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Peggy Harris Art and Design is Officially Open For Business!

Hi everyone!! It’s Peggy here and I am SO excited to be taking over Jillian’s blog today to share some very exciting news. If you read my last blog post back in the Summer on how I got back into painting, you may know that I was hoping to sell my prints at some point… and guess what, that day has come! That’s right, my Etsy shop PeggyHarrisArtDesign is officially open for business! And today I am going to share a little bit on how I got into painting and all of the items that I currently have for sale.

Peace, joy, satisfaction, and creativity are just a “few” of the feelings I have when I’m deep into creating a painting, there’s no other feeling like it!

When I was only about 12 years old, my mama sold Worldbook Encyclopedia’s! And at night, I would snuggle up under the blankets and study all of the intricate details of the many artists that painted the most incredible pieces! I often thought how amazing it would be to be able to create a piece of art just like theirs! Then when I was 14, I took the leap after I was given an entire suitcase of worn and well-used brushes, tubes of paint, and all the other supplies needed to accomplish this! I still have my very first oil painting in my studio, it was far from professional, however, it’s something I look back on and cherish. Since then, I have taken many painting classes from the very best to continue learning and developing my style, in fact, I am taking a portrait class as we speak!

For many of you who follow Jillian or have read my previous blog posts (you can find those here!), will likely know my story, my struggles with deep, dark depression, and my inabilities to do anything during those dark days. Not being able to enjoy the many interests and passions that I had within me was so challenging. With great gratitude to science, I’m so immensely grateful for a return to myself! I’ve been depression-free for over 2 years now and because of all of my many years of lost time, I find myself once again loving life, delving into those passions, and my main one – being painting!

Also, I’ve spoken to you all in the past about my earliest memories of life on my Grandparents farm in Northern Alberta when I was just a wee mite, taking in all of the beauty that surrounded me! Little did I know at the time that these memories of Grannies vegetable and flower garden, the hay bales, the wild strawberries, the delicate bluebells gently swaying in the breeze, the gorgeous and magical dragonflies hovering over the dugout I would draw inspiration for later in life throughout my paintings.

So, without further adieu, I would love to share my 3 digital downloads and physical print that I have available on my Etsy shop!

1. Dreaming of Maui

My oil painting of Dreaming of Maui was inspired by a photo that Jillian took from her in-laws condo that they stay at every year in Maui. The photo was beautiful and I was immediately inspired to create this as a gift for Paul and Melissa (Justin’s parents!). The original is not available, however, I have created a gallery-wrapped gicleé for you to purchase! This canvas print is available in 8 x 10.

Peggy Harris Art and Design Dreaming of Maui Canvas
Peggy Harris Art and Design Dreaming of Maui Gicleé

2. Bringing Home The Christmas Tree

The original painting is an oil on canvas, which I purchased by Joergn Reod, a famous Danish artist from the 1800s. Loving Christmas as much as I do, and being an art-enthusiast I knew I just had to have this painting. Because of its age, this painting is in the Public Domain and I’m so thrilled to be able to offer a digital print of this painting so that others can also enjoy its beauty, for a mere fraction of the cost! I am currently offering this piece as a digital download in three sizes; 19 x 24, 15.8 x 20, and 12.6 x 16.

Joergn Roed Digital Print 1800s
Joergn Roed Digital Print 1800s

3. Old Grove at The Bend

This is one of the most intricate oil paintings I have done with Impasto paint on Canvas to date! My inspiration for this painting was from my LOVE of trees and moving water. While traveling, I vividly remember this memory, and I was inspired to add thick paint and texture with brush strokes and a palette knife. I am currently offering this piece as a digital download in three sizes 14 x 11, 20 x 16, and 24 x 19.

Peggy Harris Art and Design The Old Grove at The Bend Digital Print
Peggy Harris Art and Design The Old Grove at The Bend Digital Print

4. The Old Ginger Jar

This is an oil painting on canvas board. I took a painting workshop at The Scottsdale Artists’ School 3 years ago. Students had the choice of picking out their favorite still life that was set up by the Instructor. I was immediately drawn to the old ginger jar with oranges, tangerine, and grapes. I’ve always loved blue and white china, its crisp, bright and clean lines. My home is decorated in blues and whites so this painting was a perfect piece of art that I have hanging on my wall in the dining room – it is framed in a beautiful gold frame! Everyone, who sees it, absolutely loves it! I am currently offering this piece as a digital download in two sizes; 14 x 10.5 and 10 x 7.5.

Peggy Harris Art and Design The Old Ginger Jar Print

I truly believe that art connects us, moves us, and engages us, enhancing our lives and the lives of others. It feeds our soul and imagination. No matter how you look at it, art is a gift. I hope you love my pieces as much as I loved creating them and I hope you give the gift of art this holiday season!



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  1. Hello, I’d like to get the Maui print and frame it the same way Jillian has. Do you know where she got the gold frame? thanks

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