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Party Planning For The Best BFF Summer Solstice Party

If you don’t already know Best Friends Day is very close to my heart as I cherish all of my friendships but especially the ones with my best friends. I participated in Best Friends Day and shared positive Post-it® Notes to those who matter most on June 8th. I know that this isn’t the best excuse ever but this day got me thinking and it made me want to throw a BFF party to show them how much they mean to me!!! Looking at my schedule no other time would work other than around the summer solstice…so I figured why not combine the two…I’ve never thrown a BFF party or a solstice party!!!! AND SO…the party planning begun.

The first step to party planning is deciding the WHO, WHAT, WHEN and WHERE. After that it’s smooth sailing to figure out the small details. Using Post-it® Designer Flags are a great way to keep your notebook organized.

WHO: my BFFs – I decided to keep it to an ALL girls party for a change. You need a specific number so that you know how much to buy food wise and decoration wise.
WHAT: a party to celebrate BFFs and summer solstice – therefore this is the theme
WHEN: summer solstice – which means I will tie this into the theme of course!
WHERE: my house – In my backyard and kitchen specifically. SO I will need to decorate BOTH areas!

post it tabs2

Once you get these basics down pat you can have some fun with how you choose to decorate it! This will also help your creative juices flow so that you can stop worrying about the major decisions!!

First of all you need to come up with a theme and a colour scheme you want to go with. And then you can start making your list of what you will need…for those of you that know me you know that I LOVE lists!!!! I used a Post-it® Big Pad to write all of my ideas down on… and then used specific Post-it® Tabs for important things to NOT forget. This helped me get organized and on track. I decided to have a dinner party and wanted to create something for my BFFs to leave sweet little messages in my house and something that people could add to throughout the summer…so I chose to make bunting!!!

Post it Photo 3Post It Photo 4

What you will need to make bunting:
Post-it® Notes, find them here!
-Clothes Pins
-String or Twine
-Sharpie or Pens for writing
-X-acto knife

Post It photo 2Post It photo 1

NOW the fun begins…. HOW to make bunting!!!

  1. We started off with colour coded Post-it® Notes from the Bora Bora collection because they are the perfect size for the bunting we wanted to make…
  2. We then cut the Post-it® Notes into triangles (we measured each one but you don’t have to if you don’t want to).
  3. We then wrote a few messages to get people inspired to do the same.
  4. And then we stuck (using the sticky side of the note) on to the twine!!! We bought clothes pins to secure the triangles in place but found that we didn’t need to use them since the product adhesive is quite strong. Once the stickiness goes away though they will definitely come in handy!!
  5. The final touch – we hung the bunting throughout the kitchen and living space to tie in the rest of the party décor.
Post it Photo 6Post it Photo 5Post It Photo 7Post It Photo 8Post It photo 9Post it Photo 10

I also chose to add a BFF love station on the fridge because in all honesty … the fridge is the first place any of my friends go when they come over!!! This way they are SURE to not miss leaving nice messages around my house!!!

post-it 5Post It photo 11NEEDS EDITING IMG_3013

The final touch while setting the table for the party was to add individual name tags on each place setting. This is a great way to add that special and personal touch to any great dinner party.

Post it photo 12-1

As my BFFs and other guests visit my home throughout the summer they will be encouraged to write loving messages on the bunting and on my fridge. This will pass on the positive vibes and make my home and even more loving environment.


To get yourself some of these items used in the Summer Solstice party planning, CLICK HERE!!!!


Happy summer solstice my loves!!!


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