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Ready to Get Organized and Inspired with The Campus Store?!

And just like that, it’s March already! How are we entering the third month of 2022?! If you have been following along over on The Jilly Academy social channels, you know myself and the community are prioritizing organization and efficiency within our daily habits and patterns. With practices like time blocking our schedules to make the most out of our time and incorporating daily self-care habits to avoid burnout and stay inspired! We know that having the right tools can move mountains in the journey of personal and professional development, and that’s why I am so excited to share that The Campus Store is launching some very exciting digital products today! 

Unfamiliar with our Campus Store? The Campus Store is filled with digital products straight from Team Jilly’s Vault to serve your brand and business needs! From stock photography to resources from our Jilly Academy Courses. In fact, these resources have been used by Team Jilly daily over the last decade and have truly catered so much to our success! 

We had the Alumni community in mind when designing these digital downloads, but I know anyone looking to get organized and have a daily dose of inspiration is going to love these! So, let’s see what’s new in The Campus Store!

NEW to The Campus Store

Jillian Harris' laptop on her dining room table showing The Campus Stores' newest product: Desktop Organizers next to coffee mug, cell phone and blue light glasses.

Desktop Organizers

There’s nothing like a chaotic desktop to disrupt your day when you’re trying to meet a deadline or need to find an important file! Whether you are a content creator, small business owner or simply looking to make your daily routine more efficient and organized then this is the tool for you! Introducing our Desktop Organizers! Choose from The Everyday Organizer, CEO Mindset Organizer, and Content Creator Organizer and get ready to level up your productivity! With each organizer, you will receive a light mode and dark mode to match perfectly with your aesthetic!

Jillian Harris' office wall showing the new digital prints featured in our Campus Store. A gold frame holds the "Be happy with what you have while working for what you want" quote.

The Jilly Academy Digital Prints

Our brand new Digital Prints are here to keep you inspired while you work on building out your dreams! We took some of our favourite quotes and turned them into Digital Prints that you can use to revamp your vision board, spruce up your workspace, or upload them to your phone and save them as your background for a spark of daily motivation! Each print comes in a variety of sizes to work with your frames and devices.

Jillian Harris' office showcasing the new digital prints and stock photos featured in our Campus Store on the wall. Top left is "your potential is endless", beside it is a bee on a cherry blossom photograph, below is a stack of pink macaroons, and next to it bottom right is "Somebody else's success has f*k all to do with your success." - Jillian Harris. Below the prints is a desk setup with the desktop organizer showing on screen.

WAIT! There’s More to Discover in The Campus Store!

Jillian Harris sits on a chair holding The Jilly Academy Workbook available in The Campus Store.

The Jilly Academy Course Workbooks

If you are enrolled in The Jilly Academy Courses, you’ll know that each Course comes with its own Workbook in a digital format, print at home version, and a version to take to your own local printer. SO many of you asked for us to offer a professionally printed version delivered right to your door and we listened! You can get each individual Workbook or the Bundle of all three through our Campus Store! They are professionally printed, paperback versions with more space to write your learnings, thoughts, ideas, dreams, and goals. 

Not an Alumni but looking for a valuable tool to help guide you through your own transformative journey? Our Workbooks are step by step on how to grow your brand or business. This is a great option for a self-guided experience or can’t financially commit to our online Courses

Customizable Resources

Our Courses are PACKED with valuable resources to help you take what you’ve learned and apply it to YOUR business or brand to reach new levels of success. We have taken some of the resources that have truly changed my businesses and made them available for everyone! 

The Teamwork Bundle is here for anyone looking to grow their team! From Course Three: The Growth Accelerator this bundle will ensure you hire the perfect candidate! What’s included: Job Posting Template, Onboarding Manual Template, Monthly Meeting Template.

The Photoshoot Bundle features the Photoshoot Etiquette Guidelines, Photoshoot Planning Checklist, Shot List Template, Partnership Photography Checklist from Course Two: The Content Creator! This bundle is going to help you level up your photoshoots to fully monetize your time, energy, and what you create! 

A Brand Guide provides you with a clear roadmap of what your brand looks like and represents to use for all of your business assets. Customize this template from Course One: The Brand Strategy with your brand logos, colours, fonts, imagery and more to have on hand for your team and partners. 

Ready to pitch to a brand or build a partnership with someone who’s reached out? This is where a Media Kit and Rate Card come in handy from Course Three: The Growth Accelerator! Showcase your brand, experience, audience demographics, social media presence, testimonials, pricing and services and much more to ensure you stand out from the crowd! 

Stock Photography Collections

Take the guesswork out of your content with these beautifully curated Stock Photography Collections from Team Jilly. Focus your efforts instead on those thoughtful captions, blog posts, newsletters and overall create deeper connections with your community. From our Floral Collection, Drink Collection to our Seasonal Collections, there’s something for everyone! 

PLUS, surprise! There’s a new collection in town … our SPRING Collection is here! Bring the new season to life on your social platforms, blog, website, and newsletters! The freshness in the air, the buds peaking out, the sweet taste of Easter treats are teasing our senses in this imagery!

Preset Bundle

The Jilly Academy Preset Bundle includes THIRTEEN crowd favourite Jilly Digital Presets to ensure your content has a beautiful, consistent visual flow! Ps – this bundle is included in Course Two: The Content Creator. Check out that before and after above featuring the Rose Love Preset, we love that touch of blush!

Make sure to follow along on @thejillyacademy for more tips and tricks and to join in on this amazing community! The Jilly Academy is also gearing up to celebrate our ONE YEAR anniversary! Take a stroll down memory lane with one of our first blog posts HERE about The Jilly Academy launch! Announcements are coming soon on what’s to come for our virtual celebration party and lots of surprises up our sleeves, so make sure to sign up for our Newsletter! Hint… I may or may not have purchased a hair crimper… stay tuned!



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