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Jillian Harris

Revealed: My Dreamy Pink Bedroom (And a Giveaway!)

Yesterday was a BIG exciting day for me and for everyone who followed along with me over on my Instagram stories!! My bedroom FINALLY came together thanks to the amazingly talented team at The Cross Decor & Design and I’m BEYOND EXCITED to share the details of my room with you today because needless to say … BABY, I’M IN LOVE!!!

Jillian Harris Master Bedroom Reveal

For those of you who haven’t heard of The Cross or who may not know … I’ve been a loyal fan and customer of The Cross ever since they first opened their doors back in ’03! Back then I was really struggling to make ends meet and I remember I would walk into their store and just look and everything and dream … I would tell myself that ONE DAY I would own something from there and maybe even convince THEM to love ME just as much as I loved them! LOL.

I drained my bank account (which wasn’t much at the time lol) with my first big purchase at The Cross which was two beautiful white bedside lamps … I bought the lamps the first year the cross opened when I truly couldn’t afford it but I knew then I had a champagne taste on a beer budget! LOL!! Fast forward a few years, Bachelor, The Bachelorette, etc. Every time I had a big design project I always started at The Cross because I wanted them to fall in love with me. A few more years passed by and I was in a different situation where I could treat myself a little more frequently than I used to so everytime I was in search for something special and timeless, I would always take a gander through The Cross first, I truly believe in quality over quantity for particular things and their items were the best!

Jillian Harris Master Bedroom RevealJillian Harris Master Bedroom Reveal Jillian Harris Master Bedroom Reveal Jillian Harris Master Bedroom Reveal

Since then my dream came true … I worked with The Cross on my last bedroom in our previous home, it was all white with a fresh, crisp vibe to it, very Monika Hibbs inspired!! But this time around I knew I wanted something different and unique in our new home … and that’s when I turned to The Cross for inspiration for something NEW!

I knew that I wanted a headboard with wings … but something that was soft, luxurious and feminine, a lot of the beds out there with wings seems too intrusive and sharp for my taste … and I knew I wanted a POP of colour because my followers always razzed me about having too much white in my home!! LOL!! (Yup, I’m looking at YOU! ?) … That’s when PINK popped into my head!! As you know pink is very popular right now as people are getting more and more bold with colour on larger pieces in their home. So, I partnered up with the team at The Cross and together we started designing my bed … we went through so many revisions and prototypes and finally … THEY NAILED IT … the perfect shape, proportions, size and color… dusty rose!!!

Jillian Harris Master Bedroom RevealJillian Harris Master Bedroom Reveal

I was absolutely blown away at the beauty of this bed … the shape of it … the quality …. the feet … the base … the colour … everything. In fact, we ALL loved it so much that we wanted OTHERS to be able to have it in their homes too so, they made this exact bed available to EVERYONE!!

It wasn’t that easy though … we were ALL skeptical of the pink at first. SO much so that The Cross team convinced me to try both a neutral and a pink and THEN decide … I mean how could I argue that?! The girls flew all the way from Vancouver to Kelowna to help me with this decision (thank you thank you ladies!!) and they brought BOTH beds with them. We unwrapped them and stared at them and I debated over and over and over again. The headboard in the colour, Caldera Alpaca (AKA Oatmeal!!), is typically the colour I would go for … but this time, I knew I HAD to have something different and I knew I had to go with the pink (AKA Rose Quartz!) … it was way too gorgeous to pass up.

Once I made my final decision we started dressing the rest of my bedroom with Pom Pom at Home linen bedding, a STUNNING new chandelier (that they named after SHAY!!!!), a GORGEOUS vintage rug because one of you bought the one that I was going to buy (LOL thanks guys), pillows, candles … I was in heaven. We also noticed that when adding little touches of greys, creams, and blacks it helped to tone down the “femininity” of the bed and the overall feel of the room … I know what you’re all thinking … how did Justin handle this?! LOL!

Jillian Harris Master Bedroom RevealJillian Harris Master Bedroom Reveal Jillian Harris Master Bedroom Reveal

Welp. With a little convincing that pink in a bedroom is an aphrodisiac … Justin was convinced this pink bed was surely going to improve his sex life so he was on board!! Jokes on him … LOL!!!! Lastly, we had such an INCREDIBLE response over my new bed (and all the fixin’s) on social media yesterday that The Cross decided it would be amazing to give away one $1000 GIFT CARD towards any of my picks from The Cross to ONE OF YOU!!! Eeepppp!!!! Make SURE to enter the giveaway below … AND for a BONUS ENTRY … head to The Cross website and pin one of YOUR favourite items from my picks to your Pinterest page and share the link to your pin with us below in the comment section!!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

**Please note: This item is not available for shipping outside of Canada!

Jillian Harris Master Bedroom Reveal Jillian Harris Master Bedroom Reveal

photo credit

To shop the WHOLE look … check out my picks here!!







Thank you The Cross Decor and Design for sponsoring this post. All comments and opinions are my own.

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  1. Sarah says:

    This head is absolutely amazing! It is the perfect amount of pink and girly! Love it 🙂

  2. Joyce says:

    Love love love this piece!

  3. Jenna says:

    I am in love with your bedroom.. well I’m in love with your whole house actually! You are such a joy to follow on Instagram and I look forward to your blog posts 🙂

  4. Kristen says:

    That first picture with Leo is the best! How darn cute! 🙂 Love your pink headboard and the rest of the room as well.

  5. Jennifer says:

    I love The Cross too! Thanks for the opportunity to win a gift card!

  6. Caroline Bleay says:

    Love the Moroccan Pouf – definitely on my wishlist

  7. Amy says:

    Enjoy your new bedroom! It is beautiful. xo

  8. Olivia Miley says:

    So glad you went with PINK!!! (Plus what’s better then a pretty room and a good sex life, right Justin?!?

  9. Madison says:

    What an amazing giveaway, Jillian and the cross! I’ve got my fingers crossed! ??

  10. Lindsay says:

    I love everything in this post but the nightstands are my favorite!

  11. Julie B says:

    I thought you’d like this Board on Pinterest… Love the pink bed and this chandelier!!

  12. Jennifer Kulchar says:

    Seriously SO obsessed with the pink! The oatmeal was lovely, too, but this pink…. to DIE for! I love it! It’s definitely been added to my pinterest page for inspiration in our new Master Bedroom!

  13. Brooke Poole says:

    I dreamt all night about headboards after those insta stories, it was wonderful!

    Here is my pin from the cross website attached.

  14. Louise says:

    Absolutely gorgeous Jillian! Loving all of the elements but especially your new bed and chandelier

    Pinned here:

  15. Joy Toews says:

    Love your new bedroom Jillian!

  16. LOVE IT!
    even though I voted for oatmeal at first on instagram, the dusty rose color looks incredible!

  17. Pam says:

    Love your posts, your designs. Hopefully you will come out with a cookbook. Enjoy your time with goes by way to fast.

  18. Emily Morais says:

    Love everything on their site! Especially this rug.

  19. Megan says:

    I adore this throw! Jill you have the BEST taste!

  20. Caroline says:
    My pinned post to Pinterest of the mortician pouf

  21. Julia Taylor says:

    My favorite Jillian Harris Cross Deign Item. Get job Jill!

  22. Your room is SO dreamy! I LOVE it. I don’t think I could get my hubby on board with the pink, but I LOVE the Stephanie bed in a white or grey which I think he would totally go for.. I just found my new favourite website…they have amazing stuff!

  23. Candice says:

    The bed you chose is gorgeous but I also love the Stephanie Bed ❤️

  24. Maria Vojnovic says:

    here is the link to my Pintrest fave.

    this would be an amazing addition to my bedroom which i’m currently re-doing. 🙂

    fingers crossed… pun intended!




  26. Melissa says:

    Love it! Here’s the link to my pin on Pinterest. 🙂

  27. alicia allatt says:

    Here is my pin below for the contest.

  28. Lauren says:

    Can you order from them in the U.S, will they ship to U.S?

  29. B.J. Peters says:

    My wife would love this.

  30. Jenn Scherr says:

    Love the low bedroom vibe.

  31. Stephanie Bergeron says:

    Oh I LOVE the cross! Every time I visit Vancouver from Calgary I have to go in the store even though everything is currently too pricey for me – one day!!! Such a beautiful bedroom Jillian, so happy you chose the pink!

  32. Dina Schino says:

    I wasn’t sure about the pink at first but now looking at everything….amazing and jealous!!! About to visit Crosses website!

  33. Chelsea says:

    Love the new room!!!! Still curious to see Justin’s reaction ?

  34. Kristy Wheeler says:

    Thank you for being an inspiration and a great role model using your platform. Both your work and personal life is something I aspire. Also, another thank you for being so true in your instastories, I look forward to watching them daily.

  35. Laura Beth Lal says:

    It says the link is considered spam!

    I pinned my favourite (the gorgeous Leah Alexandra starburst locket) to my “style.” board… you can check me out at swbvancouver! xo

  36. Sabrina says:

    Hi Jillian + team!

    Here’s my pin:

    Love love love the bedroom. It’s gorgeous. Great choice on the pink. But I gotta be honest, I voted Oatmeal! 😉

  37. Alicia McLaughlin says:

    ???? love everything!

  38. Breighanne zacher says: Loving the pink!

  39. Tricia Tiessen says:

    Here is my Pinterest link for The Cross contest

  40. Amy Cooper says:

    All of The Cross furniture is stunning but my pick has to be the Jillian bed!!

  41. Joanna P. says:

    I just love this bed! I love it in Pink and so glad Jillian picked the pink one. It’s beautiful. Here’s my Pin! I want this in my house one day. Julian’s post on how she dreamt of one day being able to buy more and more things from The Cross is inspiring and proves that it’s in fact possible.

  42. Victoria says:

    I couldn’t pick just one! I LOVE the Cross and always make sure to stop there when I’m in Vancouver, and recommend it to anyone visiting the city.

  43. LOVE LOVE LOVE this bedroom!!

  44. Dayna says:

    Love the shams! Want them in Pebble!

  45. Jenn sampson says:

    Love love love this bed

  46. Hilary Grover says:

    I absolutely LOVE this entire space! I would just die to have you decorate my house one day. Although, I love everything my favorite thing is the white Moroccan leather pouf. What an amazing giveaway! Thanks to The Cross and the fabulous Jillian Harris of course.

  47. Sophia Gauvreau says:

    I want to win!! This is my favourite pin from the Cross!

  48. Brennan Neville says:

    Yasssss! Love you both! The Cross has the most gorgeous items! I would love a special piece in my home! Xoxo

  49. Jillian Page says:

    Thank you for offering this giveaway, Jillian and The Cross!

  50. Anne says:

    I absolutely love the look of your room altogether, but I am kind of obsessing over your foot of the bed bench!

  51. Shannon says:

    Obsessed with your beautiful bedroom I was following along all day! Also little Leo and Nacho are so so adorable I love your photos of them!
    This chandelier is everything I have been looking for. Fingers crossed for the gift card and thank you for showing me this amazing company I am now obsessed with!

  52. Alexandra says:

    Jillians room is heaven on earth❤️

  53. Carrie Beisick says:

    This would be amazing to win! I hope I did it right…..follow cross design and Jillian on instagram. Done and done.

  54. Katie says:

    Jillian, I am actually obsessed with everything you do! (Not in the get a restraining order kind of way…) But your home is absolutely stunning – you’re such an inspiration. Keep doing what you do, girl!

  55. Mindy says:

    Love Love your headboard. You got a good man. I’m man would kill me if I got a pink headboard

  56. Kendra Steppler says:

    Eek! I can’t just pick one! Gorgeous! ?

  57. Erin says:

    That BED! My goodness. Also am completely in love with that Rug.

    I’ll just take the whole bedroom actually…. K thanks . Lol

  58. Amber Lee says:

    Jillian! I love LOVE LOVE this bed! I was so hoping you picked the pink and you did 🙂 it’s gorgeous! You whole house makes me jelly!!!! So happy for you and love your stories, Instagram, attitude, bangs, and everything! You are awesome, keep doing what you do!

  59. Rhonda Cates says:

    Absolutely beautiful. Love the millennial pink (sorry can’t go back to dusty rose – I buried it with harvest gold and avocado 🙂 ).

    Here’s my favourite:

  60. Carrie says:

    Hi Jillian!
    So happy you went with the pink! If only I could get my husband to ignore his man hood for just a second I’d do the same!
    I do the same thing as you used to do when I go into the cross, one can dream! I can leave with their hand soap though! Love it!
    Love this dresser I linked on my Pinterest. Although I love alllll your picks!

  61. Kathryn Connelly says:

    I love everything about your new bedroom! I have been eyeing these pillow shams from The Cross for a while, plus many other items. Its hard to pick just one!

  62. Judy Peter-Paul says:

    Love everything!

  63. Allison Black says:

    Here’s my Pinterest link!

    Beautiful bedroom!

  64. Pinned the Monkia Dream Bed from the Cross Decor & Design <3

  65. Ashley Gabriel says:

    This Rug is everything! I have been searching for something like this for awhile and haven’t found anything! And at such a great price point I may have to snag one even if I don’t win the $1000 GC from you guys and Jillian Harris! Love love love!

  66. Stephanie says: love the gold wreath!

  67. Brittney Vander Linden says:

    My link! LOVE the bed.

  68. Lise Albert says:

    Very beautiful, this is a princess and prince room! lol

  69. Melany D says:

    I love the look of the apple candles! The smell is just a bonus 😉

  70. Olivia Ashton says:

    In LOVE with the Shay White Beaded Chandelier! Classic and yet contemporary!

  71. Chelsea Williams says:

    Love ALL of it! It’s a dream!

  72. Laura says:

    Hope I did that right!!!

  73. Here is the Pinterest link Jill! LOVE what you chose ??

  74. Ashley Thieneman says:

    The bedroom is an absolute dream! So gorgeous ?

  75. Paige Fothergill says:

    Here’s my pin!!

  76. Kristina Patriquin says:

    I love the ne bed and room set up!! Always so envious of your design style!! Wish you could come design my new house!

    I could pin everything of your but I chose the stumps the shame and I couldn’t find the bed!

  77. Karen Delaney says:

    I love shopping at The Cross, sometimes only window shopping though. Love this store.

  78. Amanda says:

    Love Love Love this piece! And you!!! 🙂

  79. Amanda says:

    Ah and this one! i can’t just pick one they are all amazing!

  80. Ashley Vannatta says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this bedroom! I love how the pink not only brings color into the room, but I can see the dusty rose colors being pulled out from the wood beams, the rug and all of the decor! I wish I could just bring this look into my home!

  81. Monica says:

    So in love with the Jacqueline Chandelier!

  82. Sally Oberfield says:


    I am absolutely obsessed with that beautiful bed and all of the Cross Designs! I wish it was more affordable! I love watching your sweet insta stories every day on my way to work. Thank you for your vulnerability and opening up your beautiful life to us. Plus Leo is adorable!

    The chandelier is STUNNING and my husband and I just moved and would love to add it to our new home:)

  83. Carey Hepburn says:

    So gorgeous!! ?

  84. Natalie says:

    WOW!! I would never leave this room!! Beautiful. Glad you went with the pink

  85. Jilly!!
    So happy you went with the pink one!! My life is pretty much all pink and talk about an amazing giveaway!
    Little Leo is so beyond cuteeee! Eeek!

    Hope you all have an amazing week!

  86. Alexandra Sochowski says:

    Pinned on Pinterest! Great contest and I love the bedroom!!

  87. Jan Schultz says:

    Love all of your choices!

  88. Lynette says:

    Looking forward to hearing I won!!

    Ps-When I was entering I accidentally put z at the end of my Instagram name…
    Should be lynette4hayes

  89. Lindsay says:

    I love the dusty rose and I do not think you’re house is too white!!

  90. Sarah says:

    I really like all your picks, but the pink bed is absolutely my favourite!

    Link to my pin:

  91. Jillian Tan says:

    All your picks are so gorgeous! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  92. Rachael says:

    I love all their gold wreaths!

  93. Evangelia says:

    Hi! Beautiful bedroom. I have been in a perpetual state of home renovations for the last 5 yrs, and trying to finish up a spare bedroom, ensuite and movie theatre room We’re excited to finally get our house back – hopefully by end of November! I have been sourcing light fixtures, we require a single sconce for the spare bedroom and I absolutely love this one: (it’s not on pinterest, that’s why i’m attaching the website link instead)

  94. Emma Gregg says:

    Such an incredible job by the team and by you Jillian! You’ve been such an inspiration to me and I adore everything about this room, although I am partial to that gorgeous Oatmeal colour over the pink which I’ve pinned to my Pinterest page for future #inspo! Job well done!

  95. Andrea Freeman says:

    Although I love everything you picked (especially the headboard), I really love the bedding. I would never choose something so rufflely and I am slowly turning our bedroom into a grown up space. This bedding is definitely on my list of wants for our room. Maybe with a gift card, I could buy it! 🙂

  96. Amy says:

    As much as I think I prefer the rug you got over the rug you had picked out I LOVE it and know exactly where it would go!!

    We have a room to redecorate and $1000 at The Cross would be AMAZING!!!

  97. Whitney Kaye says:

    GOALS #thanksjillian

  98. Chelsea says:

    My favorite!! Love this rug!

  99. Sarah says:

    I love all things Jillian Harris and that means I love all things the cross design!

    Pinned these awesome mirrors to my home decor board on Pinterest

  100. Stephanie Marshall says:

    What a stunning bedroom Jillian! When I first saw the pink on your Insta stories it looked much more vibrant, but now that you’ve dressed the bed and pulled it all together it really is incredible. I am obsessed with your new light!

  101. Meghan says:

    This Dresser is my dream for my daughters room!!

  102. Bailey says:

    I LOVE the cross! I follow them on instagram and ? Everything they post.

  103. Kayleigh Ward says:

    Pinning that gorgeous bed

  104. Lili Connor says:

    I am IN LOVE with this pink bed!!

  105. Kayci says:

    Beautiful! Love the Pink! And can we talk about that chandelier it is gorgeous just like the lady it’s named after! It is seriously to die for!!! Not sure if it matters but you have two of the same chandelier picture on here. 😉

  106. Hilary says:

    This is such a beautiful room! Can you tell me what colour white you used for the walls and trim? The space is so warm and inviting, but still so clean and fresh!

  107. Melissa says:

    Absolutely stunning! I am in love with the ruffle bedding…

    I pinned it on Pinterest to refer back to!

  108. Leslie maggit says:

    I love the Katherine sectional. Here’s my pin:

  109. Molly says:

    Here is my Pinterest post of the lovely Jillian Rose Quartz Bed:

    I am so happy that you decided to go with the pink bed – it looks amazing!

    Also, it is so great how you engaged us in your purchase – it feels like I just bought the bed as well!

  110. Nadia says:

    Hi Jillian,

    Gorgeous bedroom, I love everything! I’ve been to The Cross many times, beautiful store!

  111. Patricia says:

    Love this bedroom, given me some ideas to update my Leopard Room! Thanks

  112. Sara says:

    Entered the contest and my fingers are crossed!! ??

  113. Natasha Hunt says:


    In case the link doesn’t work…
    Pinterest Account – Natasha Hunt
    Board – Acreage

  114. Maria Wagley says:

    Your new headboard!!! LOVE!

  115. Vanessa says:

    Here is the link to my pin from The Cross!! Thankssssssss!!!!!!

  116. Megan says:

    OMG, love this!! Here is my pin to the cutest bedding from the Cross. I would LOVE to win the giveaway!

  117. Carolyn hepting says:

    Love this bed!!!

  118. Amanda says:

    So many favourites to choose from, but I’ve always had my eyes on this one!

  119. Lise Albert says:

    Very beautiful, it is a princess and prince bedroom! lol

  120. Anna says:

    I am in love with your master bedroom. It is time for me to update mine. It’s been the neglected room for a while now lol! I’ve linked the pin 🙂

  121. Carolyn Wilkinson says:

    Beautiful! Soft, warm & welcoming!

  122. Amy says:

    This look is very similar to how I’m re-decorating my bedroom. So pretty but not too girly. Love it ?

  123. Veronica says:

    Love the pink room. The headboard is perfect. Not too pink, just right.

  124. Emma Gillespie says:

    Everything is just gorgeous at The Cross – hard to pick only 1 item!

  125. Rabia says:

    Love the salish stump in white wash you have in Leo’s bedroom:)

  126. Robin McKay says:

    Entered!! And pinned this lovely pouf 🙂

  127. Sarah says:

    This couch! ? This would be the best couch for relaxing with the hubby, kids and dog watching a movie!

  128. The bed is absolutely stunning!! I want a pink bed!!! here is my pin for the bonus entry 🙂

  129. Brenna Nicholson says:

    Love the pink!

  130. Angela says:

    I love the new bedroom, but I must know where your top is from. Is it currently available? I love white swiss dot clothing!

  131. Breanne Proceviat says:

    I love your new bed!!! My dream, I also love these leather poufs as well!

  132. Kelley Smith says:

    Just gorgeous!! Please start shipping to the US!!

  133. Julie says:

    Thanks for the opportunity to win, fingers crossed!

  134. Marla says:

    Love! The pink bed. I never would have thought to choose that but it is beautiful.

  135. Kirstin Pinnell says:

    Oh my goodness I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pink bed and the room and the whole house! What dreams are made of! I have been building a wish list on The Cross website for month, ok maybe even years and the gift card would help me cross some things off the list (no pun intended). Love the store! It’s all so beautiful!

  136. Teija Hunt says:

    The bedroom looks stunning!! 🙂 I always love your designs

  137. Dee Richards says:

    Absolutely love your new bed, we are building a new house and this is what I want my new bed to look like fluffy and cozy. Leos face says it all, love his expression, I have a 3 year old and he would love to snuggle in tis bed with Nana.

  138. jessicag says:

    I had voted oatmeal on your ig stories but your bravery = a stunning bedroom. Its beautiful + I’m glad you went with your gut! TCD, your shop is beyond?….thx for the giveaway!

    pinned!! ?

  139. Breanne Proceviat says:

    Love your new bed!

  140. Elena says:

    The the softness of the pink headboard really pulls your whole bedroom together, it’s stunning. Great choice.

  141. Nicole Leak says:

    YES! I voted for the blush pink! I want a matching one

    I hope I did this right,

  142. Nicole Leak says:

    Amazing end result! So much talent

    Did you keep the lights on the wood side table!? or was it to much of a safety concern for little Leo to knock them over?

  143. Michelle says:

    Love your design eye Jill! I actually like the pink…wasn’t sure how I was gonna feel about it, but of course it looks amazing!

    It was way to hard to just pick one thing from The Cross but here’s one of my faves from your picks on The Cross!

  144. Carli says:

    LOVE the Jaqueline chandelier! ?

  145. Mollie says:

    In love with the pink!! I would absolutely love to have this bed! So beautiful! Pinned!

  146. Cindy Diotte says:

    I love the bedding, chandelier and all of it.

  147. Heather says:

    Love the pink. So fresh!

  148. Sara Ouellette says:

    Love every little detail, I aspire to have a home that with tons of Cross design items & Jillian Harris touches! It’s too bad I’m currently a poor student… Will definitely be putting many items from the Cross and from Jillian’s picks on my Christmas list. Awesome awesome awesome!! Great job ladies, I loved watching the process ☺️

    P.s: I may or may not have wrote Instagram username correct on the Cross istagram constest entry… I put Sara Ouellette rather than @saranicoleo … <— that’s it tho!!!

    Have a great rest of your October ladies!

  149. Tracy says:

    Here’s my favourite!! So hard to pick!

  150. Kim says:

    Love all of it! These pillows are adorable

  151. Ashley Taylor says:

    Absolutely love everything from the cross! That bed is a dream!

  152. Kaitlyn Newhouse says:

    I love this wreath
    Good pick with the dusty rose.

  153. Stef says:

    Everything is beautiful but I really love the rug:

  154. Heather DeVault says:

    I absolutely am in love with this bed, that would definitely be my purchase!

  155. Vicki says:

    LOVE everything in your room!! I’m defiantly going to have to take a look at Cross Design for my feature projects!! l

  156. Melanie says:

    So many beautiful things there!

  157. Talin says:

    Totally in love with this space and The Cross Design, loved shopping there on our trip to Vancouver last year! My favorite item has got to be Jillian’s bed, such a dream! ? here’s the link to my pin on Pinterest

  158. Vicki says:

    I Just love this throw!!! Christmas list!!

  159. Sharn says:

    The ‘Shay’ chandelier is to die for!

  160. Alex says:

    LOVE the Jonathan bench!!

  161. Nicole says:

    Absolutely gorgeous bedroom! Hope you are enjoying it! ☺?☺

  162. Sarah says:

    I only have grey hardwood this rug is beautiful and would match my place. Always love your style. ??

  163. Tamara says:

    So beautiful!! I love the neutrals! I keep trying to win my hubby over to a neutral colour scheme for our new home. How can you go wrong with such pretty details??

    These lamps are beautiful!

  164. Nicole Hemsley says:

    ?? I’m in love with the bed!
    Definitely added to my dream list ?

  165. Sara says:

    So pretty and modern:)
    Loving this beautiful rug and so much more:) thanks Jillian for the gift card contest.

  166. Nathalie says:

    I LOVE all the bedroom furniture but seriously, this bar cart would be super cute!!!

  167. Crystal Honeybourne says:

    Love love love this sectional!

  168. Deanna Grant says:

    Absolutley love how your bedroom came together! The bed and chandelier is perfect combo! The right amount of pink! Love the clean look if it all ??

  169. Chloe says:

    Love how your bedroom turned out. My boyfriend cares just as much as I do about home decor that I would not get away with pink lol. We only has a small area of overlap for things we both like. Makes it difficult the find those pieces but we’re getting there!! I hope he’s ok with this rug from The Cross !

  170. Literally I would pin EVERYTHING if I could!!!

  171. Nicole says:

    Hope I did this right! Beautiful new bed! Enjoy!

  172. Cindy Mast says:

    Looking for a dreamy rug for my master – this one is gorgeous!

  173. I would literally pin EVERYTHING on your list if I could! Haha

  174. Cindy Mast says:

    Dreamy rug for my master.

  175. Kaitlyn says:

    This bedroom is beyond what I can even try to imagine; what gorgeous pieces all coming together artfully! All the details and the essence of the decor is so classic and tasteful.

  176. That was actually such a tough decision but I went with the rug. Love the vintage feel! Everythings so cozy!

  177. Amanda Pineo says: I am swooooning over this bed/room/decor/linen to name a few! 🙂 If I can’t get this room, I may have to simply print a pic and frame it!!

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    Love the bed color especially the headboard! Gorgeous!

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    Love the Shay Chandelier! I’ve been looking for a beautiful white bead chandelier for a while now for our master bedroom! Love following you and the cross decor!!

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    I just spent an hour when I was supposed to be studying browsing through the cross website and your picks, soooo dreamy!

    I especially love this rug , all the heart eyes!

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    My renos would get SO much better with this gift card!

    Your new bedroom is so stunningly dreamy! So happy you went with pink!

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    In LOVE with this bedding collection

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    Love how the bedroom turned out! All the little details came so well together 🙂

    It would be a dream to also be able to splurge and pick up a few pieces from The Cross!

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    It’s hard to top the beauty that is that bed (I’m currently obsessed with upholstered beds and am considering a diy with my current headboard since it’s less than a year old), but that chandelier is just all kinds of WOW!

    Side note: can I just say how refreshing it is to see something that is only available to be shipped within Canada? 😉

  195. Julie Rabouin says:

    Your pink bed is so amazing!!!

    • Nicole Lowe says:

      I saw so many beautiful variations of this in Athens on my honeymoon last year. I searched for something like it when we got home, but never found anything remotely similar until seeing this on The Cross Design’s site. Looking forward to having a little reminder of Greece in our home.

  196. Kate Wiley says:

    I love the rug! But had to pick the bed for my number one choice!

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    This bed, of course!

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    I geeked out following this bedroom reveal:) I’m away backpacking right now and was living vicariously through you with all the nice, cozy (clean:) and frankly stunning items The Cross delivered! Your house is beautiful and inviting and with these new additions it is even more cozy and inviting. Congratulations! Here is my pin and oh man would a win like this bring me so much joy ?

  199. Kyrsten says:

    I am in L O V E with the Charlie body pillow!!

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    What do you think?


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    Love all your choices Jillian, but these pins are my favs:

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    We recently moved across the country and need a total bedroom makeover. This piece would be the perfect start to our new oasis.
    Definitely have my eye on this store now!

  226. Cristina M says:

    Ok, so although I was a ?? to oatmeal, I immediately knew I should have selected pink….. and this is why you and the Cross are the experts!! It looks so great!! Now, can someone teach me how to make my bed linens look that perfect? ? Enjoy your new room JH!!

  227. Elizabeth Walker says:

    My favorite bed! Our current bed recently broke, so we have been sleeping with the mattress on the floor. The Stephanie bed would be fabulous for us! You have great style Jillian, I love all your picks!

  228. Natalie says:

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    You have an amazing eye for beautiful things ?

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  234. Roxanne says:

    Everything so pretty & beautiful…. stunning room…

  235. Laura says:

    I love the pop of colour! It’s not as bold as I thought it would be, turned out great!

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    I absolutely have LOVED Leo’s dresser since I first saw it on your Instagram. That’s the piece I picked from The Cross Design that is my absolute favorite! I pinned it onto my board at

  240. Willa Alcos says:

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    Absolutely loving your pick!

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    I love a good statement piece and this couch is just that! I love the tuck and roll ?
    Just closed on my very first home and beyond excited to start furnishing it!

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  263. Marcella says:

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  265. Tanya Walker says: (I’m pretty sure I did this right! I follow The Cross on Pinterest as well as Instagram of course, and I pinned the sectional as I LOVE it!)

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    Sending much love from your biggest fan! You are such an inspiration to me and I absolutely adore everything about you! Keep it up love!

  269. Maggie says:

    I LOVE the plantana baskets in addition to a few throws, lamps, the moonstone ring… could go on and on! Enjoy that cozy bed! (:

  270. Megan Lepp says:

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    I was definitely on team Oatmeal, but it looks so beautiful and pulled together that I’m a pink convert now!! Love everything at the Cross, would love to win!

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    Doing a whole house reno while I live in a RV with my four kids. I probably couldn’t convince my hubby to do the pink bed but I love it and the chandelier is BEAUTIFUL!!!

  275. Paulina says:

    I’m at that broke, DREAMING of the day I can walk in to The Cross and leave with purchases, stage! Love the bedroom ❤️ #goals !

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  279. Kinsley Hettinga says:

    Love love love The Cross and anytime we make it to Vancouver I always convince my husband we need to make a stop!

  280. Natasha Sarah says:

    We are in a full blown Reno of our first home in Port Moody…..this Dior chair is screaming “put me in your house” as is that pink headboard. Gorgeous!!

    I’d love to know your paint colours Jillian!!!??

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    I absolutely love The Cross!! ? I just go in there and daydream!

  282. Randi says:
    Such a beautiful cozy bedroom!!!

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    I dream of everything from the Cross. One day…??

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    I pinned the pink bed with headboard to my Pinterest:

    Instagram: @kathygko

  285. Lia Mahoney says:

    Oh my gosh how perfect!! Love the pink! Don’t know if I could convince my boyfriend to go for that even with that argument, totally would give it a try though!

  286. Lia Mahoney says:

    Oops and the link!

  287. Sarah says:

    I am in LOVE with this bed. Jillian you are such a joy to follow. ❤️

  288. Sarah Devlin says:

    Love the bedroom reveal!! The bench is beautiful! Enjoy the new space

  289. Lynette Mathies says:

    Hey Jillian!!!

    Hi from Saskatoon, SK, Canada 🙂 Enjoyed following your masterbed room reveal on insta stories!! That headboard though… it’s absolutely stunning (along with the rest of the room reveal!!)

    Hope to someday visit the store… “The Cross Decor & Design”!! Of course my fav thing is your gorgeous bed… so that’s what I pinned!!

    Lynette Mathies

  290. Emily Orloff says:

    I love Love love it all! But I pinned the bedding bc I’m obsessed with its simplicity

  291. Dawna says:

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  293. Denise says:

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  294. Hilary says:

    I absolutely love this headboard from the cross, called the Isabella Cane White Bed. Reminds me of something I’d find in a Parisian vintage furniture shop! 🙂

  295. Wow! Your bedroom looks beautiful and super dreamy! ?

  296. LiShelle Trembath says:

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  297. LiShelle Trembath says:

    That light though ???

  298. Erin says: That chandelier- incredible

  299. Amanda Delorme says:

    Beautiful, soft and elegant.

  300. Randi says:

    Hi Jillian! Your bedroom is beautiful. I love the mix of soft glam with the comfy at home feeling. If I won the gift card I would definitely be inclined towards art to make my home more personal, or maybe a pink headboard, because it is so gorgeous! Here is one of my favourites, as a Pin

  301. Amanda says:

    Obviously the bed frame!

  302. Melissa says:

    I LOVE this reveal. The softness of the pink on the headboard is stunningly! There are so many pieces I love in this room but I think the bed is by far my favorite.
    We are moving to BC next week and will definitely pop into The Cross once we arrive.

  303. Janelle Jaster says:
    What do you think?

    Love tufted furniture ?

  304. Jennifer says:

    Hi jillian I love it!! I have a question how big is your vintage rug?

  305. Barb M says:

    I LOVE the bed in rose Quartz!! Gorgeous!

  306. Norma says:
    Your bedroom turned out AMAZING!!! Love the blend of colors used- so unique yet so classic!

  307. Mairoula says:
    The Jacqueline Chandelier is amazing! Thank you for the inspiration! It’s taken me awhile, but slowly piece by piece, my little home (one bedroom apartment actually), is starting to feel like a home that is perfect for me. Your blog and The Cross have always regular stop for me, helping me discover what my perfect home is for me ?. I love the few Cross pieces I’ve been able to collect over the years, and look forward more and more and more!

  308. Leigh says:

    Absolutley LOVE your style, Jillian! Have been swooning over The Cross for awhile 🙂 Here’s my top pick:

  309. Madison says:

    Obsessed with the Shay chandelier and the bed!

  310. Josette says:

    I love love love your headboard! Both oatmeal and pink we’re fantastic, I would have had a hard time deciding! Just wanted to add that i love all your design especially because you use a lot of white, so not all your followers are against the all white decor lol! Keep up the good work 🙂

  311. Allie Wilson says:

    Love the bed so much and the Shay chandelier is omg! Swooning over here! My hubby and I just bought our first home last week, would love to fill it with some The Cross items!

  312. Roxanne says:

    Beautiful Space, you ladies did an amazing job! I MUST HAVE that chandelier in my bedroom. I’m so excited we move in next month : ) Jillian all your tips on renovating are on point! Thank You xx

  313. Kara says:

    Great photos. I wasn’t sure about bedding at first but the wider shot that includes the beams highlights how it all comes together. I love the pink.

  314. Candice Veale says:

    Hi my name is Candice from Easton, Pa. I absolutely adore you’re bedroom design but more specifically that beautiful chandelier. Here’s the the link to my pin


  315. Michelle Rand says:

    LOVE the bed! Was waiting all day for the reveal!

  316. Aly says:

    This room is absolutely gorgeous! Great job Jill and The Cross!

    I would buy this sectional for my new house for sure:

    Love you!

  317. Morgan McQueen says:

    My husband and I are in the middle of a Reno of our entire downstairs— started in June ? this would be the perfect treat to complete the amazing job my husband is doing!!

    We’ve never had a bedroom we were proud of so this would give us the start we need!

    Congrats on a job well done! You nailed it xo

  318. jennifer says:

    I love that bed! Great color!
    Here’s my pin :

  319. Erikca Alvarado says:

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    Here is my pin for he giveaway. Love love love the bedroom!

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    Would love to get this for mine and my boyfriends first home in the spring! 🙂

    LOVE The Cross!

  322. Aundrea Holmes says:

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  323. Caroline says:

    Sooo happy you chose PINK, girl it was made for you!!! All of the soft tones here are seriously dreamy! We are about to close on our first house and I would love to fill it with The Cross (ok, one step at a time lol)

  324. Stephanie Brown says:

    Loving this mirror!! Such a cool store. Thanks for the opportunity to win a giftcard 🙂

  325. AJ says:

    Gorgeous – just like you!

  326. Kodi says:

    So beautiful! I definitely voted for the pink.

  327. Leeann Ayres says:

    Love love love the Rose Quartz Bed… just had to pin it!!!

  328. Lindsey says:

    I am definitely in your ‘dreaming’ stage !! I don’t live in Vancouver but anytime I visit I must walk through it — absolutely love every thing in it. I always would photograph every merchandising display – so beautiful!

  329. Rav says:

    Your bedroom is so perfect but, I thought for sure you were going to go with the oatmeal headboard. Leo is so darn cute as well I love his little toothy smile ?

  330. Stefani Betts says:

    So in love with every piece and detail!

  331. Christina says:

    Absolutely love your room! The Cross is all sorts of #bedroomdreams for me and of course everything else. Their website makes me drool. Haha. I’d be honoured to win a gift card to the store. I fell in love with so much but here’s my fav

  332. Miriam says:

    Pretty much perfect! So glad you stepped out of your comfort zone with the pink! Hope to update our bedroom in the near future and taking serious inspiration from The Cross!

  333. Anna Pry says:

    pinned this armoir to my living room inspriation board;

  334. Kaitlin says:

    Beautiful! I have been a big fan of Jillian’s for a long time and when my husband and I found out we were moving to Vancouver, BC one of the first things that came into my head was that I would get to actually see and visit The Cross whenever I wanted! The store is beautiful and I want to buy everything. I am always inspired and in “aww” when I go in! Even if I am not looking for anything big, I love to pick up cards and candles! Thanks for sharing!!

  335. Talia says:

    I am SO IN LOVE with your new bedroom! Even though it’s pink, it’s so so classy and elegant! Gorgeous.

    Can’t wait for a tour of the rest of your home on your blog!

  336. Aimee says:

    LOVE everything about this! Just moved into a new home and am always look at your instagram and blog for inspiration. Can’t wait to purchase some of these items from The cCross!

  337. siri jostad says:

    oh so many things to pin!
    (I included more links but the system thinks i’m spamming you….)

    I love dreaming on the cross website! And Jillian…your inspiration is divine. thank you all.

  338. sherri says:

    I love this chandelier!!

  339. Jayme Evenson says:

    Obessed with everything but the SHAY WHITE BEADED CHANDELIER is stunning!!! Thank you for giving us the chance to win $1000!! Dream come true!!

  340. Nicole says:

    Absolutely love this bed! Good choice on the pink Jill!!!

  341. I’m glad you went with the pink headboard! Oatmeal would have been perfect, but life’s short, WHY NOT have an awesome blush pink bed?? Haha I pinned the white moroccan pouf!

  342. Katie says:

    The Shay Chandelier is stunning!!!! I absolutely love it…what a perfect pick for your gorgeous new room!…and it would suit my room beautifully as well hehe!

  343. CJ says:

    Love this look. I’d definitely take that throw for the bed.

  344. Nicole Novlan says:

    I would LOVE to get a gift card to The Cross! I love it there but it’s so out of my budget right now!

  345. Josie says:

    Everything is so beautiful! Your bedroom is actually a dream.
    Thanks for this opportunity, The Cross. Christmas can’t come sooner!!

  346. Sonia says:

    Love the bedroom! Although I would go with white 🙂

  347. Maria says:

    Love the whole bedroom!

  348. Alena says:

    Love all your picks! But my fav is the Jacqueline chandelier

  349. Amanda says:

    In love with your new bedroom! I’d love to add a touch of pink to our bedroom with this gorgeous throw

  350. Ashley says:

    I would love it all! It looks incredible – I am so glad you went with the pink and know so badly want it for myself 🙂

  351. Chelsea says:

    your house is serious goals, and this bedroom is to die

  352. heba says:

    Beautiful!! Literally! Gorgeous!!! I’m so in love with your bedroom design! So bright yet warm and comforting.

  353. Kari Pedersen says:

    In love with this whole look!!!!

  354. Luz Gomez says:

    I love the lamp and the beautiful accessories for decoratio ❤❤❤

  355. Sierra King says:

    LOVE the touch of pink, it adds a soft, subtle layer of colour!
    The Kotinos Wreath is one of my favourite items from The Cross 🙂