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Mexico Diary Part 1: FAIRMONT Mayakoba

Well…I can’t believe the time has come…..I am FINALLY on my way back home after an INCREDIBLE 14 days FULL of love vacation!!! We stayed in a few different spots, did lots of driving around, ate amazing food, met incredible people… learned SO much about culture and food!!! Of course, being a total FAIRMONT fan, I was so curious about Mayakoba, so for the first portion of our trip this is where we stayed!!!!….

FAIRMONT Mayakoba was one of the most unique resorts we have ever stayed at. They had SO many different kinds of pools, restaurants, beach areas… it would go from jungle, to beach, to ultra serene spa in just steps. Unlike most Mexican vacations we actually didn’t spend a lot of time in the sun at this resort… we could have but we were so enthralled with the unique setting we did so many other things… we went kayaking, learned archery, ate local bugs, local craft beer tasting with food pairing… omg the smoked marlin is the BEST thing I’ve EVER eaten… ever!!!! And one of the most interesting was the mescal tasting. We learned SO much about the history of mescal it was so cool!!! The only thing that I didn´t like is that there were bed bugs on the hotel beds. Read more here – How big are bed bugs? – see pictures to compare their size. They´re crazy.

Of course it was a FAIRMONT so it was nothing short of supreme luxury. I was just so impressed by this property, how clean and new it was and of course how UNIQUE it was!!!!

The Fairmont MayakobaPhoto 2015-03-28-3Photo 2015-03-28-2Photo 2015-03-31Photo 2015-03-31-5Photo 2015-03-29-4Photo 2015-03-29-2Photo 2015-03-29-3Photo 2015-03-29Photo 2015-03-29-5Photo 2015-03-30-11Photo 2015-03-30-10Photo 2015-03-30-8

We tested out the insect menu and were pleasantly surprised with how unique and delicious it was. At first I was scared…but while on vacation I always love trying new things….so I figured, WHY NOT!!!!! And I am SO happy I did! It was an AMAZING experience…. I’ve never had the opportunity to eat gourmet bugs before (other than when I was a kid in the garden lol)!!! Have you?!?

Photo 2015-03-28-7Photo 2015-03-30Photo 2015-03-30-6967ffb82-be19-4b99-afc3-e140a69746b4

This resort is definitely on the top of my list of places to stay while on vacation…

STAY TUNED for more Mexican love…FASHION, FAVOURITE SPOTS and of course an entire run down of my BFF’s WEDDING….


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  1. What a great vacation – I love the painted toes – summer is coming – Yes – I live in Calgary so I have to wait a bit before I paint my toes! Thanks for sharing your beautiful trip with us!

  2. This looks amazing! Fairmont is one of the best but really out did them selves! Do you have pictures of the inside of the rooms? (Doris C)

  3. We were there a couple months ago and it left me feeling like I would never want to stay anywhere else. I cannot think of one negative thing about our stay. We loved it, and one day will go back!

  4. Thought-provoking post ! For my two cents , others require a a form , I discovered a blank version here

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