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Pampering Myself 101: Working with that Pregnancy Glow!

As most of you know I’m ALWAYS on my feet whether it’s running errands or working and I don’t take as much “me time” as I would like to (even during my pregnancy!). Well, things have changed recently and I’ve been forced (by my Doctor!) to slow down! While it drives me a bit crazy to stay put and not run around and tackle a million things at once … it’s also been a really good opportunity for me to take some time to relax and pamper myself before our little one arrives!

Lately, I’ve been using not only more natural products but those that do not test on animals and while my beauty routine hasn’t really changed all that much I’ve certainly found some products that I’m loving! Especially when it comes to making myself feel a little more “alive” during this pregnancy and treating myself to some “stay at home” spa nights.

And I mean, I might as well try to take advantage of this pregnancy glow for as long as I can, right?! Well, today I thought I would share some of my most recent beauty product faves with you that I’ve been using lately to give myself a little beauty TLC.

Jillian Harris Nordstrom BeautyJillian Harris Nordstrom BeautyJillian Harris Nordstrom Beauty

One of my favourite things to do for my skin is to exfoliate it! I just love how it makes my skin feel so soft and peachy clean! Exfoliating helps slough off any dead skin that may be lingering around and it also helps with collagen production! I just started using Farmaesthetics Sweet Milk & Lavender exfoliant for the face! This is a non-chemical exfoliating treatment that contains herb and flower variations to help remove dull surface skin cells!!

I’m also SLIGHTLY obsessed with face masks and mists as well … as many of you probably already know! LOL!! I loooove Charlotte Tilbury’s Goddess Skin Clay mask, it’s a trusty ol fave around here. Also, I just ordered up the Farmaesthetics Herbal Hydration Complex, I recently tried it for the first time and so far I love it! It’s a cooling mask that you leave on for about 5-10 mins and it also helps to lift and remove dead skin cells! I’m also obsessed with Kopari’s Coconut Rose Toner … such a delicious smelling and perfectly light mist!

Jillian Harris Nordstrom BeautyJillian Harris Nordstrom Beauty

Then … what’s a little beauty pampering session without some face serum?! I’ve also just started using Hoili Oil Youth Serum before bed and so far it’s been a great “nightcap” for my skin!

Since we didn’t see much sun this summer and now that we’re headed right into fall, my skin seems to be a little pale lately (I’m used to my Okanagan summer glow sticking around for much longer!!). So, I’ve been using the overnight bronze and glow mask by Charlotte Tilbury!! I LOVE this stuff because it gives my skin a natural looking glow and doesn’t leave me looking orange!!

Jillian Harris Nordstrom BeautyJillian Harris Nordstrom Beauty Jillian Harris Nordstrom Beauty

Lastly, besides my nightly “at home spa” pampering, I do have a few faves when it comes to makeup! Some of my go-to’s are Charlotte Tilbury lipstick, Charlotte Tilbury bronzerAnastasia Beverley Hills Brow Wiz & Anastasia Beverley Hills Stick Countour Foundation!!

There you have it!! All of these products are cruelty-free and can be found online at Nordstrom!! Plus, if you know a pregnant mama who is in need of a little pampering … any of these products would make for a great surprise treat!! Hint hint … LOL!!!
















Thank you Nordstrom for sponsoring this post. All comments and opinions are my own.


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