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Revealed: My Dreamy Pink Bedroom (And a Giveaway!)

Yesterday was a BIG exciting day for me and for everyone who followed along with me over on my Instagram stories!! My bedroom FINALLY came together thanks to the amazingly talented team at The Cross Decor & Design and I’m BEYOND EXCITED to share the details of my room with you today because needless to say … BABY, I’M IN LOVE!!!

Jillian Harris Master Bedroom Reveal

For those of you who haven’t heard of The Cross or who may not know … I’ve been a loyal fan and customer of The Cross ever since they first opened their doors back in ’03! Back then I was really struggling to make ends meet and I remember I would walk into their store and just look and everything and dream … I would tell myself that ONE DAY I would own something from there and maybe even convince THEM to love ME just as much as I loved them! LOL.

I drained my bank account (which wasn’t much at the time lol) with my first big purchase at The Cross which was two beautiful white bedside lamps … I bought the lamps the first year the cross opened when I truly couldn’t afford it but I knew then I had a champagne taste on a beer budget! LOL!! Fast forward a few years, Bachelor, The Bachelorette, etc. Every time I had a big design project I always started at The Cross because I wanted them to fall in love with me. A few more years passed by and I was in a different situation where I could treat myself a little more frequently than I used to so everytime I was in search for something special and timeless, I would always take a gander through The Cross first, I truly believe in quality over quantity for particular things and their items were the best!

Jillian Harris Master Bedroom RevealJillian Harris Master Bedroom Reveal Jillian Harris Master Bedroom Reveal Jillian Harris Master Bedroom Reveal

Since then my dream came true … I worked with The Cross on my last bedroom in our previous home, it was all white with a fresh, crisp vibe to it, very Monika Hibbs inspired!! But this time around I knew I wanted something different and unique in our new home … and that’s when I turned to The Cross for inspiration for something NEW!

I knew that I wanted a headboard with wings … but something that was soft, luxurious and feminine, a lot of the beds out there with wings seems too intrusive and sharp for my taste … and I knew I wanted a POP of colour because my followers always razzed me about having too much white in my home!! LOL!! (Yup, I’m looking at YOU! ?) … That’s when PINK popped into my head!! As you know pink is very popular right now as people are getting more and more bold with colour on larger pieces in their home. So, I partnered up with the team at The Cross and together we started designing my bed … we went through so many revisions and prototypes and finally … THEY NAILED IT … the perfect shape, proportions, size and color… dusty rose!!!

Jillian Harris Master Bedroom RevealJillian Harris Master Bedroom Reveal

I was absolutely blown away at the beauty of this bed … the shape of it … the quality …. the feet … the base … the colour … everything. In fact, we ALL loved it so much that we wanted OTHERS to be able to have it in their homes too so, they made this exact bed available to EVERYONE!!

It wasn’t that easy though … we were ALL skeptical of the pink at first. SO much so that The Cross team convinced me to try both a neutral and a pink and THEN decide … I mean how could I argue that?! The girls flew all the way from Vancouver to Kelowna to help me with this decision (thank you thank you ladies!!) and they brought BOTH beds with them. We unwrapped them and stared at them and I debated over and over and over again. The headboard in the colour, Caldera Alpaca (AKA Oatmeal!!), is typically the colour I would go for … but this time, I knew I HAD to have something different and I knew I had to go with the pink (AKA Rose Quartz!) … it was way too gorgeous to pass up.

Once I made my final decision we started dressing the rest of my bedroom with Pom Pom at Home linen bedding, a STUNNING new chandelier (that they named after SHAY!!!!), a GORGEOUS vintage rug because one of you bought the one that I was going to buy (LOL thanks guys), pillows, candles … I was in heaven. We also noticed that when adding little touches of greys, creams, and blacks it helped to tone down the “femininity” of the bed and the overall feel of the room … I know what you’re all thinking … how did Justin handle this?! LOL!

Jillian Harris Master Bedroom RevealJillian Harris Master Bedroom Reveal Jillian Harris Master Bedroom Reveal

Welp. With a little convincing that pink in a bedroom is an aphrodisiac … Justin was convinced this pink bed was surely going to improve his sex life so he was on board!! Jokes on him … LOL!!!! Lastly, we had such an INCREDIBLE response over my new bed (and all the fixin’s) on social media yesterday that The Cross decided it would be amazing to give away one $1000 GIFT CARD towards any of my picks from The Cross to ONE OF YOU!!! Eeepppp!!!! Make SURE to enter the giveaway below … AND for a BONUS ENTRY … head to The Cross website and pin one of YOUR favourite items from my picks to your Pinterest page and share the link to your pin with us below in the comment section!!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

**Please note: This item is not available for shipping outside of Canada!

Jillian Harris Master Bedroom Reveal Jillian Harris Master Bedroom Reveal

photo credit

To shop the WHOLE look … check out my picks here!!



Thank you The Cross Decor and Design for sponsoring this post. All comments and opinions are my own.

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  1. I am in love with your bedroom.. well I’m in love with your whole house actually! You are such a joy to follow on Instagram and I look forward to your blog posts 🙂

  2. Love your posts, your designs. Hopefully you will come out with a cookbook. Enjoy your time with goes by way to fast.

    1. Hi Lauren! I believe it depends on the item!! I would double check with The Cross just to be sure!! xoxo

  3. I wasn’t sure about the pink at first but now looking at everything….amazing and jealous!!! About to visit Crosses website!

  4. Thank you for being an inspiration and a great role model using your platform. Both your work and personal life is something I aspire. Also, another thank you for being so true in your instastories, I look forward to watching them daily.

  5. It says the link is considered spam!

    I pinned my favourite (the gorgeous Leah Alexandra starburst locket) to my “style.” board… you can check me out at swbvancouver! xo

  6. I just love this bed! I love it in Pink and so glad Jillian picked the pink one. It’s beautiful. Here’s my Pin! I want this in my house one day. Julian’s post on how she dreamt of one day being able to buy more and more things from The Cross is inspiring and proves that it’s in fact possible.

  7. I absolutely LOVE this entire space! I would just die to have you decorate my house one day. Although, I love everything my favorite thing is the white Moroccan leather pouf. What an amazing giveaway! Thanks to The Cross and the fabulous Jillian Harris of course.

  8. Obsessed with your beautiful bedroom I was following along all day! Also little Leo and Nacho are so so adorable I love your photos of them!
    This chandelier is everything I have been looking for. Fingers crossed for the gift card and thank you for showing me this amazing company I am now obsessed with!

  9. This would be amazing to win! I hope I did it right…..follow cross design and Jillian on instagram. Done and done.

  10. Jillian! I love LOVE LOVE this bed! I was so hoping you picked the pink and you did 🙂 it’s gorgeous! You whole house makes me jelly!!!! So happy for you and love your stories, Instagram, attitude, bangs, and everything! You are awesome, keep doing what you do!

  11. Hi Jillian!
    So happy you went with the pink! If only I could get my husband to ignore his man hood for just a second I’d do the same!
    I do the same thing as you used to do when I go into the cross, one can dream! I can leave with their hand soap though! Love it!
    Love this dresser I linked on my Pinterest. Although I love alllll your picks!

  12. This Rug is everything! I have been searching for something like this for awhile and haven’t found anything! And at such a great price point I may have to snag one even if I don’t win the $1000 GC from you guys and Jillian Harris! Love love love!

  13. I love the ne bed and room set up!! Always so envious of your design style!! Wish you could come design my new house!

    I could pin everything of your but I chose the stumps the shame and I couldn’t find the bed!

  14. Jillian,

    I am absolutely obsessed with that beautiful bed and all of the Cross Designs! I wish it was more affordable! I love watching your sweet insta stories every day on my way to work. Thank you for your vulnerability and opening up your beautiful life to us. Plus Leo is adorable!

    The chandelier is STUNNING and my husband and I just moved and would love to add it to our new home:)

  15. Jilly!!
    So happy you went with the pink one!! My life is pretty much all pink and talk about an amazing giveaway!
    Little Leo is so beyond cuteeee! Eeek!

    Hope you all have an amazing week!

  16. Hi! Beautiful bedroom. I have been in a perpetual state of home renovations for the last 5 yrs, and trying to finish up a spare bedroom, ensuite and movie theatre room We’re excited to finally get our house back – hopefully by end of November! I have been sourcing light fixtures, we require a single sconce for the spare bedroom and I absolutely love this one: (it’s not on pinterest, that’s why i’m attaching the website link instead)

  17. Such an incredible job by the team and by you Jillian! You’ve been such an inspiration to me and I adore everything about this room, although I am partial to that gorgeous Oatmeal colour over the pink which I’ve pinned to my Pinterest page for future #inspo! Job well done!

  18. Although I love everything you picked (especially the headboard), I really love the bedding. I would never choose something so rufflely and I am slowly turning our bedroom into a grown up space. This bedding is definitely on my list of wants for our room. Maybe with a gift card, I could buy it! 🙂

  19. Beautiful! Love the Pink! And can we talk about that chandelier it is gorgeous just like the lady it’s named after! It is seriously to die for!!! Not sure if it matters but you have two of the same chandelier picture on here. 😉

  20. This is such a beautiful room! Can you tell me what colour white you used for the walls and trim? The space is so warm and inviting, but still so clean and fresh!

  21. I love the new bedroom, but I must know where your top is from. Is it currently available? I love white swiss dot clothing!

  22. Oh my goodness I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pink bed and the room and the whole house! What dreams are made of! I have been building a wish list on The Cross website for month, ok maybe even years and the gift card would help me cross some things off the list (no pun intended). Love the store! It’s all so beautiful!

  23. Absolutely love your new bed, we are building a new house and this is what I want my new bed to look like fluffy and cozy. Leos face says it all, love his expression, I have a 3 year old and he would love to snuggle in tis bed with Nana.

    1. I ended up just keeping one lamp on one of the stumps, I took the one away that was within Leo’s reach! LOL!!


    Love every little detail, I aspire to have a home that with tons of Cross design items & Jillian Harris touches! It’s too bad I’m currently a poor student… Will definitely be putting many items from the Cross and from Jillian’s picks on my Christmas list. Awesome awesome awesome!! Great job ladies, I loved watching the process ☺️

    P.s: I may or may not have wrote Instagram username correct on the Cross istagram constest entry… I put Sara Ouellette rather than @saranicoleo … <— that’s it tho!!!

    Have a great rest of your October ladies!

  25. LOVE everything in your room!! I’m defiantly going to have to take a look at Cross Design for my feature projects!! l

  26. Totally in love with this space and The Cross Design, loved shopping there on our trip to Vancouver last year! My favorite item has got to be Jillian’s bed, such a dream! ? here’s the link to my pin on Pinterest

  27. Love how your bedroom turned out. My boyfriend cares just as much as I do about home decor that I would not get away with pink lol. We only has a small area of overlap for things we both like. Makes it difficult the find those pieces but we’re getting there!! I hope he’s ok with this rug from The Cross !

  28. It’s hard to top the beauty that is that bed (I’m currently obsessed with upholstered beds and am considering a diy with my current headboard since it’s less than a year old), but that chandelier is just all kinds of WOW!

    Side note: can I just say how refreshing it is to see something that is only available to be shipped within Canada? 😉

    1. I saw so many beautiful variations of this in Athens on my honeymoon last year. I searched for something like it when we got home, but never found anything remotely similar until seeing this on The Cross Design’s site. Looking forward to having a little reminder of Greece in our home.

  29. I geeked out following this bedroom reveal:) I’m away backpacking right now and was living vicariously through you with all the nice, cozy (clean:) and frankly stunning items The Cross delivered! Your house is beautiful and inviting and with these new additions it is even more cozy and inviting. Congratulations! Here is my pin and oh man would a win like this bring me so much joy ?

  30. Ok, so although I was a ?? to oatmeal, I immediately knew I should have selected pink….. and this is why you and the Cross are the experts!! It looks so great!! Now, can someone teach me how to make my bed linens look that perfect? ? Enjoy your new room JH!!

  31. oh my gosh! oh my gosh! oh my gosh! i’m SO excited for the Cross giveaway. Ive been following the Cross for awhile now…constantly dreaming over the IG feed….ohhhhhh man are there a LOT of things I’d buy with that $1k! I’m like you Jillian…gotta get outa debt so i can spend more at the Cross! Thank you for setting this up for us to hope and dream a little bit. (The pink rocks!)

  32. I love a good statement piece and this couch is just that! I love the tuck and roll ?
    Just closed on my very first home and beyond excited to start furnishing it!

  33. I absolutely love your decision to go with the pink bed! Even though I’ve always been a fan of your white style I am absolutely in love with this bed! If I could have designed the perfect headboard for my room this is exactly what I would have done! So of course this pink bed is the one I choose to pin on my Pinterest 🙂

    Sending much love from your biggest fan! You are such an inspiration to me and I absolutely adore everything about you! Keep it up love!

  34. I LOVE the plantana baskets in addition to a few throws, lamps, the moonstone ring… could go on and on! Enjoy that cozy bed! (:

  35. Totally stunning ??here’s to hoping!! I used to look into the Cross every lunch time when I worked in Yaletown. Loved it in there x

  36. Doing a whole house reno while I live in a RV with my four kids. I probably couldn’t convince my hubby to do the pink bed but I love it and the chandelier is BEAUTIFUL!!!

  37. We are in a full blown Reno of our first home in Port Moody…..this Dior chair is screaming “put me in your house” as is that pink headboard. Gorgeous!!

    I’d love to know your paint colours Jillian!!!??

  38. Oh my gosh how perfect!! Love the pink! Don’t know if I could convince my boyfriend to go for that even with that argument, totally would give it a try though!

  39. Hey Jillian!!!

    Hi from Saskatoon, SK, Canada 🙂 Enjoyed following your masterbed room reveal on insta stories!! That headboard though… it’s absolutely stunning (along with the rest of the room reveal!!)

    Hope to someday visit the store… “The Cross Decor & Design”!! Of course my fav thing is your gorgeous bed… so that’s what I pinned!!

    Lynette Mathies

  40. I LOVE this reveal. The softness of the pink on the headboard is stunningly! There are so many pieces I love in this room but I think the bed is by far my favorite.
    We are moving to BC next week and will definitely pop into The Cross once we arrive.

    The Jacqueline Chandelier is amazing! Thank you for the inspiration! It’s taken me awhile, but slowly piece by piece, my little home (one bedroom apartment actually), is starting to feel like a home that is perfect for me. Your blog and The Cross have always regular stop for me, helping me discover what my perfect home is for me ?. I love the few Cross pieces I’ve been able to collect over the years, and look forward more and more and more!

  42. I love love love your headboard! Both oatmeal and pink we’re fantastic, I would have had a hard time deciding! Just wanted to add that i love all your design especially because you use a lot of white, so not all your followers are against the all white decor lol! Keep up the good work 🙂

  43. Beautiful Space, you ladies did an amazing job! I MUST HAVE that chandelier in my bedroom. I’m so excited we move in next month : ) Jillian all your tips on renovating are on point! Thank You xx

  44. Great photos. I wasn’t sure about bedding at first but the wider shot that includes the beams highlights how it all comes together. I love the pink.

  45. My husband and I are in the middle of a Reno of our entire downstairs— started in June ? this would be the perfect treat to complete the amazing job my husband is doing!!

    We’ve never had a bedroom we were proud of so this would give us the start we need!

    Congrats on a job well done! You nailed it xo

  46. I am definitely in your ‘dreaming’ stage !! I don’t live in Vancouver but anytime I visit I must walk through it — absolutely love every thing in it. I always would photograph every merchandising display – so beautiful!

  47. Beautiful! I have been a big fan of Jillian’s for a long time and when my husband and I found out we were moving to Vancouver, BC one of the first things that came into my head was that I would get to actually see and visit The Cross whenever I wanted! The store is beautiful and I want to buy everything. I am always inspired and in “aww” when I go in! Even if I am not looking for anything big, I love to pick up cards and candles! Thanks for sharing!!

  48. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the bed!
    We moved from Germany to Vancovuer last year. At the beginning we lived in Downtown next to The Cross and I was there almost every day haha 😀 to get some inspiration and enjoy the anticipation of our own place.
    Now, after one year in Airbnbs and furnished apartments I can’t wait to move in our first own home in December!!!
    And the most important: I am looking forward to sleep in my own bed 😀 !!

  49. This furniture is gorgeous but awfully expensive. I miss when you posted more affordable things for the average reader

  50. I absolutely love your bedroom! I am planning on purchasing this headboard – Merry Christmas to me!

    Just wondering if you have a box spring, or is it just the mattress?

    Thank you! xoxoo

  51. This is absolutely stunning. Is this a King? Just curious as I was wondering on how many Euro Shams I would need for my King.

  52. Hi Jilly,

    I missed you in Maui by a couple days – I was staying near you at the Grand Wailea.

    I’m currently re-doing my MBR and going for a similar feel to your room. I went the safe route with an oatmeal linen tufted headboard, champagne coloured night tables, white bedding and a gold chandelier with white shades, walls are BM Intense White. I’m struggling now with art work. Do you have any suggestions? I have a wall that could take a 30×40, 30 x 30 or pairs of 24×24 or 18×24. I don’t see any pictures of artwork you used in your bedroom…is there any art pieces hanging?

    Any help you can pass along would be appreciated!

    PS Hi to Leo and Justin!

    1. Hey Jillian, I’m finishing my design of my bedroom. It’s behrs breezeway. My little brother just gave me new fresh baseboard with shoe molding. I love shoe molding lol. He also just built me a beautiful French door double closet! Anyway where did you get your nightstand tray that looks like a flower? Thanks

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