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One Last Summer Dress

Ok first of all … HOW is it already September!?!?!?! Summer has been late to the game here in Canada. It started late and it looks like we MIGHT be squeezing out one more month of sunshine up until October (fingers crossed). And second of all … does anyone have any secrets on slowing down time!?!? My little Leo is almost a MONTH old!!! So SO crazy … And yes I am working on his birth story still but I have been SWAMPED and thought I would share an outfit post to tie you over until then (aiming for next week)!!!

I’m not going to lie … I’m pretty excited to start wearing “normal clothes” again. I feel like I haven’t been posting many fashion pictures lately simply because I have been so sick of maternity clothes (as comfy as those pants were lol). Being a new mama though I am still ALL about comfort … meaning dresses, dress and more dress … ok sometimes pants if I have to. It’s crazy how much time the addition of a little one takes up … I mean I was warned and it was expected … but you never really know what it’s like until you have one. SOOOO this calls for quick and easy outfits that I don’t need to think about or worry about. I need something cute and comfortable that is versatile for any occasion. Which is where this adorable turquoise number from ModCloth comes in. This dress is perfect for one last summer dress and will make an easy transition into fall. For more late summer, EASY outfits, like this one head on over to Modcloth!!! Nothing like a little late summer pick me up to keep you feeling fresh before Fall …close-up-jill-in-modcloth-summer dressjill-balancing-in-modcloth-dress close-up-of-modclothjill-holding-leo-in-modcloth jill-kissing-leo-in-modcloth jill-laughing-in-modcloth-dress jill-on-beach-in-kelowna-in-modcloth jill-post-pregnancy-in-modcloth jill-standing-with-starbucks-on-beach jill-walking-on-beach-in-modcloth jill-walking-on-the-beach-with-starbucks- modcloth-beach-dress modcloth-blue-summer-dress Modcloth-summer

Dress | Similar Dress | Sandals (similar) | Sunglasses (similar) | Watch

I can’t wait to start sharing more fashion posts with you again … until then …. HAPPY LABOUR DAY LONG WEEKEND!!!



Thank you Modcloth for sponsoring this post. All comments and opinions are my own.

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  1. Hey Jillian,

    Are you breastfeeding Leo? I too just had my first child and am having a hard time dressing but was wondering if you had any great fashion finds for the nursing Mama?


    1. That was my first thought too! haha How do you breastfeed in that!? Check out “Boob” clothing, it’s what I lived in postpartum!

  2. Same thoughts as the above! I’m a mom of a 4 month old and I looooove the dress but how would you breastfeed in it? This was my biggest frustration with dresses this summer! Had a hard time finding ones that were compatible with breastfeeding! Oh so tricky…

  3. One day he won’t sleep during the day and will hardly nap. He’ll go to bed way too late and he’ll wake up very early. THEN is when you won’t have time for anything. You’ll never poop alone and you’ll never sit. I sound like such a downer lol It is true though! Saturdays are hard for me because I have my girls all day and night. No work and no daycare. Doomesday! Lol

  4. A little unrelated. ..beautiful dress by the way! I was wondering if you’re taking any vitamins or smoothie/shakes daily after baby!? For energy etc. Thanks!

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