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Our New Home Decor Inspo

Good morning lovelies and HAPPY HUMP DAY!! I know many of you are beyond eager for a glimpse into our new home and while I PROMISE you’ll get that … actually, we’re aiming to do a MASSIVE photo shoot this coming September to share with you! Lol … omg … I can just hear you guys now … “September?! Are you freakin’ serious, Jill?? We’ve been waiting for SO LONG!” Am I right?? Whelp … it takes a while to get everything decorated and feeling like “home” and I don’t want to rush it! SO for now, I’m going to share my decor inspo with you instead!! …

A couple of things to admit here, one being that I love shopping online (which most of you already know). And two being that I LOVE ordering my decor from Wayfair. Yes, this IS a sponsored post, BUT I continue to choose to work with them because they have SO much to choose from, the shipping is easy peasy (for all you Canadians, you don’t need to go to the border to pick it up) and the quality is amazing! At the end of my work day, I could put Leo to bed, eat dinner, have a bath, and literally shop from my bed rather than wasting time in a car, driving around everywhere with a new babe!! For our new home I decided to buy portable clotheslines because they take little to no space. Mom WIN right there! However, I did HAVE to stop in at a few local stores to cruise their decor as well … it’s called “therapy” … lol. The second reason being that their search function is ridiculously good, you can basically find ANYTHING on their site using different keywords and filters … so much so that I once tried searching “Hot male chef who likes to cook delicious meals and serve wine” but that proved to be too much for their search function. LOL. Kidding … kind of.

Anyways, back to the decor and what inspired me to go with some of the items I chose! Turns out designing and building our home has been SO much more overwhelming than I had anticipated! We sold our old house fully furnished except for some keep sakes so redecorating was a must. When it came down to decor for this home I wanted to steer away from my usual “white, feminine, traditional” items to more “rustic, farmhouse” items. I wanted this home to be COMFY, functional, and cozy, but still look put together, organized, clean, airy, and FRESH!!! SO I had to look for decor that was not only more baby friendly but also Nacho friendly and Bachelorette wine drinking night friendly … lol … get my drift?!

Jillian Harris Wayfair Decor Inspiration-1

Glass Storage Jars | Glass Cannister | Cake Stand | White Bowls | White Pitcher | Schoolhouse Lights

Jillian Harris Decor Inspiration

1. Club Chair | 2. Area Rug | 3. Chandelier | 4. Pillow | 5. Side Chair | 6. Flush Mount Light | 7. Pineapple Outdoor Pendant | 8. Doormat | 9. Rocking Chair | 10. Wall Sconce | 11. Decorative Ladder

Jillian Harris Wayfair Decor Inspiration-1

Rocking Chair | Boxwood Ball Floor Plant | Hello Doormat | Pineapple Outdoor Pendant | Outdoor Sconce

As you can tell from a few of the larger items above, I tried to go a little bit darker when it came down to the furniture in our living room because all white might prove to be a little more challenging to keep clean with a soon to be toddler running around with his furry BFF (and by “Furry BFF” I mean Nacho, not Justin … LOL!) so we ended up going with the dark blue club chairs and a grey ottoman just for that purpose!

Not only did I order furniture and decor from Wayfair but also lighting, stools, patio umbrellas and believe it or not, our BBQ!! If you’re on the hunt for a BBQ, Justin and I actually did a lot of research on BBQ’s before purchasing one and we found the best deal through Wayfair (no, this isn’t a just a plug for them, it’s the HONEST truth)! I also couldn’t resist the pineapple pendant for the patio and that CUTE Hello doormat … LOVE!

Have you purchased any items from Wayfair online?? If so, what were they? Share your faves below in the comments section!







Thank you Wayfair for sponsoring this post. All comments and opinions are my own.

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  1. September is way too long to wait for a peek at your new home!! What about just one room??? Don’t keep us waiting!! lol

    1. LOL!!! Sorry Claire, I’m still in the process of decorating and getting everything just right!❤️ XOXOXO

      1. Hi Jillian, I’ve been waiting for the post with the photo shoot of your new home but haven’t seen it. Did I miss it or have you not posted it yet? So anxious to see it all!! Also does it/will it have approx dimensions of some rooms? Would be great tool for people looking to built/renovate to know approx how big some rooms should be 🙂

        1. Hi Kel! We haven’t posted them yet!! We’re still working on our photo shoot and then once that’s all wrapped I’ll be sharing all of the details with you but I might not go as far as sharing the dimensions of the rooms! xoxo

    2. Hi Jillian,

      We are in the planning stages of building our home. We wanted to go with double doors for you front doors. Do the doors lock into a frame in the center or do they lock into each other? What are the pros and cons that you have found with double doors versus a single door?

  2. I love your style …always!! I ordered my living room ottoman from wayfair (the exact one you linked after your Vancouver home tour) and I absolutely love it. Free shipping and it was here in under a week ???

    Anxiously awaiting your new show (eeeeekkk) and seeing your beautiful completed new home ?

  3. Love you Jillian & your designs however, as tempting as all these Amazone & Wayfair web sites are please keep in mind your brick & mortar stores. We are all the, many times small businesses who put out thousands of dollars worth in inventory for clients only to see,touch & feel the products & then order products on line. Yes our prices are higher however we have to pay rents, utilities & employ staff. Our staff brings so much knowledge to the consumer – explaining scale, materials, design & proportions. Consumers wonder why so many of their favourite stores close – it is very hard to compete- we try our best but nothing beats actually dealing with a real person! If you can believe this I actually had a client call me once & rip into me due to a product she received in unsatisfactory condtion. Once I had the client calmed down she proceed to tell me she bought it in line but wanted me to look after her conserns because after all didn’t we carry this product! Please help support your local business. Thank you & love your show!

    1. Hi Catherine! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE small businesses as well and support them as much as I can! It’s always great to buy local when you can!! XOXOXOXO

  4. I just received my upholstery tufted headboard last month. Absolutely love it! First item bought from Wayfair!

  5. Hey Jillian,
    I love it when people do research so that I don’t have to – what barbecue did you end up buying?
    Thank you!

  6. What BBQ would your recommend from Wayfair? I have been researching as a Father’s Day gift…

  7. I have to agree with how amazing Wayfair is! Just recently moved into our new home and adding in the decor has been super easy with a new baby like you said show from the bath tub!

    Love your posts!

  8. Hi Jillian,
    Just watched your InstaStory about your family’s new show, first of all- Congrats!! And, any idea what channel or the easiest way for less tech savvy people to watch on the internet? Thank you!!

  9. This post about Wayfair is perfect timing! I’ve been a browser on their site for a while now and I’ve got several Idea Boards saved but have yet to pull the trigger to purchase. We have a just built a new house on Shuswap Lake and it seems like a great solution when we can’t find anything local but sometimes the shipping is a bit steep. I guess that would be the case anyway (as I’ve found out … another story). So thanks for this post and I really hope a lot of people share their experiences. I just may move my Idea Board to the shopping cart yet! Oh and congrats on the new show!!!Looking forward to watching.

  10. Hi Jill. We just built our dream home last year and order a lot from Wayfair, both .ca and .com. We’re lucky to live near the boarder and have relatives in states….so just stay 48 hrs in the D and boom, we can bring back $800 without duty and taxes. We love to have our Wayfair delivered to their house. I LOVE Wayfair for sure!! I bought the same area rug but with a bit of turquoise and bar stools that I absolutely love. The quality is amazing. Currently searching for something for our dining area wall, as we also have an open floor plan and want something that flows.
    If anyone is a worried about the quality of Wayfair products, it’s safe to say you will be more than satisfied.
    Thanks for sharing your life with us. Leo is a doll ❤❤. Can’t wait for your special…already have my PVR set. ? Tracie (or Trixie for short…lol)

  11. Are you going to go into detail on the color paints you used?? If only I could hire you to re-do our fixer upper!!

    1. Hi Sarah!! Yes, we are planning on doing a HUGE photoshoot this September then we will be releasing ALL of the details including paint colours with you!! Stay tuned!! XOXOXOXO

  12. Love Wayfair! Bought exterior fans for our porch & a light for above our outdoor dining table. Love it all and amazing prices!

  13. I’ve been obsessed with the blue accent chairs since I saw them on one of your insta stories! Eeek, I’m so excited to find out they are from wayfair! We are closing on our new house next week, perfect timing!

  14. I have wanted to purchase however very nervous about the quality& sizing I will give it a try I love those lights we are planning a bathroom and kitchen Reno

  15. I left a comment when this post was first published but wondering if you’ve got a glitch? No comments posted at all?

  16. Hi mama!

    I see you posted a link to a grey ottoman from Wayfair. I think (creepily from Instastories) that this is just a look-a-like. I’ve been obsessing over the one in your house and was actually searching on here to see if you’ve linked it yet!

    Would you mind sharing where yours is from? Xo

  17. Hi Jillian,
    I’ve seen in your Insta story the long pendant light over your table … do you mind telling me where it’s from? I’ve been looking for a longboard any and a couple lantern style for over my island too. Any ideas? We’re building a new home currently. Thanks!

  18. Hi Jillian! My mum and I are huge fans of your decor style! I was wondering where you got your kitchen rug/runner in front of the sink – my parents are currently in the midst of building their new home and mum noticed the rug on one of your Instagram stories. Her 65th birthday is coming up and I would love to get it for her for the new house if possible. Thank you and hope you are enjoying the start of summer in the Okanagan 🙂

  19. Your posts are normally tagged to but it always pushes me toward in Canada then it can’t find the item. Bummmer. Hunting for more goodies!! It’s not easy trying to picture everything together.

    1. You can always copy the name of the item you’re looking for and plug it into the search function on and it should direct you to the right item!! XOXO

  20. Hi Jillian! I just wanted to say that I purchased the Ford Blue Area Rug from Wayfair that you have posted above….it arrived yesterday and I LOVE it!!! As I can be a super indecisive person (haha), I really appreciate some of your “favorites” posts as it makes my decisions so much easier! Thank you!!!

    1. Jillian I love the large rug in your living room in front of your beautiful fireplace. Where might it be from?! Thanks!!!!

  21. Hi Jillian,

    I’m always admiring your dining chairs in the new house on instastories. Are the white ones you have linked here the exact same ones you have from Wayfair? Thanks!

  22. Hello, love the white front doors! Am looking for these — can you please tell me where I can find them? Thanks!

    1. HI JILL!

      Renovating my guest bedroom as we speak, just wondering what colour you used in your main living area and what colour the baseboards are? Soooo many whites and so hard to figure out which ones go together!

      Thanks for your help


  23. JILLIAN!!!!! I am having a flooring crisis. I am a huge fan of your style and need to know the flooring that you have in your kitchen. I am live on a lake so I am doing vinyl. Opinion?

  24. Jillian! Could you please provide info/where to buy your fireplace with the herringbone inside? I’ve been looking all over for an insert like this! Thanks

  25. Hi Jillian,

    I hope the Peachland fire is not bothering you to much your side of the lake 🙂

    Where did you get the lovely blue high back chairs in your basement, my husband and I are in Kelowna to and are looking for chairs like thoes for our ‘bar’ area.
    Also if you have a recommendation for a really comfortable chair for him so that he can hold our next baby whos due in Feb!

    thank you so much!!

    1. I don’t know when it will be … they sell out quickly! I would just keep checking back … I’m on the hunt for another one too!!! LOL!!!

  26. I am a wayfair addict. I’m going to be purchasing my own home this Spring and Wayfair is helping me with many of my major purchases. The quality is exceptional. I’ve purchased a number of standing lamps….they are amazing!! Also a low sleek tv stand and an amazing Iron bed. My favorite would be my two wood and iron bookcases! Love, love, wayfair!!!

  27. Can you share a picture of the rug that is in your kitchen? I have a friend who is on the hunt for rugs and I wanted to share a picture of the one in your kitchen, and I’m unable to find one on your blog! Thanks 🙂

  28. I love your dining room light (the long one with the separate candles inside). Do you have a link to where you received it?

  29. Hi Jillian, I caught a glimpse of your umbrellas by your pools and was wondering where you purchased them… the scalloped edge appeals to me.

  30. Can you tell me where you got your double boxwood topiary ( I think that’s what it’s called haha)? It is on your front porch 🙂 I looked on wayfair but couldn’t find the double ones. I’m living for your style 😉

  31. What’s the name of the gal who made your slip covers?I know I read it somewhere at some point and can’t find it now.
    I believe she was from Vernon.

  32. Hi Jillian !
    Do you still use the vinyl mat under Leo’s high chair? Do you find it helpful or more of a nuisance? Can you link one like it?

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