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Patio Season Opener

Well ladies and gents … it is officially patio season!!!! Last weekend I invited my friends and family over to help kick those winter blues, set up the patio, and get ready for all the sun coming our way. This has to be one of my favourite weekends of the year … the patio season opener!!! Getting rid of the old and in with the new!!! Gardening, pulling weeds, cleaning up the furniture and getting everything back to being bright and fresh.

This year it was finally time for new patio furniture … I’ve been looking around for a while and couldn’t quite find what I was looking for. Then I checked out the Canadian Tire Wow Guide (landing on your doorsteps this week) and couldn’t believe how easy it was to use. I found everything I was looking for in one place. All you have to do is download the app and hover your phone over top … SO much easier to see everything they offer!!! Now the patio is Mexican Fiesta ready … see you there this weekend!!!

Photo 2016-04-10, 7 14 51 PMPhoto 2016-04-10, 7 15 19 AMPhoto 2016-04-10, 7 07 40 PM Photo 2016-04-10, 7 14 11 AM Photo 2016-04-10, 7 13 36 PM Photo 2016-04-10, 7 13 29 AM

Patio Table | Bowls | Glasses | Plates | Rug

Now it’s your turn to open up your patio for the season with the help of Canadian Tire … we are gifting to you a chance to win $200!!!! All you have to do is follow Canadian Tire on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, and me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram … AND live in Canada to enter!!! Follow these steps carefully and enter below …


Good luck my loves!! I can’t wait to see your patios …



Thank you Canadian Tire for sponsoring this post. All comments and opinions are my own.

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  1. Great timing! I found the perfect bench and light fixture at Canadian Tire this past weekend, but haven’t made my purchases yet. Fingers crossed! 🙂

  2. This is lovely, I am pretty jealous! I am closing off our Patio season and preparing myself for winter here in South Africa. So warm blankets, hot chocolate and hot fires is what this season has in store for me!

  3. My balcony is a blank space, despite living here for two years. I’ve spent plenty of time making wishlists about it, but then I broke my knee last summer and everything came to a stop. Still working on walking and everyday things, but now that I can move more easily I’m ready to make it an oasis!

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