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Leo’s First Party

When I first thought about having a baby shower … I knew that I wanted Leo to be there so that people could meet him and we all could celebrate his birth together (including me). One of the reasons I didn’t want a typical Baby Shower was because we really didn’t want or need any gifts. So the longer Justin and I thought about it the more we realized we wanted a “Sip & See” instead. We wanted to celebrate our newest addition while being able to enjoy time with our loved ones. It was a great way to get everyone together to meet Leo if they hadn’t already. We of course, tried our best to say NO presents and instead make the entire event all about Leo!!!

I have worked with the Countdown Events team before on other parties so I KNEW I wanted them to help me make Leo’s FIRST party above and beyond beautiful. BUT, as soon as I started to see things come together … I knew they were going to totally exceed my expectations and turn what I thought was going to be a simple event into a complete masterpiece. Justin, Leo, Nacho and I were totally spoiled and showered with so much love … I don’t know HOW any of Leo’s parties to come will ever compare!!!!


ALL of the food catered by Boy With A Knife was TOTALLY vegan and totally delicious!! They clearly knew mine and Justin’s love for Mexican food and created a GORGEOUS taco bar on top of other amazing appies. The flower arrangements by Celsia Floral were so beautiful they looked like royal bouquets. They had EVERYTHING personalized from coasters, to cake toppers, to wooden Leo signs, to balloons … to name a few.

The Countdown Events team helped Leo pull off his first party and make it a huge huge beautiful success. I can’t thank everyone who was involved in pulling this Sip & See off enough. I want to acknowledge the huge community of companies who made it all possible … everyone came together to make Leo’s First Party so AMAZING and so beautiful. So much time, effort and gifting was put into every last detail as you can see from the photos (if you can believe it, it was even more beautiful in person) …

Design and Planning: CountDown Events Planning & Design
Photography & Film: Hong Photography
Rentals: Avalon Rentals
Calligraphy Stationery: Written Word Calligraphy
Florals: Celsia Floral
Décor:  Vintage Origami
Marshmallows: Archimallows
Cakes and Cookies: Le Gateau
Catering: Boy with a Knife
Vegan Ice Cream: Earnest Ice Cream
Local Beer: Postmark Beer
Wine: Sandhill Winery
Candy Jars: Karameller
Vegan Chocolate: Beta 5
Favour Essential Oils: Saje Wellness
Vegan Pies (dessert bar): Vancouver Pie Hole
Organic Cotton Candy: Cloud Nine Cotton Candy
Matcha Favours: Matcha Ninja
Décor Details: The Cross Design and Décor
Invites: Minted
Cake and drink sticks: Shope Tineke
Balloons (Baby Leo): Tickle Trunk
Balloon Garlands: Balloon Studio
Hand woven wall hanging: Saige and Skye
Custom coasters and napkins: Love by Phoebe
Large wooden Here Me Roar and Lion Signs: DeLovely Details
Black and White striped linens: Pedersen’s
Fresh Juice and Nut Milk (Bar): The Juice Truck
LOVE light sign: Confetti & Co
Live Musician: Colin Bullock of Musos Entertainment
Tree Custom Art: Art by Design 
PR Firm: BeInspiredPR
Tents: Simon Cooksley Pergola Tents

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Calligraphy Stationery: Written Word Calligraphy

blog-ell_2351 blog-ell_2577 Jillian, Justin & Leo Sip & SeeJillian, Justin & Leo Sip & See Jillian, Justin & Leo Sip & See Jillian, Justin & Leo Sip & Seeblog-ell_3949 blog-ell_2518Jillian, Justin & Leo Sip & See

Live Musician: Colin Bullock of Musos Entertainment


Large wooden Here Me Roar and Lion Signs: DeLovely Details

blog-ell_2802Jillian, Justin & Leo Sip & Seeblog-ell_3755blog-ell_2880blog-ell_2467 blog-ell_2917

Cake and drink sticks: Shope Tineke

blog-ell_3579blog-ell_2456 blog-ell_2457blog-ell_2815 blog-ell_2869 blog-ell_3660 Jillian, Justin & Leo Sip & See blog-ell_3154 blog-ell_2780 blog-ell_2558blog-ell_2846

Marshmallows: Archimallows


Vegan Pies (dessert bar): Vancouver Pie Hole

blog-ell_2609 blog-ell_3923 blog-ell_2726 blog-ell_3868 blog-ell_2798 blog-ell_2903 blog-ell_2934 blog-ell_2828 Jillian, Justin & Leo Sip & Seeleo's first party

Thank you all SO much again for making #LeosFirstParty so magical and beyond perfect!


Jilly, Justin, Nacho & LEO

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  1. Jillian, you mentioned all of the food was Vegan, was that ice cream vegan too? Asking because I’m always looking for a good non dairy ice cream. 😉

  2. I’m still following you after all these years! Love you, your style, your love for family and your love for Canada! Baby Leo has no idea just how blessed he is to have you and Justin as parents!! Enjoy each and every minute of your sweet new son. Sue xo

  3. Hi Jillian, Could you please tell me where the banner, that is hanging in front of the dessert table, was made? Thank You! I would like to have a couple made for my wee little Australian grandchildren as a gift for their rooms if possible. And if you ever need a nanny this health care professional would gladly change careers to help you out! 🙂 Thank You kindly…

  4. This is just beautiful Congratulations to you both & Nacho too of course. I love your web page and blogs. It always brings a smile to my face but also gives people ideas too of how or what to choose for different events. Thankyou for sharing with all of us Its pure joy. xx

  5. Hi Jillian.

    How soon after Leo’s birth was his party? Days/weeks or months? Thinking about doing the same but planning around a natural birth is a bit tricky. Thanks stel

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