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My Bachelorette Recap: Mind Games & a Ring!

Morning loves! If you didn’t watch last night’s finale of The Bachelorette I suggest you STOP reading this, go give it a watch and then come BACK and continue reading this because this blog is going to be filled with spoilers!! LOL!!

Alright, for those of who you watched the finale last night, what did you think?! I’ve noticed SO MANY mixed feelings about what went down last night as the comments rolled in while I was live tweeting. Some people agreed with my thoughts and others TOTALLY disagreed! Let’s go over them quickly and you can let me know your thoughts below in the comments section!!

Jillian Harris Bachelorette Recap

First off, let’s chat Eric. Ohhhhh myyyyy … Watching Rachel send him home was totally gut wrenching, I felt so damn bad for him but I totally understand why Rachel decided to let him go, she just didn’t have the same connection with him and as she did with both Peter and Bryan and that’s totally fair. I absolutely LOVED watching Eric chat with Chris and Rachel during the live portion of the show, he was so sweet and his words just melted my heart. PLUS he had a damn beard, anyone else notice that?! He was lookin’ SHARRRRP!! I don’t know about you, but I REALLY want to see Eric as the next Bachelor. Originally I wanted Dean to be the next Bachelor but judging by the preview of Bachelor in Paradise, he’s already fallen for more than one girl in Mexico and his tears were a flowin’ … I can’t WAIT to tune into that next Monday!! Cue the drama! LOL!

Jillian Harris Bachelorette Recap

Alright, moving on to Peter. Ohhhh Peter. I don’t think I’ve ever been as frustrated watching him and Rachel together as I was last night. I get the fact that he is staying true to himself and that he really wants to get to know someone before proposing …(that’s a SMART thing to do!!) but I feel as though Peter had a tough time explaining this to Rachel and how he chose to verbalize it seemed to just confuse Rachel and leave her with uncertainties which ultimately ended their relationship. There’s no doubt there were some strong feelings between the two of them … I mean, they could barely say goodbye to each other. I’m curious to know what would have happened had she chose him … would it have lasted? Was he just scared to make the decision on his own??? I can see why Peter was hesitant, it’s a scary thing to do, to propose to someone after such a short period of time but I’m SURE he will be just fine and will find the girl of his dreams … I can just picture his Instagram inbox jam packed with messages from girls trying to snag a date with this stud. LOL!!!!

Ps. If you want a really fun drinking game with your friends for this weekend, rewatch the finale and drink every time Peter says “but” when talking to Rachel … LOLLLL!!! I swear that’s his favourite word … “I have such strong feelings for you … BUT … ” … classic Peter. LOL.

Jillian Harris Bachelorette Recap

Eeeeeepppp and then there was BRYAN!!! I completely underestimated Bryan this whole time. I was so confused as to whether or not he was genuine or if he was just a smooth talker, I honestly couldn’t figure him out. But after watching last night’s finale, I totally fell for him! I think because he is a bit older than Peter and Eric, and most of the guys really, that he WAS there for the right reasons and he IS sincere. He knows what he wants and HE GOT IT and I couldn’t be happier for these two!!!

Jillian Harris Bachelorette Recap

I keep coming across comments from people saying that Bryan got the final rose by default and/or that Rachel chose him because he was the last resort and she was ring hungry … yadda yadda yadda and I don’t believe that AT ALL. Actually, I think it’s a bit unfair to say things like that. There’s no denying that they had CRAZY CHEMISTRY this WHOLE time but I think she was also trying to make sure that he was genuine too and in the end, I feel like she made the right decision! But it doesn’t matter what I think, or what you think, or what ANYONE else thinks, as long as Rachel is HAPPY, that’s all that matters!!!!

Jillian Harris Bachelorette Recap

And they’re going to make some DAMN cute babies!!! LOL!!!



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  1. You may be right about Bryan & Rachel however the “live” show with Peter was uncomfortable. I thought Rachel was a little snarky with some of her comments and Chris Harrison kept trying to create drama between the two of them. I felt this particular Bachelorette was very contrived. Wish Rachel & Bryan well however didn’t appreciate Rachel’s comment “this show isn’t meant for you, etc.” making sure that Peter doesn’t end up as the next Bachelor.

  2. I also wondered if things weren’t edited to play up the drama with Peter, and if the connection she had with Bryan wasn’t given as much air time or the same or portrayed in the same way? I agree that she didn’t just pick him by default. She seemed extremely happy and even told Peter that she was “living her best life”. Love your recaps!!

  3. I’m happy for Rachel but I do wonder if she new Bryan was the one why did it matter so much if Peter proposed? She was going to turn him down anyway or maybe not?!?

  4. I wish they would stop using old bachelor and bachlerette s get someone new we haven’t seen like they use to

  5. I have my own opinion of Bryan, but I LOVE Rachel. She knew what she wanted and she did not waiver, at all. I also LOVE Peter, he was also not going to waiver with his wants, needs and desires, even knowing he was going to lose a really good gal who he was falling in love with.

    I hope Rachel found her forever love. As you know life starts today, and it’s not like it was on the show.

    Congrats to Bryan and Rachel…

    In other news how is Leo recovering from his 1st birthday. 🙂

  6. It was unfortunate really that Peter really couldn’t commit to
    Rachel. But given more time I truly think they would of made it together. He needed more time than the show could offer but Rachel didn’t want to take that risk. Right from the beginning she stated that she wanted to be engaged at the end of the show. Nonetheless she looks extremely happy with Bryan. I am happy for them both and wish them a beautiful life together. ?

  7. Jillian,
    I just love every reno you’ve done! I especially love anything white! If I ever win the lottery, I’m sending you a first class ticket to come to Newfoundland and design my dream home! Can’t wait for you to post pics of your own dream home! Keep up the creating!

  8. I wish them well. The show seemed long and drawn out, but…totally agree with you about Peter. I do wonder if perhaps he shouldn’t have been a candidate for the show, but I suppose 75% of the guys don’t really think they’ll make it to the end.

    Eric for the next Bachelor!!!

  9. I was on team Bryan from the beginning especially after I saw him with his family that topped the cake – he Loves His Mother and her opinion mattered a lot and a guy who adores his Mother makes a great hubby. She was hilarious when she said you break his heart I’ll kill you hahaha! Also when he met her family lots of tension but he stuck in here he is a keeper. Way to go Rachel you pick the best guy ??❤️

  10. Hey Jillian,

    Normally I completely agree with your views but not this time. I think Bryan is a player and was just saying what she wanted to hear. I was so disappointed in how Rachel treated Peter at the ATFR. She was so cold and mean. Most previous bachelor and bachelorette’s are compassionate and want the best fir the runner up, Rachel was just mean. Peter is so down to earth and really seemed like he loved her. Her loss IMHO.

  11. I’m hoping Eric will be the next bachelor ,wish Rachel & Brian the best think they make a great couple,

  12. Finally! Been waiting all day for your recap! I haven’t been and am still bot a fan of Bryan, I have a hard time believing his genuine. I hope for Rachels sake that he is. Peter… #peterforbachelor should be so insanly proud of himself for taking true to his beliefs. I felt it was so strange how badly Rachel wanted an engagement and I felt she was really pushy and trying to make it change his mind during there final time together. And the way she spoke to him on the live show.. there was no need for that and In my opinion it made her look a little crazy .. “Im not living a médiocre life im living my best life” that seemed harsh. All that being said, I wish her the best and hope she didn’t settle for a proposal vs following her heart.

    1. Yeah. She was a bit nasty to Peter. What I found so interesting is that she was so setting Eric whom she didn’t love but nasty to Oeter whom she professes her love for. Heck.. she cried her eyelashes off for goodness sake

    2. I lost respect for Rachel when she was speaking to Peter on the live show. Catty and completely uncalled for. He was nothing but kind and definitely in emotional pain.
      Something in my gut tells me her and Bryan will not last too long. But who really knows!!! Look at Ben and Lauren, would not have seen that break up happening.

    3. I kind of agree with JC. I wonder what would have happened if Peter had changed his mind? I always thought that Bryan was sincere and I think that he showed that. But I was rooting for Peter.
      I am happy for Rachel and Bryan and wish them well and hope that they will be happy.
      Also, did not really like the new format on the show showing the finale.

    4. I 100% agree with everything you and I really feel like Bryan is saying exactly what he feels she wants to hear. It will be interesting to see if they last. I think Peter was making perfect sense though but Rachel just wasn’t understanding him,or she didn’t want to understand him.

    5. I have to disagree with JC’s post. I don’t believe that Rachel was harsh or “crazy” last night with Peter. He created so much built up frustration and emotion that it rightfully finally came out. He still couldn’t convey his true feelings or clarify his view even after several months since he’d been sent home. EVERYONE has moments of frustration and so it’s natural that Rachel finally had a moment where weakness got the better of her. She carried herself with a lot of grace and empathy the entire way through, that should say something of her character. I also disagree with Peter being the next bachelor. This type of thing would not be his forte. I’m actually certain that he’s not even really ready to make such a huge commitment to someone but if and when that happens for him it will certainly not happen in a short period of time. I think Eric would make a great Bachelor. He’s ready and has shown he can make the commitment within the show’s timeline and he’s pretty great. Honestly I think it was almost the Rachel and Bryan show. Not to sound poopy about it but you could just see that it was going to be him at the end and everyone else was there as “testers” to ensure her feelings for him were actually what she thought they were. Just saying.
      I’d like to comment on the format of last nights show. I didn’t like it. We missed a lot; especially Eric’s last date and fantasy suite. Just seemed way too edited for my liking. I much prefer the After the Final Rose to be completely separate. All in all I wish Rachel and Bryan the best of luck going forward.

      1. I liked Rachel throughout the season, but two things ruined it for me and I am not a fan anymore. First, it seemed like she became ring obsessed – I mean, when he proposed she said she loves the ring and “give me give me” about the ring. And second, she was really rude to Peter. You could tell how nervous he was and she was rude. Bummer.

    6. I agree with you! I liked Rachel all season but the way she spoke to Peter and was so cold towards him after made me lose a little respect for her.

    7. I’m fine with her really wanting to get engaged. That was what precipitated the break up, which needed to happen. Sometimes, in the moment, people really don’t understand why things are crumbling, and can only see in hind sight that it was for the best. They just weren’t meant to be, and when he meets Ms. Right, he will gain more clarity and be glad things ended when they did.

    8. I completely agree. You could definitely tell that Rachel and Peter had a MAD connection and I truly believe that she just wanted a ring and a proposal. I think her and Peter would have worked out in the long run. You could tell she still had strong feelings for him at the finale due to her being salty towards him. I think it’s totally fair for Peter to be true to himself. I mean that is exactly how she was with Nick so she shouldn’t have held it against him. I was #TeamPeter the whole time.

    9. Talk about a nail biter & seat clincher this one was, but( no pun intended) lol I’m so happy for them! ????? That proposal view was stunning and sooooo romantic.❤️❤️ She made a good choice and I think she will be really happy. ?

    10. I still was hoping that she was going to pick Peter. I do think that she would’ve picked Peter had he been willing to propose. It was so frustrating to watch him try to explain his point. Bottom line is I think he was just as committed to having a future with her as Brian was he just didn’t do a good job of communicating it. Given that most of them never end up getting married anyway, having a proposal at the end shouldn’t matter especially after only knowing someone for six weeks. Again I don’t think Peter was any less committed to a future with her, he just didn’t communicate it as well as he could have.

  13. I think the Peter was looking for a definite “I choose you” from Rachel prior to going into the rose ceremony and she couldn’t give him that as she was truly in love right Bryan. If she truly loved Peter more there would have been more compromise or reassurance, I think it was best she ended instead of dragging him through the agony of a rose ceremony. I really liked Rachel but she wasn’t so cold to Peter saying she was living her best life – I think she said in defense of him referring to her fiancé as mediocre but it kind really hurt him. I guess all women love the idea of a ring/proposal but boy she had her heart set on a ring. I hope it last, and I think it will if Bryan is truly genuine.

  14. I did not enjoy the finale format. Too much time spend on Peter. As far as Rachel and Peter’s interaction on live TV, I do not think she was harsh. As a matter of fact, Chris Harrison stirred the pot by bring up the mediocre statement. Rachel hasn’t said a word about it. I’m pretty sure I would have had the same response if someone was not ready to commit and made the same statement.

    I wish Rachel and Bryan nothing but the best. It’s a lot of work ahead of them, time will tell if they are serious about each other.

  15. Rachel was rude to Peter on after the rose…she had to pretend to really have been into Bryan all along, because we all know she wouldn’t have picked Bryan if Peter had proposed. I think Peter was a bit of a mess…his analytical brain vs his heart. What are you gonna do. Lol

  16. I initially liked Peter and thought they were cute together until he started getting wishy washy. There have been guys who’ve left early because their feelings weren’t getting there the way they should given the time limits but he kept dropping little nuggets when she seemed to be willing to let him go. I was questioning Bryan’s schmoozocity at first but now I’m starting to think Peter was the one who might not have been sincere. It was her show but he wanted her to conform to his mindset. People seemed peeved with her for saying “I’m not living a mediocre life. I’m living my best life” but he’s the one who threw that in her face when he saw that she wasn’t going to keep him if he wasn’t ready to propose to her. Then that whole thing where he got snitty with Bryan and told him that he didn’t want to be sitting there with him. He’s got a “side” to him that’s not as sweet as people want to believe.

    The guys were intimidated by/kinda hated Bryan because he was older, more confident and knew what he wanted with Rachel. He got the FIR, a group date rose, an expensive watch and, ultimately, the final rose. It shouldn’t have been a shock. Her issues with Bryan was that things were happening so fast and seemed so right, she couldn’t believe it was true. She was used to indecisive guys like Peter or guys who needed a bit of healing like Eric. Eric thanked her. Perhaps Peter could have thanked her for showing him that sometimes he needs to seize the moment. His own friends told him: “Don’t F it up!” Now there are these rumors about him having the goal of wanting to be The Bachelor. Well, the only way they’ve been picking bachelors has been for them to have been one of the rejects from The Bachelorette. Perhaps he is the one who had ulterior motives after all.

  17. In the end I kind of liked Eric for her? I wasn’t a fan in the beginning… but i ended up liking their chemistry. There’s just something about Bryan for me….he’s a little…cheeky… no? but she seems happy? He seems happy…

    I really hope Eric or Dean is the next bachelor!!! But there were a lot of good potential guys in this group! Dickie <3 Kenny <3 WILL!

    Can't wait for paradise!

  18. TOTALLY agree, Jillian! While I really liked Bryan, Dean, Eric, and Peter, too, you could see how hard Rachael worked through the concerns she had with each guy. That led her to her final decision. I think they are perfect together! They complement each other so well and seem so mature and focused, and their chemistry was off the flippin’ charts!

  19. I agree none of our opinions matter as long as they are happy. However, I was very disappointed in Rachel during the live chat with Peter. She was rude and full of anger. I waiting for the eye rolls when Peter was apologizing about his comment on she would settle in life. Rachel did the snap and said ” oh I am living my best life” Pan to Peter and his face showed how she gutted him. NOT COOL.

  20. I agree with you 100%. If he’d been sure about her and their relationship, there would have been no “but” drinking game possibility. She chose a solid, mature man over one who just was confused and unsure. I think most women have met a guy like Peter before and yes, it’s exciting and interesting. It’s a challenge because we love to fix men for some reason. I truly believe she made the right decision by picking someone who had no doubts and could see a future with her and wasn’t afraid to commit to that. I wish them all the best. I also wish Peter the best BUT perhaps he should try dating outside of reality TV if the timeline doesn’t work for him.

  21. I completely agree with what you’re saying about rachel and Bryan. I really believe they are each other’s best match. They will make it because they have a solid relationship because they are both sold individuals. As for Peter, I was really rooting for him. He was my favourite from the very beginning, but rachel wanted certainty and marriage, and he wasn’t giving her that. She made the right decision and she learned from er past mistakes! Good for her for taking the brighter, more loving path:):):):)

  22. I completely agree with what you’re saying about rachel and Bryan. I really believe they are each other’s best match. They will make it because they have a solid relationship because they are both sold individuals. As for Peter, I was really rooting for him. He was my favourite from the very beginning, but rachel wanted certainty and marriage, and he wasn’t giving her that. She made the right decision and she learned from er past mistakes! Good for her for taking the brighter, more loving path:):):):)

  23. I was so disappointed by the ending – the chemistry between Rachel and Peter was intense. I am sure the show was edited to make it just seem like it was the issue of the proposal that was key but during thelive interview Rachel mentioned other issues that had first surfaced in Geneva. I thought her comment about the mediocre life was unnecessary. He felt badly and apologized for it but I saw her on ET and she had to mention it again. I loved her throughout the season but last night and seeing her on the circuit today, I was so disappointed. Good luck to her and, with her new mother in law – she’s going to need it. Great tv though!!

  24. Ugh, I don’t know where to even start! The whole format was weird! Rachel talking about the show while it was airing. I didn’t like it. Thought it was distracting. I guess they did it tho to fill up space because of how it ended.

    Eric was really cool! I loved the fact that him + Rachel looked like old friends and that’s what I always thought they were better as.

    Peter! I literally applauded him! Standing up for what he felt was the right thing to do. He knew deep down he wasn’t ready to propose and didn’t just because he was on the show. I get that’s usually the outcome of this show, but let’s be real, how many Bachelor couples actually got married or are even still together? I felt bad when he told Rachel to just take a chance. I really think if he would’ve proposed that he’d be engaged to Rachel instead of Bryan. Rachel was wrong for being For making crappy side comments to him. I really hope he finds love outside of the Bachelor!

    Bryan or should I say Josh Murray 2.0? Everything reminded me of him! His look, his expressions and of course personality! Maybe that’s why I don’t think he’s genuine.? I really think he’d be better on BIP instead tho! Lol

  25. I’m with you on #ericforbachelor. He was so great last night and he looked so good. I don’t think Rachel was ring hungry as people are saying… she wanted to know that Peter knew what he wanted and he just didn’t. He didn’t because he’s not ready. When he’s ready he won’t have such a difficult time making a commitment. As for Bryan he let her know he was ready and I think she made the right choice not going for the cute boy who didn’t know what he wanted… she went for the cute boy who knew what he wanted and went for it!!! I agree I hope they are happy and that it all works out.

  26. I am not a Bryan fan. He came on strong from the beginning like he was playing a game and took every chance he had to let the other guys know what he and Rachel had together. If she was so smitten, buys matching watches because she sees her future with him, of course, it should intimidate others who are also feeling they have chemistry with her. But why oh why such a sad goodbye with Peter? Was that a game she was playing just to see if he would propose and she could send him home? I think she does protest too much and is doing some smoothing over with Bryan. And comparing her relationship with Peter to a past 5 year relationship is so lame. Peter dodged a bullet. I loved how Bryan explained how he was looking forward to marriage and all it entails. And wants to make sure he is ready before he says those words. Risk and faith goes both ways. Nothing wrong with Peter!

  27. I am not a Bryan fan. He came on strong from the beginning like he was playing a game and took every chance he had to let the other guys know what he and Rachel had together. If she was so smitten, buys matching watches because she sees her future with him, of course, it should intimidate others who are also feeling they have chemistry with her. But why oh why such a sad goodbye with Peter? Was that a game she was playing just to see if he would propose and she could send him home? I think she does protest too much and is doing some smoothing over with Bryan. And comparing her relationship with Peter to a past 5 year relationship is so lame. Peter dodged a bullet. I loved how Peter explained how he was looking forward to marriage and all it entails. And wants to make sure he is ready before he says those words. Risk and faith goes both ways. Nothing wrong with Peter!

  28. Love Bryan and hope it works out for them….time will tell. Would love to see Eric as the next Bachelor, he deserves to find love, what a great guy!

  29. Disagree Jillian. No frustration with Peter. Complete frustration with Rachel. If she knew she was choosing Bryan, why did she beg Peter for a proposal? And she kept saying, “I want someone who wants what I want.” Tad selfish. And Cold to Peter on the After The Rose. I believe she has a very bruised ego. She was so defensive. A woman still hurt. I really liked Rachel in the beginning but not impressed. Maybe she does fit with Bryan. Team Peter for Bachelor. He’s got this!

  30. I can’t say that I had a favourite because I usually look for who seems to vibe with the bachelor/bachelorette the best. I look for how they behave around certain people and if they have that “connection”. Bryan and Rachel hit it off from the start no doubt. I really liked them together (even while acknowledging Peter is dreamy ?)! All that being said, I found last nights episode heartbreaking. I think both Peter and Rachel did not want to let go of each other and were really holding out for the other to bend to their way or compromise. I understand Peter may have come off as frustrating but I think Rachel kept the door open for Peter at the same time hoping he’d come around to the proposal idea. When people say “that’s what he signed up for”, I don’t really think anyone knows what they sign up for unless they have been on the show. Many of the contestants I’m sure go on for a good time, a new experience, travel and to see where it may lead. If that includes love on top of it, great. I also imagine that you don’t know what kind of connection you may or may not have and how slow/fast the realationship may move. Filming is what, 9 weeks? Eeeek. My biggest beef with last night (besides making poor Rachel watch it live ?) is the way she treated Peter afterwards. She has been a fantastic bachelorette; she is strong, smart, independent and fun. But she was rude last night. Since the finale aired, she has focused more on throwing shade at Peter than she has on her new engagement. It must be extremely difficult dealing with the naysayers and the haters no doubt, but she needs to leave the disparaging comments about Peter behind and focus on her new relationship. Instead of re-tweeting a mediocre life comment (obviously aimed at Peter) she should have maybe celebrated Bryan. More love, less hate!! ❤️ Ok, that was long. Sorry! ?

  31. Yeah..for me it’s hard to believe you could feel as strongly as she seemed to for Peter and accept a proposal from someone else the next day. I’m team Peter ! His sincerity was real and so were his concerns..My questions left with were – was she just trying to get a proposal to dump him or keep him? Either way the answer left me questioning the whole thing!

  32. I’m a huge Peter fan and I am definitely one of those girls spamming his inbox 😉

    In all honesty though, I don’t think Bryan was picked by default. If she didn’t have strong feelings for him she would have settled with Peter. I think she was so torn with Peter because A) He didn’t want to propose yet and B) Because her feelings were still very strong for Bryan, she didn’t want to give up something amazing with Bryan for a maybe thing. I’m sure it helped Bryan’s case, but I don’t think she settled for him at all. Good luck to the both of them, and send Peter my way, would ya!

  33. I wish Rachel and Bryan all the best but I’m not sure they’ll last. I think they’re in lust, not love. I don’t know what it’s like to love two people at once but it’s difficult for me to comprehend crying so hard that your eyelashes come off if you truly love someone else more. If I were Rachel, Bryan would have gotten the boot after I met his mother. You think that lady is going to stay out of their business? No, ma’am. Good luck with that Rachel!

  34. I was team Eric…well actually, I was Team Kenny…if he hadn’t gotten derailed by that scoundrel Lee, I think he and Rachel could have had something. Anyway, Bryan never quite impressed me, no vulnerability. I liked Peter, but Rachel was right, I don’t think the Bachelor format is in sync with Peter’s approach…so I don’t think making Peter the next Bachelor makes much sense.
    I am guessing Bryan was the one that she wanted the most and even though it seemed like her priority was the ring and the engagement…certainly she has to know that having those things is no guarantee she and Bryan will ever make it to the wedding. One only needs to look at Ben and Lauren to know that. Looking at it from the outside…to me the odds on making it to the wedding are the same for Rachel and Bryan as they were for Rachel and Peter… with or without the ring and the proposal. So I chose to believe she chose Bryan for love….I’m just glad I don’t have to marry him! I wish all of them the best.

  35. My only complaint with this season was that it was totally predictable. I think that’s why they tried a different format for the finale, to try and make it seem a little more interesting? Eric was adorable, but I still hope Peter will be the next Bachelor. He and Rachel were just not on the same page. Love him, but they were not meant to be. It was a hard season to watch because I really felt that she was smitten with Bryan right from the beginning, and they might as well have cancelled the season and saved everyone else a lot of heartache.! Oh well, glad they are happy, and extra glad they are considering a move to a new city. Hopefully this works long term.

  36. I actually feel for both Bryan and Peter. Anyone who gets that upset over not having someone not propose to them and repeatedly says, I love you Peter, is lying to someone! She honestly to me led one of these men on because if Peter was to have a change of heart would she have said “yes?” That’s why I feel for both men because Bryan will never know if he was second best and Peters left wondering if she would’ve said yes even if he would have proposed. Maybe her ego was hurt that Peter just wouldn’t offer her a ring on live tv, lets face it you can only say yes to one offer….Sometimes true love is worth waiting for but she says she has that, I hope so because up until the finally I really liked Rachel and Bryan.

    Peter did say he saw a future with her and engagement was in that future, just not tomorrow. I think that’s realistic. I think she wanted the huge ring and the thought of forever but even a ring and promise of forever doesn’t stop life from getting in the way….


  37. Hi Jillian,

    I tried to post this yesterday but for reason it didn’t go through. I’m not a fan of Bryan but I can definitely see why she chose him. From Day 1, he was 100% all in, had no doubts that Rachel was the one for him. However, I do believe that Peter was in love with Rachel (as he said he was in People) but he needed to be certain that the relationship could last outside of the Bachelorette Bubble which is why he didn’t want to propose yet, but Rachel needed that certainty because of her past relationship. It’s clear that they have different ways of communicating which frustrated them both and they had different love languages. I remember the episode in Norway or Denmark where Peter whispered that he didn’t want to stop kissing Rachel but he felt that they needed to spend time talking (of course I don’t know how much talking they did in the hot tub!). I definitely think that she should have cut him or he should have left sooner. Eric certainly seems to think that if he had, Eric would have been the last man standing. I personally would rather see Eric as the next Bachelor, I think he would be great.

  38. Thanks Jillian for this fair assessment. I trust Rachel has made the best decision for her and Bryan.

    As far as Peter is concerned, I think he did have feeling for Rachel, but not as strong as her feelings were for him. Rachel had stated she was there for a proposal and NOT another boyfriend and I truly agree with her. Let’s be honest, a bachelor/bachelorette proposal is NOT an immediate walk down the aisle. At that point, the couples barely know each other. True love begins after the show and very few couples have accomplished this.

    The Peter breakup was very painful for viewers to watch and Rachel to rehash. In my opinion, Rachel is at fault for NOT sending him home sooner. The edit of Peter’s feelings showed us he was not ready and wasn’t going to get there. I read Rachel’s final blog and she stated their last conversation was 3 hrs long. We saw just a few minutes of it.

    Last point, every one is entitled to their opinion, but I really didn’t think she was salty towards Peter. She got upset with the ‘mediocre life’ statement and Chris Harrison drugged that back out. If someone said this to me, I would be upset as well.

    I wish Rachel and Bryan nothing but the best.

    1. I finally got around to watching the finale tonight already knowing the results and I definitely think that Bryan was second choice and watching the show how can he not see that too. I felt she was back peddling, she knew it was Bryan after hometowns?? Come on, she was crying her eyes out when Peter walked away, she wanted it to be him but she was so set on an engagement and in the end she and Bryan are “not rushing things”. Why couldn’t she have “not rushed things” with Peter ?
      Anyway she is happy for now. ?

  39. Jillian I am just wondering if you can clarify what Peter said. If I understood him correctly he said they had a first date (1) and the their was some time that passed and he hoped to get a second date before home towns. Which he did so date number (2). Then she came to his home town. Date number (3) And then he met her family (4) and then the ‘fantasy’ night date (5). So after 5 dates he is supposed to propose to her? Does that number of dates seem typical? That’s what I heard and understood him explaining to her. I missed some episodes so perhaps he was on a group date, but I assume there isn’t a lot of meaningful one on one time spent. If that’s truly the timeline…how many times he saw her before he was to propose then I totally understand his hesitancy. Also, how much time is their between ‘fantasy’ dates…are they really one right after the other and then when all three are done then the last rose (proposal) is the next day? I’d love to see a general timeline as to how the show works to help put it in perspective. Thank s for any information on this.

  40. Eric really won me over. I would have liked for him to be the next bachelor. As for Bryan, there is another woman in his life who will always demand his full attention and loyalty. I don’t think there is any room for Rachel, and that is sad.

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