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My Closet Tour: Part One

Good morning everyone!! I often get asked questions about how we organize our closet and what the layout is so, instead of writing a big long drawn out blog with a ton of photos, I thought it would be fun to take you on a VIDEO TOUR of my closet so you could see exactly how my closet functions, what it looks like and how much of it I gave up to Justin … LOL!! This is my FIRST ever walk-in closet (believe it or not!) and I have a few tricks up my sleeve (or dress?? lol) that I want to share with you!!

But before we dig in, can we talk fashion for a minute?? First off, I know many of you will ask where my dress is from in this video so I’ll let you know now that it’s from Modcloth, it’s a seersucker maxi dress and it’s the BEST for summer!! Last year I had a similar dress from Urban Outfitters and I wore it all the time, I had it in a couple of different colours so it quickly became my summer staple! Urban Outfitters AND Modcloth actually have quite a few dresses that are great for everyday wear during the spring and summer months. I’ve made sure to link my favourites for you below, you can click directly on each image to get all of the details on every item!


Urban Outfitters

And I have ONE more piece of news to share with you … Shopbop has a SALE happening right now and it’s only going to be around for a couple more days!! So, if you’re in need of a closet refresh then NOW is the time to do it!! Again, I’ve linked some of my favourite tops, dresses, shoes, and accessories from their sale below!! Don’t forget to use code EVENT18 when checking out!! Also … I’m going to continue to link more items each day over on my dedicated Shopbop Sale page so make sure to pop by and check it out!!

Tops & Dresses




For the Pool

Alright … let’s take a look inside my closet … shall we??

Make sure to share YOUR closet organization tips and tricks with me below in the comments section, I would love to hear your hacks and make sure to stay tuned for Part TWO of my closet tour where I will share some of my favourite fashion staples with you!!



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  1. Hi Jillian
    It’s Barb and Wendy from Simply Spark Joy. We are the only Certified Marie Kondo consultants in the Okanagan. We’d absolutely luv the opportunity to demonstrate the “spark joy” technique talked about in the book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. We could also work on the unique folding and hanging techniques.

  2. Are you by any chance getting rid of the olive green jumpsuit from Urban Outfitters LOL? Been daydreaming of that one for some time! Thanks for your awesome blog, it is always cheering my days up 🙂

  3. I’m in love with the idea of having a closet with windows! Are you glasses prescription? I’d love to take your “rejected” clothes off your hands! Pleeeeease!

  4. So much love for your closet, the lay out , all the clothes! So darn pretty! This has inspired me… I need to design out closet and I’m so nervous about it. It’s big but not that big and no pretty windows (wahhh). Thanks for sharing and I’ll take any tips you have to help me design our closet.

  5. Isn’t purging the best? I just purged my closet recently and it felt so good! It’s therapeutic for me. 🙂 I LOVE all the light you have in the closet with the addition of the window– it’s the one thing my closet is missing! I need some good lightening in there. Looking forward to seeing part II!

  6. You could at your last closet tour video show few outfits you would wear for a party, for work, hanging out with your friends, etc.

  7. Thanks for the tour Jillian! Now the real question is, what size of a closet makes for the best walk-in?

  8. Very happy I made the switch to the black velvet hangers. They are so slim so everything takes up less space, and I love that it’s an attractive, matching look! (Wish I had thought of a window for closet photos…lol!)

    1. Hi Jill, curious to know what you do with the clothes you want to give away? Do you donate them? Sell them? You have such nice clothes and wonder who they go to! Thanks!

  9. Jilly,

    Couple item questions… what was the black dress hanging at the very end of the video, I also saw a blue and white stripe pleplum top hanging, and the white lacy top/dress. Can you post which items they are???

  10. Love how bright your closet is! I had a beautiful walk in closet in my house in Vegas and I will be incorporating one into my next house. Like you said once you have one you want to go larger next time! Currently I have every closet in my house as the kids have moved out and each closet is designated for different things, I have a summer closet, winter closet, denim closet, jacket closet and a western closet (I live in Calgary so I’m prepared for Stampede!) I have loved every one of your room tours and have ideas for our next house! Thank you for your inspirations!

  11. Being new to your channel ive just seen this vlog….. where do u store your winter stuff and is ther enough space for all your coats and jackets

    1. We have storage space in our laundry room for winter jackets and we store our winter shoes in the garage!! As for my sweaters, I still have most of them in my closet and I keep my jeans and leggings in the drawers! xo

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