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My New Fitness Routine & Why I Love It

I feel like ever since I had Leo I’ve struggled to jump back on the “working out train”. I really wanted to be able to spend as much time with Leo as possible and really “soak it all in” when it came to life as a new mama. Once Leo got a little bit older I found it difficult to accommodate the gym class times with our family routine! I would either have to go when Leo was napping when our Nanny, Melissa, was here … which was also the perfect time to catch up on emails! Guess what always won THAT battle? LOL! Or, I would have to go at night once Leo was down … and I found I really didn’t have the energy for that after a long day!

Jillian Harris Pregnancy and Fitness

Thankfully, this winter, I discovered the perfect form of exercise that accommodated our lifestyle and that was going for walks with Leo and Nacho!! This was the best of both worlds for me because I was still able to spend time with Leo, get outdoors AND give Nacho some exercise and I could do it when it worked best for our schedule.

Now that the snow has melted and the sun is out, and now that Leo is RUNNING around we love our walks even MORE!! And, now that I’m pregnant with baby number two and I’m kind of at this awkward stage in my pregnancy, I feel like going for walks is honestly the best form of exercise for ME! Even if it’s just for 15 minutes!

Jillian Harris Pregnancy and Fitness

Crop Leggings | Mesh Tank | Pink Runners

I DO plan on getting back to the gym (eventually … lol) after baby number two. And, if you know me, you’ll know that nothing motivates me more to get my butt back to the gym or get outside for a walk than some cute workout clothes (any excuse to shop, right ladies?!) LOL.

Seriously though, I found these cute crop tights by New Balance at Sport Chek and trust me, it’s hard to find tights that fit well with a baby bump and these totally do! I DID have to size up but they are super comfy and fit my belly perfectly. Plus, how can you not love the scalloped details on these?! I also snagged this white mesh tank and I love it because it’s stretchy and flowy and keeps me cool during our walks in this Okanagan heat!!

Jillian Harris Pregnancy and FitnessJillian Harris Pregnancy and Fitness-1Jillian Harris Pregnancy and FitnessJillian Harris Pregnancy and Fitness

Oh, and … the pink runners (they also come in purple!) … can you EVER have too many pairs of pink runners? I don’t think so! LOL! I love them because they’re not only cute for your workouts but they also double as great athleisure wear, if I have to grab groceries or pick up Leo from daycare, I would definitely rock these. They also have a really cute pair of coral runners and white runners that I’ve been eyeing up lately.

Jillian Harris Pregnancy and Fitness

So there you have it, my advice for working out when you’re not really feeling “in the groove”, find something you can do that fits YOUR lifestyle and schedule and treat yourself to a cute new outfit. LOL!










Thank you Sport Chek for sponsoring this post. All comments and opinions are my own.

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  1. I also walked as a form of exercise during my pregnancy and am now taking my lil guy on walks still as an attempt to have a fitness game while still healing and trying to be the best new mom I can be! A part of me was feeling guilty like I should be getting back into my old workout routine but you have made me feel better about not rushing into it. My baby has already grown so much and I don’t want to miss anything and I also don’t want to push my body too hard! Thanks again Jillian for sharing your life with the world!

  2. I’m also pregnant with baby #2, and also have struggled to find my new “work out routine” and have found that walking is what’s working best for us these days, too! Nice to know I’m not the only one struggling with finding balance!

    FYI, I’ve also found my pre-pregnancy Lululemon align pants still work for me since I’ve been pregnant and still going strong at 32 weeks! 🙂

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