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Making A Children’s Wish Come True

I was approached by the Children’s Wish team in May with a heartfelt letter and a wish that stopped me in my tracks. Before I get too in depth, I had just finished telling my agency and Shay that I was not able to take on ANYTHNG else for the rest of the summer as my schedule was already full with no time for family or fun. BUT, when I read Sara’s wish … there was no way I could turn it down.

I received the Children’s Wish teams email with Sara’s heartfelt letter attached. Without reading the letter, I read the scope and was at first, overwhelmed with HOW we would get this done in time. I then opened up her letter and read it in depth and started tearing up, I had to say yes … and figured out all of the other details later.

Her letter was so touching, she was so composed and so put together coming from such a young girl. It made me so happy to think .. I’M your wish … ME!?!?! I wanted it to be a complete experience and not just a paint the bedroom and buy some nice sheets project. I wanted to go above and beyond to make Sara’s wish come true.

Together with our AMAZING team (MEGAN BENNETT, YOU ARE A SAINT), we transformed Sara’s bedroom into a grown up and sophisticated space. With a study sanctuary and the comfiest bed I have ever slept on (it just SO happens to be the same bed as mine from Beautyrest AND headboard from the Cross, that I just bought lol). I added in some of my favourite pieces and decor items that are incorporated in my own home. I even tried to match to similar items like the pearl chandelier from Robinson Lighting and Bath Centre. The pearl looks like Lavander Pearls that are used for necklace and bracelets. We transformed her flooring with the help of Global Carpets and Hardwood, her walls with Cloverdale Paint, gave her a gigantic built in desk from Shilo Living and created a built in closet organizer with Stor-X. Everything was torn down and put back together with the help of the Almas Bros. We filled every drawer with personalized surprises … anywhere from her favourite glossette chocolates, to Clearly prescription eyeglasses, all the way to boots that fit her prosthetic foot. Everyone we dealt with was so amazing, giving and loving for such a great cause. I cannot thank you all enough for helping make this wish above and beyond for Sara.

I hope this wish and room, although it doesn’t fix everything, helps Sara reach her highest achievements in her first year of University.


I have so many people to thank who helped me make Sara’s wish come true. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you …

Abestos Testing: Fleck Contracting
Built In Desk: Shilo Living
Camera: Pentax
Candy: Karameller Candy
Chandelier: Robinson Lighting
Closet Organizer: Stor-X
Clothing: Joe Fresh
Clothing: Ivivva & Lulu Lemon
Clothing: Swimco
Construction: Almas Bros
Cupcakes & Cookies: Butter Baked Goods
Electronics: Logiix
Flooring: Global Carpets and Hardwood
Glasses: Clearly
Headboard & Decor: The Cross Design
Jewelry: Bauble Bar
Mattress: Beautyrest
Paint: Cloverdale Paint
Sheets, Chair & Unicorn Light: PB Teen
Shoes: Ugg Boots
Shoes: Browns Shoes
Stationary: Tiny Prints
Watch: Daniel Wellington

Astra: for the video
Janis: for all of these lovely photos
Kaitlin: hair & makeup for the reveal
Jared: dressing & set up
Todd: moral support & reveal
Shay Merritt: project manager

Megan Bennett: Thank you SO much for taking the bull by the horns on this project and being the lead interior designer. You made this project go above and beyond, without you none of this would have been possible.

And to Sara, for picking ME to make her wish come true!!


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  1. I can only imagine how busy you are Jillian but the fact that you took the time out of your hectic and crazy schedule to make this young lady’s dream come true is phenomenal! It really goes to show the generous and incredible person you are. Thank you for sharing your journey with Sara with us! You are an inspiration to a lot of young women out there (including myself)! Hopefully now you get to enjoy a few glasses of wine and do a little relaxing 🙂

  2. I LOVE that you did this and what an absolute gift for this young woman. Hopefully you can find some time to relax a little and revel in the happiness you helped create!

  3. This is so beautiful and a perfect feminine sanctuary for the hectic and harried days of first-year university. Good luck Sara and amazing job, Jillian and team!

  4. Oh sweet Jillian, this just melts my heart. You are so wonderful and kind hearted. You are such an inspiration to those around you. You do such amazing things to serve others. Every time I see your posts you are doing some thing kind for someone. You have the sweetest heart. Thanks for sharing everything is beautiful. xoxo – Sara

  5. wauw super super sweet space. I’m from catalonia (spain), and
    I always see your TV show , I love , I’ve found this page today. Not very well that this page will not be if you could help me with my daughter’s room . I have no idea how to distribute things. Thank you

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