voting on the tentative agreement. ..

  2. Great blog post Jillian! Cyber Monday is an awesome day for deals! I would love to see something for the men in the family. They are always such a pain to shop for, lol. I have my little guy covered he is 2 months old now so we are gifting him a jolly jumper:)

  3. Oopsie, Jill & team. Not sure what day this was supposed to be posted but it’s not a month (and a day) until Christmas…

    1. Lol – kind of pulls the plug on the illusion that Jillian actually wrote this post. Would love to know where that candy-cane yarn came from though!

  4. Hey – Great post! Just a heads up that retailers have started to do the whole “Small Business Saturday” in Toronto. Many retailers will have special sales that day encouraging local foot traffic.

  5. YES!! I knew I could come to your site to find all the deals for Black Friday. Thank you for putting together a list of great finds – I can’t wait to see it so I can copy all your outfits #trendsettaaaaa

    1. LOL!!!!! I LOVE your hashtag Jess!!! Yes, keep checking back for more!! I’ll be sharing lots of gift guides and some Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals!! XOXO

  6. Hi Jillian! Can you tell us where the wrapping paper and yarn are from? Love! Also, my daughter (our first!) was born on 8/6. It has been a joy watching Leo grow with her. Your Maui trip is inspiring us to do something with our nugget over the holiday break (besides the 2 hour drive to grandma’s), but yet to bite the bullet. She’s a gem, but a handful! Wish us some luck :).

    1. OMG aren’t they adorable?!?! They are from the Cross!!!! Wishing you ALL of the luck with your little one, enjoy these moments with her!! XOXOXO

  7. Love all your posts! I’m on the hunt for nice jewellery for my daughter for Christmas she is 5 years old. Can you offer any suggestions where to purchase online? I haven’t had any luck so far. Thank you. Carrie

  8. Love your blog! Thank you for the shopping key dates! I am hunting for a Cricut machine for my DIY business. So I can help my hubby for an easy shopping! ?

  9. Hi Jillian! I love all the shops you post and found The Cross through your posts! I always want to buy an item but hold off because of the shipping charges to a US address. Would love if they offered specials on shipping to the U.S. Maybe they could offer something to your followers since you post so much for them! 😀

    1. Hi Samantha!! So happy to hear you are following along on the blog!!! That’s great feedback, thank you for sharing!! XOXO

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