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Lighting Leo’s Nursery

As I’m sure most of you know, I have always been a HUGE fan of natural lighting and rely heavily on it in our home. What most people don’t realize though is how big of a difference lighting and light fixtures can actually make in a space. They can completely transform the look and feel all with the simple adjustment of a light bulb. This is why I ALWAYS suggest that if you’re looking to update your home, lighting is a great place to start.

Once Leo was born I shortly realized how important lighting actually was in his nursery. I would be going in to feed him every three hours, in the wee hours of the night, and the last thing I wanted was to be blinded by the bright lights. I wanted to find a night light wattage that was easy on my tired eyes. I simply changed out my bulbs to SYLVANIA ULTRA LED A19 bulbs and SYLVANIA ULTRA LED Filament bulbs, and it made a huge difference. They helped create a calm space for both Leo and me, not to mention, they last up to 15,000 – 25,000 hours, use up to 90% less energy and are better for the environment. I feel so much better knowing that I’ll be saving money and the environment in the long run.
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We set up our floor lamp with the SYLVANIA LIGHTIFY app. We have officially decided that we want almost ALL of our lighting in the new house to be set up with it!!! It is so cool and easy to use … you can simply adjust the brightness, mood, coolness or warmness, directly through the app on your phone in a few swipes.

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We decided to use the SYLVANIA ULTRA LED Filament bulb for both the bunny table lamp and the overhead fixture in Leo’s closet. They are a perfect wattage and easy on the eyes for all hours of the night. I love this vintage option that they now offer.

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photo credit: Janis Nicolay 


1. Juju Hat | 2. Bonjour Sign | 3. Mini Mocs | 4. Pendant Fixture | 5. Bunny Lamp | 6. SYLVANIA ULTRA LED  A19 bulb | 7. Floor Lamp | 8. SYLVANIA LED LIGHTIFY Bulb | 9. Pouf | 10. SYLVANIA LIGHTIFY app | 11. Glider Chair

What other lighting tips do you have to share with us?? Let me know in the comments below …



Thank you Sylvania Canada for sponsoring this post. All comments and opinions are my own. 

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      1. What is this wall color?? Please reply! This is exactly what I’m looking for for our little one’s nursery coming December.

  1. Yeah I’m really surprised that it’s so plain. It needs a pop of color, somewhere, anywhere! at least in the quilt or something on the wall, it’s too blah and sad

  2. I’m redecorating my girly-girl’s bedroom and LOVE the way you did Leo’s curtains! Are they just sheer natural white curtains? Are they layered with a black out underneath? Thx!

  3. You really should not have those bumper pads in the crib. They’re a known strangulation hazard and they increase the risk of SIDS.

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