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My Most Favourite Mother’s Day Giveaway

Eeeppppp guys … or should I say, MAMAS!! … I’m seriously squirming with excitement over what I’m about to tell you… but before I go on and tell you what I’m giving away to one lucky NEW mama today, I want to give you a little back story as to WHY I’m doing this VERY special giveaway.

As most of you know, I’m on a little hiatus from Love It Or List It Vancouver and while I won’t be traveling back and fourth as much as I used to, Justin and I have decided to let go of our little laneway house in Vancouver.  Soooo … some of you may remember the Vancouver Home Tour blog that I shared a few months back and we featured Leo’s nursery in that same reveal, (if you missed it, here’s the link!), anyways, now that we will only have our Kelowna home,  we didn’t have the need to keep all of the beautiful nursery items from Leo’s Vancouver nursery (do you see where I’m going with this?) … and we’ve been so so blessed with soooo many gifts for Leo that we really want to pay it forward to a deserving new mama.

So, without further adieu,  Justin and I would LOVE to gift a “Mamma to Be”  who is in need …. LEO’s NURSERY, most of the accessories and we are going shopping to also supply all the basics and necessities to get the new babe set up!!!

The only the catch is, this Mama HAS to be located in Vancouver or the Greater Vancouver Area!! As I type this I know for SURE some of you are shaking your fist at your computer right now, so let me explain. The items are already IN Vancouver and I’ve reached out to an awesome local delivery company, City Errands, and they’re generously going to move the items from my place to the lucky mama’s place, so, for logistics sake, it has to stay within the same city.


So here’s how it works, I would LOVE to hear from YOU! If you know of a deserving new mother or mama-to-be that could really benefit from these items I want to hear from you!!

What we need:

  • Email us at: [email protected]
  • Make sure to include “GIVEAWAY” along with the mother in need’s name in the subject line of your email. For example: GIVEAWAY LUCY LOU
  • Provide the Mother’s contact information (Name, email or phone number)
  • Tell us WHY you think they could use these items!
  • Remember: They MUST live in Vancouver, BC

Alright, so now you’re probably thinking, “I know a mother in need, and YES, she lives in Vancouver, so, what are the items she would get if she wins?” Well, let me tell you! This mama in need will get the following items delivered to her doorstep:

What the Mother’s Day package includes:

PLUS … Team Jilly is also going shopping for some extra goodies, which include:

  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Gender neutral clothes (Newborn and 0-3)
  • Diaper cream
  • Baby wash
  • Soothers
  • Baby bottles

AND … BOTH Snuggle Bugz and Wayfair are generously donating a $250 certificate!


I’m soooo excited to read all of the emails that come in from you guys!! We will select the winner and announce the lucky mama on Friday, May 12th!




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  1. Jillian this is such a wonderful idea! I sure wish I lived in Vancouver haha!
    I religiously watch Love It or List It Vancouver and think thag your stule is absolutely stunning.
    I love your blog and I think you are the sweetest! Little Leo’s nursery is amazing. I have a 10 month old and we did a Safari theme for him- little boys and animals is such a great combo.

    Keep doing what you are doing, girl! It’s such an inspiration to mammas such ad myself!


  2. This made my heart flutter! I know of just the gal who could benefit from all of this. What a beautiful gesture!

  3. I think this is absolutely so wonderful that you are doing this! I can’t wait to hear about the deserving mama who receives all of these amazing items! Love this! Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas out there 🙂

  4. Okay this is just shows everyone once again how big your heart really is!! Jillian, this is such an incredible giveaway and whomever wins is one lucky mama! Enjoy your first Mother’s Day celebrations with your sweet little family.

    1. Jill,

      What a wonderful gesture. I love your blog and this is such a sweet thing to do, and what great timing right before mother’s day. What a gift! You are going to make one lucky mama a happy girl.

      Keep it up girl, you rock.


  5. Oh that is so sweet of you!! I wish I wasn’t all the way in Louisiana, I am due in 6 weeks!!
    Whoever wins this prize is lucky!

  6. So thoughtful and generous of you !! Will you be doing Love it or list it again at some point as it sounds like you are kind of done ?????

  7. That’s amazing, what a great way to pay it forward with kindness! You guys have such big hearts! I know a lot of mamas who truly helped me out by giving us so much baby stuff! I really appreciated it! Your going to make someone’s whole year!!

  8. This is pretty amazing! YOU’RE pretty amazing Jillian! This blog made my heart SO happy to know that a beautiful new mama who may be facing hardship will have some luck thrown their way. I’m becoming a new mama myself (40 weeks and anxiously waiting ahh!) and I’ve learned first hand recently how stressful (financially, emotionally, and physically!) it is to prepare for a new babe. Personally I’m very lucky and thankful to have a stable career with a fantastic support group consiting of my man, family and friends. Therefore, I won’t be entering the contest but I definitely want to spread the word! I’ve shared your blog on a Facebook mommy group of over 3000 mama’s in the Vancouver/Lower Mainland. Good luck mama’s! 🙂

  9. Good for you, Jillian, so kind! I’m a grandmother of 3 lovely grandchildren, one of whom is barely 6 weeks old. I truly hope the person who wins this is a mother in need. Bless you & your adorable family.

  10. Love this! But, where will you stay when start love it or list again or need to stay in Vancouver for any other reason?

  11. Love this! But, where will you stay when Love It or List it starts again or you need to stay in Vancouver for any other reason? When is the hiatus over?

  12. Jill & Justin this is so sweet of you! I’m a mother of two little girls and live in Newfoundland but I just wanted to say your paying it forward is absolutely amazing! Whoever gets this will be one lucky (and very grateful!) Mama! Xx

    1. Jillian, this is so kind of you! I would love to enter for my beautiful sister-in-law who is expecting twins! Does New Westminster count as the greater Vancouver area? Thank you for all that you do to give back.

    2. I agree that this is an amazing gesture for you to share with a new mom to be…but now the question is, does this mean no more babies for you guys if you’re gifting all of your baby items away?

  13. I wish the Vancouver part wasn’t necessary! My sister is expecting a little boy next month and could really use some of these amazing gifts! However, I know someone amazing mom-to-be will ADORE this precious gift so much, you are such a kind soul for doing this!

    I definitely agree with Alexandria, keep doing what you’re doing! xoxo

  14. This is such a heart warming, wonderful act of kindness that you are doing for another Mama. I also commute back and forth to Vancouver from Kelowna with my little babe (born 1 week after Leo) and my toddler and I feel your pain with how much work that is. Now that you’re selling your van place, where will you stay once love it or list it goes back into filming? Or for nights in Vancouver at Eric church haha.
    Take Care team Jillian and great work on being kind to others (as Ellen would say!)

  15. Hi Jillian

    Could you please tell us what colour you used for the inside of your new front doors?

    So lovely.

  16. Jillian…..after watching your insta-story, I now know where you get your contagious laugh, your wit, and your caring and giving heart. Obviously it runs in your family through your Grannie! ?
    Although I’m not a Mama to a human, I am one of a 12 year old, rescued fur baby, who fills my heart with joy. Good luck and bless you with your give-away……just another example of how kind you are. I hope your Mothers Day is filled with lots of love, fun and laughter….(oh yeah, maybe a glass of wine or two?). Have a great weekend!

  17. I am an expecting mama! I am not in need nor do I live in Vancouver but this just made my heart melt! It brings tears to my eyes (which happens all the time now that I am pregnant!! LOL) to know that someone in need will receive all of this wonderful stuff.
    You are the best Jilly!!!

  18. Sweet, sweet Jillian, you are so precious to do such a kind thing for a sweet mom. You know their heart will just be filled with joy!!!!! I am a 62 year old grandmother and I think you are adorable and precious!!! Enjoy your new home with your precious little family!!!!! I looked at your wallpapers and I am in love!!! I am going to get the beautiful panel paper and maybe do one wall in Leo’s dots!!!??????

  19. That is the sweetest idea! I am sure a mom in need will be so grateful to be gifted all of these items. Very thoughtful of you!

  20. Hi Jillian
    I work with a young lady 24 who is expecting her first baby. Her boyfriend is not working at this time, and lives in Chilliwack. Every weekend she drives from Coquitlam to Chilliwack to pick him up so that they can spend the weekend together. She works full time and is barely making ends meet. I see her everyday at her job treat our patients with such care and kindness , i would love to pay it forward to her because she deserves to have something good happen to her. I’m so glad i read your website this morning I honestly was thinking about how i could help her. I really hope you can help !!!!!!

  21. Jillian,
    I just submitted an entry for my best friend. She is an amazing and wonderful woman that is truly in need. I hope that you give it a read <3

  22. This is fantastic!! You’re such an inspiration. Love your beautiful blog! I’d love to contribute to this giveaway! Our local Vancouver company is a 100% organic pharmaceutical company. We have a lovely Nourish Baby Bundle that I think a deserving mom will love, includes moisture balm, baby wash and baby lotion. I’m expecting my second and these products have been great for our family -they’re all organic, super gentle and smells amazing! Check out our products here Leo’s nursery is beautiful! love what you’ve been able to do with a little laneway space!! I’d love to contribute please let me know how! Thanks!!xoxo

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