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The Perfect Acronym for Last Night’s Bachelor Episode: WTF

Are. You. Kidding. Me?!?! Am I the only one who is completely BAFFLED by what happened on last night’s episode of The Bachelor?? So many unexpected things happened and I’m really struggling to wrap my head around them!! This episode left me with so many more questions than answers and it’s driving me crazy!!

Let’s start with Vanessa getting the one on one … this initially made me REALLY happy … but my happiness quickly turned to sadness when she completely opened up to him and he just sat there and replied: ” I like you a lot” … really?? That’s it?? I mean, I GUESS I can see it from both sides … I get how shitty that response would make Vanessa feel because there’s nothing worse than opening up to someone and they don’t respond back how you THOUGHT they were going to … but on the other hand, I get where Nick is coming from … he’s been in this position before so I understand why he’s trying to take a reserved approach this time around. My heart just broke a lil for my fellow Canadian who I’m of course rooting for!!!

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And then … on the group date there was a really sweet moment between Nick and Kristina, he genuinely opened up to her but he didn’t give her the group rose??? WTF … When Nick gave the rose to Raven and hugged Corinne and Kristina goodbye for the evening, it honestly looked like Kristina was about to bust off her high heel and smack him over the head with it!! And I wouldn’t have blamed her … especially considering he made her SWIM WITH SHARKS … or maybe they were dolphins?? Lol!!!

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Danielle had the other one on one and it made me SO SAD to see the date totally BOMB!! I was cringing watching it … It was just a lot of awkwardness. It didn’t really look like Nick was putting much effort into the date, to me it seemed like he was just sitting there waiting for Danielle to sweep him off his feet … am I right??

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When she started to open up to Nick about her feelings I was sitting there thinking he better FREAKING give her a better answer than he did with Vanessa … and he EFFING DIDN’T … I felt a wave of Jasmine come over me and I just wanted to reach through my TV and give him a little chokie!

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For all of the times Nick let me down last night, he redeemed himself by not giving into Corinne’s attempt at seduction… which I ( and I’m sure Corinne as well) am still shocked about!! He’s typically not the guy who will pass up such a golden (ahem, I mean platinum) opportunity!

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How completely out of the blue was it when he sent Kristina home?!?! I was NOT expecting that either … I feel like it’s so bizarre that he keeps skipping the cocktail parties and rose ceremonies and axing girls half way through dates and randomly throughout the show… for a guy who isn’t sure what he wants, he sure knows what he wants!!

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Oh, and how could I almost forget about the BIG SPOILER?!?! I assume most of you saw that Rachel has been announced as the next Bachelorette (which I’m SO excited about!!!) but the confusing part is that she is still on the show … I’m not sure if this was announced by accident or not but it definitely created some buzz and puzzled faces!! If you haven’t seen what Nick posted on Instagram about it yet, then you should check it out here!!

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And there you have it … we are now down to the final four and next week the families are brought into the mix! All in all this episode had me face palming rather than lol’ing … can we just bring Shark Girl back already?! I mean how fun would her hometown date be?!


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Oh … and WHO is the girl who comes back to confront Nick?? Seriously? At first glance I thought could it be Andi?? … What are your guesses??

OMG … so many unanswered questions!!!! Until next time …



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  1. YES! I agree! Nick just doesn’t seem that into anyone left in my opinion. I think he’s freaked himself out. The girl who shows up next week? Yes I was thinking maybe Andi, or Liz…

  2. I think he sends Vanessa home and she is the one that comes back…. I think that was her hair LOL I hope not cuz I’m rooting for my fellow Canadian.

  3. I think it’s the girl he met and slept with at that wedding months ago. I forget her name. He really is a sorry excuse for the bachelor. He has no communication skills.

  4. So happy for the next Bachelorette however why does it have to be announced as the “first black bachelorette?” Why oh why does it always have to be white, black, in between. Why can’t it just be the beautiful Rachel is the next Bachelorette? I would have been just as excited.

      1. Exactly! Glad I am not the only one. I saw many announcements and the first few said it was the first black bachelorette and it really hit me. Rachel is awesome and I am so excited to see her find a man to love.

        1. I agree – they are highlighting how its the first “black” contestant. If I were her I would be embarrassed – who the hell care what color you are. Sounds like a really desperate advertising stint by ABC to attempt to resurrect a failing series….

  5. I can’t believe ABC announced the next Bachelorette! This whole season of the show has been bizarre to say the least. But hey, maybe Mike can have a meet cute with Danielle now that she’s no longer on the show! Come on Jillian, I know you want to play matchmaker 🙂

  6. GAH!!! What are all of the nasty ads on your page?! I don’t mind ads as long as they go w your brand… but I don’t want to see acne and gross toenails! ?

    Love your witty commentary and was lol at “reach through and give him a little chokie!”

  7. Looked like vanessa who came back!!! I cant stand corinne, however, im interested to see what her hometowns like…maybe the more true colors for nicks eyes will come out and he will hopefully realize!!!!!

  8. I feel like we are missing SO MUCH thanks to editing. For example, last week we didn’t even get to see the end of the group date and later find out Raven got a rose? And why was everyone crying???
    I feel like it’s the same this week. They’ve been focusing so much on “the Corinne show” that they’ve neglected to show any relationships developing or anything. Honestly, we don’t just watch the show for drama, we want to see LOVE happen! At this point we can’t even tell if he has a connection with anyone. It’s so sad because I think going into the final four he should already have a strong connection with all of them. I just wish they would show more of the relationships happening. It’s going to get to the final rose and he’s going to propose and we’re all going to be confused. Personally I really feel like they’re hiding Nick and Vanessa’s relationship based on the fact that Corinne said they have “the strongest connection”, but really they haven’t shown us anything that would support that. This is why I think they end up together, because they’re hiding it.

  9. I think Corinne and Nick are made for each other. The rest of the girls seem to classy and good to be with him. Love your blog. I get a real kick out of your thougths. Thanks for sharing with us JH

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