Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: Public Access is Here!

GOOD MORNING!!! Public access to the Nordstrom Anniversary sale is FINALLY HERE!!! So if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably been storing items in your shopping cart waiting for today when we can take full advantage of all of these crazy sales going on. However, if there’s one thing I’ve learned while watching the early access unfold is that things are selling off the shelves like hotcakes so if you see something you like and the price is right, grab it!! LOL!! Also, I know that Nordstrom is working hard to restock certain items so if something you really wanted is sold out, make sure to check back in!!

If you saw my previous Nordstrom Anniversary sale post, you’ll see that I’ve rounded up some of my favourite decor, baby and women’s fashion items so I thought I would do it again as I’ve come across lots of things additional items that have caught my eye while browsing this sale over and over!

Pro Tip: One of my favourite things to do when searching for items in the Nordstrom sale is to filter everything from lowest to highest price … that way you’re REALLY getting a steal of a deal!!

So let’s get right to it!

Jillian Harris Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Women'S Fashion

1. Booties | 2. Ring | 3. Tassel Drop Earrings | 4. Chambray Shirt | 5. Faux Leather Crossbody Bag | 6. Lipstick Duo | 7. Watch | 8. Heels | 9. Stud Earrings | 10. Minidress | 11. Faux Leather Purse | 12. Sunglasses | 13. Sweater 

My Favourite Tops:

My Favourite Bottoms:

My Favourite Shoes:

My Favourite Athleisure: 

My Favourite Accessories:

My Favourite Dresses:

Jillian Harris Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Home Decor

1. Rug | 2. Pillow | 3. Wine Glasses | 4. Table Lamp | 5. Candles | 6. Tea Towel | 7. Basket | 8. Bar Cart | 9. Bath Mat | 10. Recipe Tin

Jillian Harris Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Baby

1. Bathing Suit | 2. Panda Sweater | 3. Fringe Moccasins | 4. Chucks | 5. Hooded Romper | 6. Rock & Roll Tee | 7. Headband | 8. Hooded Jacket | 9. Boots | 10. High Top Sneakers | 11. Jean Jacket | 12. Canvas Bins

Happy shopping loves!



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  1. It’s really annoying that the Canadian prices are all at least twice the American prices, I know exchange rate matters but the Canadian dollar is not sitting at 50 cents!!

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