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Love It or List It Vancouver: Daniel and Rod


Did you watch Love it or List It Vancouver last night???

In this project we had a new addition to the “Love It” team: Francesca Albertazzi. She is absolutely awesome, took this project by the horns and absolutely aced it! I am so thankful to have her by my side making people love their home again.

Also, in this episode I let you see the modern side of my style. I always love the challenge of stepping out of my comfort zone, and in this one, I kinda had too.

If clean modern lines is the direction to take, there isn’t a better space to go there than in a character home like Daniel and Rod’s. Despite the annoying obstacles (there always are some!), this renovation turned out to be one of my absolute favourites!!! Totally modern but inviting with a warm palette of neutrals, antique accents and brushes of cobalt blue.

BTW, in the process of this reno I found a new love: COBALT BLUE as an accent color. It’s bold, full of personality and soooo classy!

cobaltblue ep10167811 jillianharrisdesign2JillianHarrisDesign

Doesn’t this little landing space look like a million bucks??? I love making a home feel good again!!!

Check more images and “shop the show” over on the W Network website.

So… I am not giving it away, did Daniel and Rod Love It or List It?

New episodes of Love it or List It Vancouver air Mondays 10pm PST on W Network. And every week, I will be featuring my favourite rooms from the show right here!
xo Jilly

Photo credit: Janis Nicolay



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  1. Hi! I’m from Finland, Scandinavia, I’m an interior decorater and social worker. I will be in Vancouver from 22.12-22.1 visiting my friend, and I was wondering if I could help out with something during the days from 1.1-20.1, since he will be working long hours. I don’t want anything for my working, it would just be fun to be helpful and have something meaningful to do during the days, and of course meet new people working with things that interest me. My IG-profile is CS_Roots, and is also found by sandstromlotta. Looking forward to hearing from you. Best regards, Charlotta Sandström

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