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Leo & Annie’s Book Club: Bedtime Favourites

Leo and Annie have always loved books which makes this mama so proud!! Leo has become somewhat of a pro at sneaking “just one more” book in during our bedtime routine and Annie often grabs her books and flips through the pages on her own, just like her brother used to do! I LOVE their love for books and we love discovering new fun books together! Since I last posted about Leo and Annie’s books they’ve adopted some new favourites that I thought I would share with you today!

Leo has pretty much swapped out his collection of faves lately and Annie has pretttyyyy much done the same, minus her continued love for the adorable books inspired by Anne of Green Gables! Last time I shared her list of favourite books she was obsessed with Anne’s Numbers … welp, this time around it’s ALL about Anne’s Alphabet, and I’m not complaining one bit!

Okay, let’s get started by checking out Leo’s list followed by Annie’s!

Leo’s Favourite Books

Leo & Annie's Book Club: Bedtime Favourites

Little Blue Truck

This is an adorable story about a blue little pick-up that gets stuck on a muddy road (brings me back to my Alberta days!!) and he meets a few farm animal friends that help him out!

Back to the Future

That’s right, it’s the 80’s hit we ALL love turned into a kids picture book!! I think I love this one just as much as Leo does!

The Dinosaur that Pooped the Bed

Leo and I both love this book (yes, it’s entertaining for both of us! LOL!), not only is it insanely cute (and rhymes!) but it also teaches the importance of keeping a clean room which this mama can get on board with!

We Are in a Book

This book has a great twist where the characters realize that they are in a book and are being “watched” … lol! It’s an easy read for little ones just learning and in need of a giggle!

Frankie’s Favourite Food

This book is fantastic in so many ways! It’s about a boy who is supposed to go as his favourite food for an upcoming play but he has TOO many so when he can’t decide he turns into the costume manager to help all of the other kids become his favourite foods! LOL!

Annie’s Favourite Books

Leo & Annie's Book Club: Bedtime Favourites

I Love My Puppy

This is a great touch and feel book and with two Boxers in our home … I thought this would be a great book for Annie!

If I Were a Unicorn

This book is just downright ADORABLE! In fact, I love all of the JellyCat books for little ones!


Omg … Annie’s Georgia and Dolly Parton books are some of MY all time favourites! These books, Little People Big Dreams highlight the lives of outstanding people. Thre are soooo many to choose from!

Dolly Parton

As I mentioned above, we’re just getting our collection of Little People Big Dreams books STARTED! And I mean, who wouldn’t love a kids cartoon book based on Dolly Parton?!

Anne’s Alphabet

Anne’s Alphabet is the perfect book for learning the alphabet as every letter is brought to life!

Love Is Everywhere

Every little one should have this book in his/her book collection … it’s lighthearted, teaches them about love, all while making them giggle!

Leo & Annie's Book Club: Bedtime Favourites

What are some of your child’s favourite bedtime books? Make sure to share them in the comments section below!



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  1. Would love for your children to read my whimsical travel books called Violet the Pilot Travel books that take place in Canada/France/Hawaii and the Arctic! Enjoy xo Bettina Bathe

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