New Site Is Now LIVE!!!

The moment we’ve all been waiting for….MY NEW AND IMPROVED AMAZINGLY LOVELY website is now LIVE!!!!!!! I hope you’re as excited as I am for this because it will make everything a WHOLE lot easier for you too!!! You can now shop my actual outfits that I wear, my favourite fashion styles, beauty items AND decor items. It will be WAY easier to navigate and find the older posts that you once LOVED. We will also be featuring CONTRIBUTORS, and thank you so much to ALL of you for sending in your AMAZING work…it has made the process of picking SO HARD for me!!! With this being said…this means there will be MORE exciting content for all of you lovelies to check back on a daily basis now!!!
It is so crazy looking back and seeing how far..not only myself, but jillianharris.com has come. I can definitely say from the bottom of my heart, I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for YOU!!! (so THANK YOU!!!)

I took a look down memory lane and wanted to show some snippets of some of my older sites so you can truly see how far we’ve come!!!!
Last but DEFINITELY not least…the ROCKSTARS that made this site happen for me and who I would TOTALLY recommend to all of you. Terence from Goatsocial and Bria from Digital Darlings. You both rock my world and I can’t thank you enough for all of your blood, sweat and tears that you put into this!!!
I hope you all LOVE IT as much as I do!!!

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  1. Jillian, someone on your FB page asked where you got your eyeglasses and what brand they might be. I would really like to know as well – could you please share? Many thanks.

  2. Hooray! So pumped for you girl. It looks amazing and it’s so fun to look back and see how much your design and aesthetic has evolved over the years! This is clean, beautiful, and so YOU! Cheers!

  3. LOVE the new site! Sadly some of my pins from your old site now seem to be broken links and I cannot find the recipes on here. Will you be re-posting these recipes: Stuffed Peppers, Guacamole, and Fall Harvest Chili? I still would love to try all of them.

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