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Love It Or List It Vancouver: Noelle & Kong

I’m BACK with another recap of Love It Or List It Vancouver! Before I go ahead and share all of the details, be warned that there’s a SPOILER ALERT at the end of this blog post so if you don’t want to find out if Noelle and Kong loved it OR if they listed it … then maybe skip this blog until you’ve watched the episode so I don’t ruin the surprise for you!!

Let’s get to it!! While Kong is totally content in this space, Noelle is ready for an upgrade and a new beginning! So, while Todd tries to convince Kong to LEAVE … I’ll be working on Noelle to see their beautiful home in a new light … it’ll just take a LITTLE elbow grease, but luckily, I’m always up for the job!

Jillian Harris Love It Or List It Vancouver Noelle and Kong

In order to get Noelle to STAY … I’ll have to tackle the following tasks:

  • Renovate the kitchen
  • Create an open-concept main floor
  • Renovate the mud/laundry room
  • Refresh the master bedroom
  • Renovate the ensuite
  • Increase energy efficiency

In order for Todd to fulfill Noelle’s wishes and get Kong to move, he will have to find them a home that checks off all of these boxes:

  • Open-concept
  • 3-4 bedrooms
  • 3 bathrooms
  • Mudroom
  • Energy efficient home
  • Space for an art studio
  • Close to the lake and amenities

Well, it was time to get right to it! So, I brought Justin along with me to check out Noelle and Kong’s home to show him exactly what was on our to-do list and what we were working with. Needless to say, it didn’t take him long to find a potential problem with their plumbing! Unfortunately, Noelle and Kong had Poly B pipe all throughout their home which meant we had to replace the plumbing in order to prevent a potential flood with the breakdown of the old Poly B pipes! This little hiccup, unfortunately, meant that the refresh of their master bedroom had to be removed from the list in order to make this important upgrade!

While the brand new plumbing was underway, Justin happened to notice that their skylight was leaking so he popped up onto the roof to inspect it further and while he confirmed the skylight had to be replaced … Justin ALSO came up with an idea that he thought Kong would be excited about. However, it came at a cost!

Considering Noelle and Kong really wanted to increase the energy efficiency of their home, Justin thought it would be a great idea to install solar panels on their roof! Now, I knew it was going to cost money and ultimately that meant cutting ANOTHER space from their wishlist! So, after discussing the options with Noelle and Kong they decided to move forward with the installation of the solar panels and cut the renovation of their ensuite.

Jillian Harris Love It Or List It Vancouver Noelle and Kong

When reveal day finally rolled around the very first thing I showed off to Noelle and Kong was the huge bank of solar panels installed by the team at High Tide Energy! These solar panels will not only reduce their energy footprint but they’ll also help lower their electricity bill!

On to the inside of the home we go! First up, we wanted to show off their updated entrance! We were able to provide Noelle and Kong with a formal entryway along with a revamped coat closet which will be much more efficient going forward.

Moving into their newly renovated living room, I pointed out their beautiful new oak hardwood floors from Nufloors Kamloops, this flooring just so happens to be one of the lightest floors we have ever used to date … and I’m SO in love with it! We replaced their old fireplace in the living room with a stunning built-in gas fireplace and we installed some beautiful open shelving to the right of the fireplace to show off their mementos. We also replaced their windows in the living room with triple pane energy efficient windows!

We then made our way into the dining room where we replaced the lighting with a funky contemporary one we KNEW Noelle would love! We also added a gorgeous window seat and a massive dining room table.

Next up was the kitchen! This space was my favourite of all! We removed the pony wall to open up the kitchen to the dining room which was an immediate improvement. We replaced their stove with a gas range, added in a massive island with a stainless steel sink and new stools to go along with it! Plus, the cupboards went from BROWN to white and we replaced all of the cabinet and door hardware thanks to Emtek!

Jillian Harris Love It Or List It Vancouver Noelle and Kong Jillian Harris Love It Or List It Vancouver Noelle and Kong

Just off the kitchen, we revamped Oliver’s (Noelle and Kong’s son!) little craft nook by adding more storage so he can keep his craft supplies in one spot and we filled in the railing to close off the space.

Last but not least, we took a tour through their new mud and laundry room! We added a beautiful built-in center with a stick wood finish, perfect for hanging their jackets and also incorporated tons of floor to ceiling storage.

Jillian Harris Love It Or List It Vancouver Noelle and KongJillian Harris Love It Or List It Vancouver Noelle and Kong

Photo Credit: Mackenzie Dempsey

Overall the renovation was a massive improvement and I was over the moon with how everything turned out. In fact, the post reno value of their home INCREASED by $190k … so, that in itself is something to be proud of!

Well … with all of that behind us … it was their turn to tell us if they were going to stay or go … and they chose … to LIST IT!!! Gahhh!! LOL! Well, it looks as though Todd and I are tied as it sits right now. So, make sure to tune in next Monday at 10pm to see who will win the tie-breaker!!

Until then …



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  1. I really can’t believe they decided to list it… Their house and the location was fantastic… and then your reno to top it all off made it seem like a completely brand new home. I really loved it. I think Todd’s idea was really out of the box and that’s what ended up hitting home with them. Frankly I hated the idea of finding a lot, etc. but they seemed excited.

  2. Awwww Jill, I love all the renos you did to the place, it was absolutely beautiful, but I think you lost Noelle when you couldn’t give her the new master bedroom. I would’t consider it a loss, because it’s a definite win for the next owners. Love you and love your show. <

  3. Loved the show! It was so weird, when I first saw Kong I thought “he looks so familiar – this must be a rerun” and then I realized it was my Dr Khoo, my oncologist. He is such a kind and caring doctor and his grace and goodness came through so well on the show. Such a lovely couple. I was so surprised they didn’t Love It. They’re going to miss those views.

  4. Loved your reno but the idea of the container home is intriguing for a guest house on our property.. I have been searching for information on the company used in this episode. Can you please provide?

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