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Love It Or List It Vacation Homes: Joanna & Dave

Monday’s can be difficult but lately they have been one of my favourite days because of my ideal TV lineup!! I think I am the most productive on Monday because I know I need to get everything done in time to sit and watch The Bachelorette and Love It Or List It Vacation Homes!! Last night’s episode really had me swooning over the east coast and what it has to offer. If you missed it, (every Monday at 10pm E/P on the W Network) Joanna & Dave had a quaint little cottage in Prince Edward County … a 2 hour drive east of Toronto. A lakefront beauty of a property! With their 2 young girls, they found the 1 bedroom, 900 sqft. cottage to be getting quite cramped and the need for more square footage was becoming inevitable.

Elisa showed them a couple great waterfront properties but the one that stood out to me was the farm house!! OH MY GOODNESS!!! That was absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Everything about that home was right up MY alley…and same for Dave, the cottage owner…but his wife Joanna, didn’t feel the same. I see where she is coming from though. As amazing as that farm house was…it really was more of a house and less of a cottage and even though it was only a 5 minute walk to the lake, it wasn’t ON the lake which is pretty special if you ask me.

Dan already had a pretty big ‘must haves to stay’ list, the main being more square footage, so when that was shot down, he really had to get creative with this one, and boy did he do a great job! I thought FOR SURE Dave & Joanna were going to list it and move happily into that Farm house, but kudos to Dan … he created a functional space and once again had them LOVE it!LIOLIVH-104-Kitchen-After-1of8LIOLIVH-104-Kitchen-After-2of8LIOLIVH-104-LivingRoom-1of8LIOLIVH-104-PlayArea-After-2of4LIOLIVH-104-Bedroom-After-1of5

Are you guys loving the Love It Or List It Vacation Homes series as much as I am?!?!? If you have a cottage you would love to renovate you should apply here to be on the show!! You never know, we could be watching you next!!



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  1. hi jillian,

    Amazing work you have done, i am here for the first time, and i found it very useful. I don’t have a cottage but I must recommend your love it or list it.

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