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My Bachelor In Paradise Secret

Hi loves!! I’m not sure how many of you tuned into Kaitlyn’s Off the Vine podcast yesterday (if you missed it, give it a listen here!) … we shared a bottle of wine, exchanged stories, did a little gossiping, laughed our asses off … AND … I dished a secret about Bachelor, Bachelorette, and Bachelor In Paradise!! Nope, it’s not about who ends up together, or who breaks up … but rather … GULP… that I don’t actually WATCH IT!! ?  I know, I know, some of you may be thinking … “WTF?! But you write about it and tweet about it … YOU LIAR!” While we do have an amazing team of funny witty writers (ok, by “Team” I mean Mindy and Shay lol), we work collectively. Sometimes I write the blog and Mindy edits it, sometimes Shay writes it, I tweak it and Mindy Posts it, sometimes I narrate the blog over the phone while driving around looking for vegan cheese, and the girls write it …  It is always my voice and I am always involved and ALWAYS read and approve.

It all started late in the last season of the Bachelor. I was finishing the house, had my handful with a new baby, was filming two shows, running the site, attending appearances, and travelling and I was EXHAUSTED. I would TRY SO hard to stay awake for the show but kept falling asleep. I mean I couldn’t even watch my own damn show!! LOL …  Mindy would call me the next day to get my recap and I just started to tell her … I can’t. I can’t do it. I fell asleep!!! Every time I put any kind of TV on … I fall asleep!!! So she would say, “It’s ok, I watched it, I will write it” … and it was GOOD!! By the time the Bachelorette started, It was summer, we were in our house and the last place I wanted to be was in front of the TV. We didn’t really know what we were doing but Mindy knew my voice, she knew EVERYTHING about my opinion on the show and was quick to pick her favourite hunks out in the season … even if they turned out to be a bit wishy washy … cough DEAN cough. Mindy was in love with him for the longest time. Jokes on her! LOL…. DEAN. She also saved me time with Leo, to shower and actually get more than 4 hours of sleep and I LOVED her blogs and thought they were so funny and we just kind of went with it! But lately, I’ve been thinking … this is wrong. (SORRY GUYS, PLEASE don’t hate me!) … and it wasn’t until my podcast with Kailtyn that I realized what I needed to do… I NEEDED TO INTRODUCE YOU GUYS TO FUNNY, WITTY, BACHELOR FRANCHISE LOVING MINDY!!!!!!

In case you don’t know about Mindy yet, she’s been full time with the team since last December but I’ve known her since she was about 6 years old. Our moms were BFF’s and later in our adult years she found me and we had some things in common, social media and good old Albertan humour!!!  She worked for a digital marketing company which was actually doing well, but I wanted someone to help Shay out badly … the poor girl was burning the candle at both ends …  I just loved her energy and KNEW she would be perfect for the team, so I lured her over to the bright side …

So from here on … Miss Mindy, will be leading the way!!!! Though she might have me make some guest appearances! LOL …

We have decided, that there will be some days that I can pry my dry ass eyelids open, drink just the perfect amount of wine and stay awake and watch the show, and then maybe sometimes I can’t … I will always be involved but now, this is Mindy’s gig! I hope you guys LOVE her, and please be nice, God knows this world of blogging can be cruel … But love this girl, because she is PURE GOLD!

Ok. So without further ADIEU … ( and YES I actually wrote the above LOL) … herrrreeeeessssss MINDY!!!!!!!!!

Hey, guys … Mindy here!! Is this awkward now?? Lol. It almost feels like we just broke up and now we’re working on getting back together! Will you accept my rose?? I hope you’ll still follow along with me through this whirlwind of a season!! And yes, Jill is right … I was crushing on Dean HARD … but he’s realllllly not winning me over anymore after how he treated Kristina, I wanted to go all bat sh*it crazy on him for her!! Good thing there was a TV and thousands of miles in between us so I couldn’t give him a piece of my mind!! Wait. Who am I kidding?? I’d probably get lost in those blue eyes of his no matter how mad I was. Dammit Dean. You and your dreamy blue eyes can just turn around get out of here … slowly. Lol. Ok. I’m done with that. On a positive note though, I WAS impressed with how Dean stayed committed to Danielle and didn’t accept a date with Emily. Is he possibly … L-E-A-R-N-I-N-G?? I guess better late than never … right??

Jillian Harris My Bachelor In Paradise Recap

Can we actually just address the twins for a moment here?? They came in like wrecking balls last night and were out to destroy everything and anything that got in their way … I was REALLY convinced they were going to stir some sh*t up and while they certainly TRIED, it didn’t work in their favour!! They were also WAY MORE feisty this time around than they ever have been!! Anyone else notice that?? Some of the things that came out of their mouths were pretty harsh … and the throwing of the scallops … YIKES. I’m actually still trying to wrap my head around everything they did within a matter of hours. LOL!! They came, they attempted to mess things up … and they left with their middle fingers high in the air. LOL.

However, speaking of stirring things up … Jaimi successfully did this and Diggy was DIGGING it (sorry, I had to, I know it’s lame but I looove corny jokes) … he didn’t hold back one bit when getting in there for a kiss … or maybe that was mouth to mouth?? It was a looong makeout session either way and I’m not sure I could ever hold my breath for that long, but they did. While Jaimi and Diggy were enjoying their time together Dominique wasn’t a happy camper … and while I feel for her … I ALSO remember when she came in and stole Diggy from Lacey … sooooo karma?? Gah. I actually have no idea how everyone deals with all the drama on this show, I would be a hot mess the whole time. LOL!!

Jillian Harris Bachelor In Paradise Recap

photo credit

I have to admit, I’m honestly still shocked that Derek and Taylor hit it off RIGHT from the beginning and are such a solid couple!! It blows me away every time I think about it! I think it’s because I remember her from Nick’s season and she was soooo closed off and a little bit bitchy (for lack of a better word!) BUT she has really opened up … I think Derek really helps to bring this side out of her … he is falling HARD and so is she!! I’m super excited for both of them and pleasantly surprised!

Jillian Harris My Bachelor In Paradise Recap

I can’t believe next week is the last episode!! These two nighters have made this season fly by! Anyway … my predictions are below … make sure to share your thoughts with us in the comments section!!

Taylor & Derek: They will get engaged!

Jaimi & Diggy: I think Diggy will be SUPER confused and won’t know what to do but in the end I THINK he might pick Jaimi butttt I don’t know if they would last because I think Diggy is too mellow for her …

Dean & D-Lo: I don’t think this will last … I mean, have you SEEN Becca Tilley’s Instagram?? I know she recently posted not to assume that when she shares a photo of her and a guy that it doesn’t mean they are together (and I should PROBABLY listen to her) but that just made me assume even more. I SWEAR Dean and Becca are an item. Go look … let me know what you think. I’m so curious!! LOL!

Robby & Amanda: I THINK this is going to end up going somewhere!! He might just propose … he seems pretty smitten but I’m not entirely sure Amanda is there yet … it could be a delayed proposal … or maybe they date first for a while!!

Jack Stone & Christen: I don’t think this one will last … I just can’t see them together forever?? Can you???

Raven & Adam: Something tells me this is another one that will fizzle out …I HOPE not but I get the feeling it might be.

Lacey & Daniel: Lacey really likes Daniel and I’m not sure if the feeling is 100% mutual butttt they kind of make sense together.

Ben Z: I know he is gone but PLEASE tell me WHY none of the girls scooped him up?! I don’t understand.

What do you think of my predictions??? Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!!

Ps. Did you hear they announced the NEW BACHELOR this morning?! It’s Arie Luyendyk Jr. Do you have a puzzled look on your face like I did?! Well, he was a runner up on Emily Maynard’s season and I totally forgot about him until now. I’m so BUMMED it’s not Wells … and surprised it’s not Peter!!

Jillian Harris Bachelor In Paradise

photo credit

What are YOUR thoughts on Arie as the next Bachelor??



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  1. I think your predictions are bang on! I checked out Becca’s Instagram, and she is totally with Dean. I am surprised they actually posted so many pictures together. I am not a fan of D-Lo. She is beautiful, but seems boring. Annndddd the new bachelor? WTF? I am still baffled

    1. Everything Lauren said lol. REALLY?? ARIE????? Absolutely nothing against him but I am surprised how far we are going back to find a bachelor. Also gotta laugh how badly Dean ruined his chance of being a fan favourite.. I can’t believe this is the same guy that was on Rachel’s season. I like Becca though, so I hope she finds someone better. He doesn’t deserve her. Or Kristina.

  2. I find it so commendable that you were able to recognize the people who help you be you. Most people would just continue on and honestly I don’t know if anyone would have ever figured it out. Thank you for being a great leader. You are amazing. I just started reading your blog and I love it. Thank you for being such an honest person.

  3. I looooooooved Arie way back when and am happy they went with him. I think Peters indecisiveness about finding it hard to get engaged after such a short time ruined his chances. I’m thinking ABC wanted someone serious and not necessarily a face everyone knew.

  4. I agree on the DEAN thing. I feel a bit bad cause i am sure he went from FAN FAVORITE to kinda hated. Hes playing games. Anyway. It is what it is. And i am glad for the next bachelor but can hardly remember him. So out of left field. Cheers!

  5. Could have fooled me! I look forward to Mindy’s recaps each week! On another note I am so disappointed with the bachelor pick. Wish it was Wells!

  6. Hey Jilly and Mindy and crew! Loved this post! We record BIP and watch a couple episodes back to back because we simply can’t take the suspense in between episodes since this is afterall “the most “shocking, controversial ending in the show’s history” EVERRRRRR!!!!!!!!

    I read through the predictions; I think you’re bang on, and YES, I totally agree with you about Becca’s Insta. There’s something definitely going on there. Although after seeing the way “Deanie (with no weinie) Babies” treated Kristina, I’m disappointed in him and over it. BIP showed a different side to him, and I don’t think the maturity level is there for a real relationship.

    Robby and Amanda will fizzle out for sure, if they haven’t done so already. He’s so slimy! Again, BIP showed a really different side to him and I’m sure JoJo is telling everyone, “Seeeeeeeeeee, I TOLD YOU!!!!!”

    I was a bit surprised that Wells wasn’t chosen to be the next Bachelor. Just the way Rachel brought a new flavour to the show this year, he would have broke the mould for the men and the conventional super-macho personality. I like Wells quirkiness and not only is he super cute, but I feel like he would have been so much fun to watch. Who knows, maybe he and Danielle M were able to see a Part Deux to that steamy liplock from a couple weeks ago.

    I’m kind of “meh” over the choice of Arie, no disrespect to him, but meh…..

    One more week to go! Let’s see how it plays out, although based on the preview, it looks like someone is getting engaged!

    Sending you all my very best from Toronto, Canada! Can’t wait to see next week’s post!

  7. I’m so happy that you announced who has been writing these. I love Shay and she does sound like Jillian with the Lols and the OMGs 🙂

  8. I was shocked to learn Mindy is the writer. Although I did find myself wondering how you had time to watch all that tv with everything going on in your life! So atleast the mystery is solved. I agree with the previous poster! Kudos to you for coming clean. Emily Maynard’s season was the first one I ever watched and so I am excited for Arie! I loved the idea of Peter but according to his insta his business is really taking off and he sure loves his dog! So not too surprised he won’t be the bachelor. Becca and Dean…not sure if I ship that. I liked her with Robert but not sure if it would last with Dean.

  9. Welcome Mindy!! I’m totally with you on Dean, yum yum yum. He can do no wrong in my eyes. I actually feel bad for him I know that sounds strange but the Instagram post he put up about not being good enough for Kristina people were really harsh on him. I thought it was a little over the top that people were treating him like that. Wells made a great point when he said how much crap Dean was getting for dating two girls that he couldn’t imagine how much he would get for being the bachelor and dating 26.
    Also Robbie is a weirdo and already cheated on Amanda so they’re already broken up. And we know Tyler and Derek get engaged because it’s already been announced.
    I don’t know about you but I think they made a bad decision going back to filming bachelor in paradise as it was way too short and very awkward and didn’t play out very well on TV.

  10. So, I definitely DON’T think Dean is with Becca. Sure she has like 3 pictures with him, but I think they are just really good friends. Becca has pictures with other men too. I do agree that Dean and Danielle won’t last, BUT because I think he loved Kristina and won’t ever forget her. She will be on his mind until he gives in again. He’s a freaking annoying, rich pretty boy though and she shouldn’t go back out with him! But with everything else you wrote, Mindy, my thoughts are the same!

  11. Oh man I just sat here reading this and started laughing out loud! You’re too funny Jillian! I agree with everything you said!

  12. Jillian, I straight up snort laughed when I was listening to Kaitlyn’s podcast!! You sure had me fooled LOL! Welcome, Mindy! I’m excited to continue reading the blogs, and now maybe we’ll get a little of your voice now too! I was also extremely confused about Arie, because I loved Sean Lowe (who was chosen as bachelor instead of Arie after Emily’s season)… To me, it doesn’t make sense to have someone from five years ago, because so many people won’t know who he is! I think it should have been Eric, Peter, Ben Z, Wells… pretty much anyone else!

  13. Hey ladies! I think you’re doing a great job and Mindy I think you’re great! I think because I watch Jilly’s stories almost every day, I see the team all the time so it wasn’t a big surprise that the posts are a team effort, but thanks for sharing your secret! And Jilly, you have a lot going on… I seriously didn’t think it was possible for you to do it all anyways! Also, I think it’s cool, Jilly, that your identity is outside of the bachelor. I watched you on the show and have followed you from show to show since then but girl, we love you for you. What you have say is great, outside of bachelor nation.

  14. Hi Mindy! That’s so hilarious that all of “Jill’s” bachelor blogs were actually from you! Glad Jill finally introduced us to you. 🙂

    I’m pretty excited about Arie being the Bachelor! It was a fun surprise to find out this morning. I remember him 5 years ago on Emily’s season and he was my favorite. And everyone always talked about what a good kisser he was! His nickname was “kissing bandit” – ha! He looks so much older now with that gray hair – like a silver fox. I think he will be the most kind and mature bachelor we’ve had yet! I really hope they cast the girls a little older too… like ages 27 and up. Looking forward to his season!

  15. Hello Jill and Mindy! Jill, I love that you acknowledge your team and all of those who help you out! I can’t stay awake for Bachelor either! I like to be aslee by 9:00! I have an 11 month old baby girl and am not back at work yet (in two weeks I will be) so I can’t even imagine what time I will be going to bed then!

    Mindy, I loved your recap and agree with all your predictions! Not a huge Robbie fan. I think Amanda is drawn to the creepy boys.

    I liked Arie back in the day but have heard some shady things about him lately so we shall see how that turns out!!

    Keep up the good work! Sending love from
    Winnipeg ?

  16. I told you Dean was a boy! He is super mature compared with the twins though. They were even more awful than usual. The BEST thing about their appearance was Matt Stone saying they would be fine once they got home to their fidget spinners! Who knew he had a sense of humour?

    I think everyone will crash and burn with the exception of Taylor and Derek. (I never thought she was bitchy, BTW, I thought she showed incredible patience in trying to take Corinne aside and explain how she was rubbing people the wrong way. I wouldn’t have bothered. It was Corinne that was bitchy, all because she not only lacks emotional intelligence, but literally does not know the definition of the word! LOL).

    I am also disappointed Peter is not the bachelor, but Ari is an interesting choice. Not sure why they are loading us into the time machine, but he’s a bit of a character and should make the show fun.

    1. BTW, I had my doubts Jillian was really watching all the episodes and posting because, a) I was wondering how the heck she was making time for it, and b) I was skeptical she was really that infatuated with Dean! He’s cute and all, but that boy is NOT ready for marriage.

  17. I think that Ben Z has not been scooped up because he is obsessed with his dog! I know that editing probably played a part in what we saw, but he really talked about that dog an awful lot! Also, while Dean may be scrumpdeliicious, he is very immature. He’s not looking for a relationship, he’s looking for a fun time. Thanks for letting me sound off! Love you guys!

  18. Love this post! Just finished listening to the podcast. Took me a few days, being a mom and pregnant… I just had to take naps in the last few days that I took off from work so I could rest up before my twins arrive (ahhhhhh!)

    Love your blog, Jill (Mindy & Shay). Once I’m motivated to cook again and I can reach the counter (belly bump) I am so intrigued to try some plant based foods! I’m actually a huge believer in that our bodies need the animal protein and I grew up in Wisconsin so I LOVE cheese, but I also LOVE food!! I’m just so open to the fun experiementing you do! (Plus some cheese hurt my belly… tmi!?)

    I don’t even know how I started following you (probably your gorgeous Instagram grid), but I tell everyone to follow you. I love the inspiration and realness and you make me laugh! I’m always rooting for you.

    Now onto BIP… Mindy, I think you’re spot on… I don’t think Robby is slimy but maybe a little to eager? I also just think Amanda has NO personality… I even check her Instagram to see if I can get her vibe but it’s just dull.

    Anyway, love the post! Sorry I rambled!

    Thanks for the great content, ladies!

  19. I’m so glad you decided to clear this up! My first thought after listening to Kaitlyn’s podcast was -‘what else is being posted that isn’t wrote by her?’ I don’t know call me crazy but I come to your site to read what YOU write and post. Mindy is great and I will continue to read those posts but I’m glad you’re clearing it up for your readers and giving credit where credit is due!

  20. Love it! I haven’t had a chance to watch the most recent episode of BIP because my husband is traveling and if I watch it without him I am DEAD! Wow am I a good wife for waiting, huh??! But everything I read I’m assuming is spot on!
    I’ve been a fan for a looong time so I definitely remember Arie. It’s a flashback for sure, but I’m excited, I think he’ll do a good job ??
    Also, J and K need to do another podcast bc it was hilarious!! Pleeeease! I want to know what they think about your fellow Canadian Daniel!? I think he’s hilarious and if he had his own show I would totally watch! (Are all Canadians funny btw)!?
    P.s. Jillian, as I (literally right now) breast feed my 7 week old, I’ve been making some more plant based choices lately bc I think it makes his tummy feel better…. I checked 3 stores here in San Diego for the yummy Kite Hill cheese you swear by and …..SOLD OUT!! They have YOU to thank and I will keep looking ?? Bye! -sugarshakersd

  21. Why didn’t anyone pick Ben Z? For starters, all he talked about is his DOG! yawwwwnnnn! i mean, i love my dog, but he was a snooze fest every time he opened his mouth!

  22. I enjoy reading your blog on BIP, I can not really say, that Becca and Dean are together, who was the other guy on her left, and maybe there just hanging out, look at Jared and Ashley, he keeps saying nothing romantic, but they are together alot, and always in pics together, could be there just friends, and there were pics of Dean and Danielle together after BIP, so will wait to see. As i have read that Amanda and Robby broke up, and really did not see that one last, she never seemed totally into him, and he seemed very smitten, as for the others, I don,t really know and agree with your picks, will see how close you come on Monday, when BIP is finished.

  23. Hey Jillian and Mindy! I did listen to the podcast and I’m actually relieved that it was Mindy who has been authoring the posts because truthfully, I have been thinking they don’t have the tone of someone who understands the franchise as well as you do J. (ie Sharleen’s posts). So it makes perfect sense that Mindy has been writing like a fan – like the rest of us. Glad you are out of the closet Ms M and look forward to your thoughts in future Bachelor shows although choosing Ari indicates to me the franchise is in a wee bit of trouble … They should have gone with a new face. My 26 year old Canadian 2 time Olympian son perhaps lol??? 🙂 We love our Canadians as they keep it real! Cheers to you all – and ps the podcast was soooooooo good!

  24. The ink on your article is still drying and Robby and Amanda are already split up. haha So goes the Bachelor world…

  25. I always knew it was Shay or Mindy doing your tweets because you would be somewhere on insta story and then live tweeting…ha ha I love the openness and transparency and appreciate that Mindy is always so bang on! Keep up the good work and keep growing your business, you can’t do it alone and the girls you surround yourself with are beautiful smart!!! Go Team!

  26. The twins on the last episode were down right ugly with their comments. Talk about degrading people. I was discussed really. They should be ashamed of their comments about the men they asked out on a date. We should build people up not break them down. Now, onto Arie … I recall he was from AZ and a race car driver …. not sure where they pulled him from but everyone deserves to find ❤️?.

  27. I’m not one to normally comment on ANY blog! But! I have to say Mindy is spot on about Ben Z! I loved him from Kaitlyn’s season (it was her season, right?) and have been following him on social media. He’s a sweetheart, and who cares if he loves his dog Zeus that much!! When they were talking about the Bachelor being Ben H or Ben Z, I was disappointed Ben H was picked, as Ben Z is so my type!! Now if only I was 20 years younger….
    And for those of you who don’t remember Arie, he was adorable on Emily’s season! I’m really looking forward to watching this upcoming season of The Bachelor!

  28. I love your post and I’ll be following along with you. I think your predictions are dead on! I also think Dean and Becca are hanging out or are together, they seriously seem together more then their not… I see her post and stories!

    Can’t wait to see the final a see with Derek and Taylor get engaged. I enjoy them together ?

    And YES, Ben Z is a catch and I have no idea how be never got picked up! Pure craziness…

  29. Okay I agree with everything you said but curious on your thoughts about the Robby and Amanda teaser for the next episode about the cheating thing?!

  30. Well, great job, Mindy. But …aren’t you ladies all the same person? You wouldn’t run such a tight ship and have such an awesome blog/business/friendship if you weren’t all on the same page ( pun?) I’m sure you all discuss and agree, in the end ,on most stuff. Love you all. (And you are all so freakin cute!)

  31. Arie?! Really. Ugh. Snooze. Not my idea of exciting. I think it’ll be another snooze fest like Ben’s season. We need a little more pizazz! Def time for a new face.

    But love the blog, your team, your messages! Bingo, bango, bongo! Happy to welcome any “new” writers!!!

  32. Good for you for coming clean Jillian although part of the reason people love reading your bachelor recaps is because it feels like the inside scoop from someone who really knows what’s going on. I wish you were still the one writing them. Mindy does do a great job though.

  33. Arie?!?!? Wasn’t expecting that one! If I remember waaaay back when ….He wasn’t super ready to commit to Emily’s lifestyle and needs, for a partner, being a single mom. Yeah why are we looking so far back for bachelors ?! Where are the good guys?!?

    Excited for more recaps of the Bachelor nation lol!

  34. Love the transperency and the recap! I agree about Ben Z. Also, I too was a Dean follower but now can’t stand him. It isn’t about dating two people at once, it is about HOW MUCH he led them on. It was so disrespectful. D-Lo seems incredibly superficial and like there isn’t much going on upstairs. Kristina is way too good for him. I just hope she doesn’t go back to him again.
    However, I think you are wrong on the Amanda and Robbie thing. One, he is very metro and I am not sure if he is being true to himself (after seeing some of my friends come out). Also, I can’t help but wonder if Amanda faked interest for further TV time. I really am not sure about those two.

    As far as Arie, I think it is an odd pick. What about Chase McNary? Why go so many seasons back?!?

  35. I feel mean saying this but I’m soooooo disappointed it’s Arie. There were so many great guys on Rachel’s season. Why not Peter or Alex? I just don’t understand this choice. Did viewers really want him to be the next bachelor? I feel like this might finally be the season I don’t watch : /

  36. I like Bev a , so I hope it works for her and Dean IF they are together he best not screw it up . Lacey and Daniel should stay together both funny weirdo lol . Not a fan of Robbie (what’s with that hair) I think Amanda has horrible taste in men . Move Raven and Adam I hope she finds true love . Derek and Taylor who cares she is so annoying , she would be lucky to keep Derek. I so hope Wells ends up with Danielle .. they are perfect together maybe that’s why he isn’t the bachelor. Love the show , love the drama .. poor Ben Z like him and we know he lives his dog but it was a bit much .., can’t wait to see what unfolds

  37. Love the blog and contributions from all of you awesome ladies! Pretty plz still pop in with the odd insider rod bit pretty please Jill. Thanks!

  38. I agree with your predictions but one…I think Raven and Adam have been together since the show. If you follow along with their Instagrams they both are in the same spots at the SAME time just without each other in the pictures. I think they’re trying to hide it but if you are a stalker (like me) you can see through that. I really hope they work out. I love them both!

    I am surprised they didn’t have Ben Z. as the next Bachelor. He’s so sweet and super easy on the eyes!

  39. haha no worries, Jill, I can barely stay up for the shows either. and tbh, they usually suck! I listened to Kaitlyn’s podcast with you on it, and it was soooooo good – and now I’m rewatching your season on Youtube. You were hands down the best bachelorette ever! so fun and real, they really need to get back to the good days like that…but with Arie for bachelor it ain’t happening!!
    All we can hope for is Kristina for next bachelorette!

  40. I was literally JUST wondering how Jillian had time to write these recaps, let alone watch hours upon hours of this lame-o season. LOL Maybe I’m just getting old, but the immaturity of most of this cast had me rolling my eyes into another dimension. 😛

    And Arie…. I honestly diiiiiid NOT enjoy him on Emily’s season. He’s the same old, same old. I was hoping for someone more ‘out there’ who doesn’t take themselves sooooo seriously. Just a normal, super genuine dude who doesn’t sound like he’s reading the annual Bachelor script. *sigh* So jaded. ;);)

  41. Kudos to you for acknowledging the help of your team. This shouldn’t be surprising to anyone. And as a young mom I would be surprised if you had time to watch any TV! 🙂

    Love the blog! And all the voices that contribute.

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