Leo’s First Halloween

Since it’s Leo’s first Halloween I have been adamant since day one that I wanted him to be a lion. I was originally going to be Dorothy but then I found a dog costume for Nacho instead and it fit him perfectly! I of course procrastinated and I couldn’t find a lion costume for Leo that fit him properly … which is why his is so big on him (OOPS!!!!). But all in all, everything came together perfectly and worked out really well for all of us. I am loving being able to make these memories for Leo, capture them, AND be able to share them with all of you. I hope you all have a happy, safe, and candy filled Halloween today!!!

halloween-blognacho-cilantro-as-dorothy-from-the-wizard-of-oz justin-pasutto-as-tin-man img_1653jillian-harris-as-a-scar-crow

One of my favourite parts about Halloween is being able to get creative and wear items that already exist in my closet. Take this sweater for example … I recently picked it up from Goodnight Macaroon for fall and it paired perfectly for my scarecrow costume!! BONUS!!! Not to mention, you can pick it up on MAJOR sale tomorrow during their flash sale!!

Some of my other favourite items in the flash sale:


Sweater | Overalls | Hat | Lion Costume | Dorothy Costume | Tin Man Costume


What are you and your family being for Halloween this year?? Let me know in the comments below …


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  1. You all look amazing but I have to say.. Nacho wins for best costume on this one! What a cutie he is!! There is no way my dogs would keep that on!

  2. Lovely costumes!!! <3 Nacho rocks!!! My boyfriend and I planned to get ones for our three cats but… They weren't agree! Lol! Have a nice Halloween! Here in Catalonia we eat chestnuts!

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