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Mamas Mother’s Day Treat

I love sharing bits of my life with you guys, things that make me tick and all the little things I just ‘love’ … this is one of them …

For the last year, I have been seeing Dr. McGillivray at Project Skin MD for all my skin concerns. I’m not going to lie, aging scares the CRAP out of me! Some say age gracefully, but I want to eat healthy, stay fit and … seek advice from the pros! SO, as non-invasive and natural as possible, I’ve been asking about all of the tips, tricks and precautionary steps I can do to help save my skin. I get regular Microdermabrasion’s, The Clear+Brilliant Laser Treatment & I LOVE LOVE the Dermaplaning. All of these regular treatments, along with using the Skinceuticals line that they carry have done wonders for my skin, I truly feel that I have better skin now then when I was in my twenties.. YEAH!!! …

One day I was sitting in the waiting room waiting for my appointment and I came across this pamphlet called COOL SCULPTING. I asked a few questions about it and then instantly thought of my sweet mama.

If you don’t know what COOL SCULPTING is, it’s a non-surgical way to jump start any body contouring objectives by freezing fat away. See, Mama Harris, like many women out there has struggled with weight loss for years. She is just as beautiful on the inside as she as on the out, but still, she felt that no matter how hard she tried, loosing those last few inches just never seemed possible.

Now, I will preface this blog to saying that SOME people may not agree with our perspective on this. There are many opinions out there about body image and there is no right or wrong answer. I am a firm believer that whatever makes YOU happy is cool with me and I know that Mama Harris would LOVE this treatment.

I have been SO proud of her, she’s lost a lot of weight since her heart attack. Her and my dad have adopted a new eating regimen and are loving their bodies again! Whoo hoo mom! So, for Mother’s Day I asked if I could support her and treat her to a cool sculpting session, and of course, she was thrilled!!!

Project Skin MD - Cool SculptingProject Skin MD - Cool SculptingProject Skin MD - Cool SculptingProject Skin MD - Cool SculptingProject Skin MD - Cool SculptingProject Skin MD - Cool Sculpting

I went with her, learned about the procedure, laughed with her, spent time with her and saw how important this was to her and of course squeezed in a facial while I was in the clinic.  The results take 2-3 months to show up for mom, so I’ll keep you posted on her results, but I wanted to share the experience with you, if you or someone you know would love to do something totally unique for Mother’s Day!


Happy EARLY Mother’s Day!!!




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  1. Hi Jillian love your blog how many times a ur do you do the laser treatment and how did u like the results? Why clear and brilliant versus ipl? Thanks!!!:)

  2. Best daughter ever! You’re so sweet to help support your Mom with something that makes her feel good about herself. You raised the bar on Mother’s Day gifts 🙂

  3. Is this the same treatment you did for your chin? I’m curious because my aunt was thinking about something similar to what you did and I thought of you. Your chin looks great, I would love to tell her about it! Thanks!

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