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New Years Eve Hair Tutorial

Hi everyone, Cara McLeay here from a fashion love affair!! I am taking over Jilly’s blog today to give you all a hair tutorial just in time for New Years Eve. Follow along with me step by step as I teach you how to do a twisted crown with XO styling beach waves!! This hair style is shockingly easy and can be worn on a daily basis OR for a special event. You can dress it up or down depending on your style.

To get started … here is what you will need:
XO Styling Iron
XO Styling Beach Hair Texturizing Spray
XO Styling Radiant Weightless Finishing Oil
Bobby Pins
IMG_5066IMG_4981IMG_4977IMG_4994STEP 1: Spray XO Styling Beach Hair Texturizing Spray generously throughout your hair (this will add texture)  and then run a small pump of XO Styling Radiant Weightless Finishing Oil throughout your hair as well, focusing on the ends. This will help protect your hair from the heat of the hot curling tool. (For best results, complete this process on damp clean hair, then skip to step 2)
IMG_5000STEP 2: Create soft waves using the XO Styling Iron. To curl, place the XO Styling Iron at a 45-degree angle, close the plates, spin it once towards you and gently glide it down to the bottom of your hair, and release. Repeat until all of your hair is curled.
IMG_5010IMG_5012IMG_5020IMG_5027STEP 3: Next, take a large section of hair near your face and separate into two pieces. Twist the pieces together, making sure to angle your hands behind you so that your hair lays flat against your head. Pin this section in place with a bobby pin (don’t worry about the end, we will tuck that in later.
IMG_5034IMG_5038STEP 4: Repeat on the other side, and pin, laying the twist underneath the first twist.
IMG_5043STEP 5: Take the extra piece of hair hanging out from the bobby pin and tuck it under the twisted braid, and pin, making sure to hide the bobby pin in your hair. Repeat on the other side.
IMG_5046STEP 6: Softly pull on the twisted braid making sure it is in place, and you’re done! Secure with hair-spray if desired.
IMG_5049IMG_5051There you have it a twisted crown with beachy waves!!! I can’t wait for you to try it and show me how it turns out!

Cara McLeay

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