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Leo’s Spring Faves

Happy Monday everyone!! So, we all know just how much I like clothes … and shopping (obviously) … lol … but holy crap, it’s another level now that little Leo is here. There are so many CUTE clothes for little ones!! I mean c’mon, I can’t help sometimes but dress him up in a little bow tie and suspenders … and then, of course, take a million photos of him!! Gahhhh!!

I tend to get quite a few questions on where we found some of Leo’s clothes so I figured I would take the time today to round up everything that we’re loving lately and give you the inside scoop on where YOU can find them. Ps. You can also ways take a little peek at the Baby Shop page on my site as well, I update that regularly when I find something cute for Leo … ANNND I’ve also started adding things for baby girls too (noooo I’m not pregnant, lol) but Sam is having a little girl and I just can’t help looking at EVERYTHING!! Omg … imagine if I had a little girl?? LOL!!! You guys would be so sick of seeing all things dresses … lol!!

Leo's Spring FavesJillian Harris - Happy Birthday Justin-3Jillian Harris and Joe Fresh Mother's Day 5Jillian Harris - Mother's Day Date Ideas

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As I mentioned above, we might have a little addiction to bow ties and while the one below is from Joe Fresh you can also find handmade local ones on Etsy but one of our favourite little shops, it’s called The Printed Bow! They have little bow ties for boys AND girls!

Leos Spring Faves

1. Sweater | 2. Hat | 3. Stripe Sneakers | 4. Suspender Shorts | 5. Long Sleeve Bodysuit | 6. Bow Tie | 7. Jeans | 8. High Top Sneakers | 9. Shorts | 10. Chambray Shirt

Can we just take a moment to admire how ridiculously adorable those jeans are above?? They’re from a little company called Tattrd Threads and they are to die for cute. AND, have you seen all of the painted jean jackets around lately?? Well, I recently just came across a company called Young Denham and they actually hand paint pictures on the backs of their jackets … they are FREAKIN AWESOME … and we might just be in the process of getting one done up for Leo … can you guess what’s going to be on the back?? LOL!!



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  1. Hmmm maybe Nachos face on the back? 🙂
    Adorable picks, my fave are the distressed Vests from Tatrrd Threads

    1. I still love to look at baby clothes even though my daughters are 11 and almost 19! Lol the stuff they make for kids to wear today are just adorable!! Keep it coming…. mental notes for someday when I may b a grandma…eek! Maybe I’ll have a grandSON to dress up finally ? Love seeing little Leo in his cute cool outfits. So adorable

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