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Save vs. Splurge: Our Primary Bedroom Edition!

Almost all of the items in my bedroom are from The Cross Design & Decor. While I love supporting small businesses, I know that some of these items are not budget-friendly. So today, I am sharing dupes for all of the items in my bedroom, so you can score the same look for less.

Let’s get right to it!

Nightstand | Bedframe | Quilt | Vase | Book | Chandelier | Lamp | Duvet Cover

1. Bed Frame

I’m sure some of you are sitting there wondering how the hell I was able to convince Justin to agree to a pink bed, and, well, I convinced him that pink is an aphrodisiac and that he would get more “you know what” if we had it in our bedroom … and needless to say, he fell for my wicked ways!! LOL!! If you are looking for a way to convince your partner on a pink bed, you gotta give this one a try 😉

The exact version of my bedframe is a bit pricey, but if you are looking for the same look for less I have got you covered!

2. Chandelier

Let’s talk about this beaded chandelier for a moment! This exact one is quite the investment, but we’ve had it for years, the design is so timeless and it’s absolutely dreamy. Plus, it’s actually named after one of my favourite girls, Shay! But, there are some other options online that will help you achieve this look for less!

Jillian Harris Favourite Bedroom Decor Pieces

3. Nightstand

I absolutely love our side tables from The Cross, they fit perfectly on either side of our bed and they have a secret drawer at the top to store your electronics and even an area to hide your cords and to plug in your phone! What I also love about them is that they are slightly bigger than your traditional nightstand and if you are in need of extra storage in your space and have the room this is the perfect option!

Affordable Bedroom Decor

4. Table Lamps

The table lamps pictured in this photo are from The Cross Design & Decor, unfortunately, they don’t have them in stock anymore, but I have found a few similar styles for you to shop!

The Best Nightstand for Your Room

7. Quilts

There’s just something about a textured quilt that always gets me! Quilts are not only functional and provided the perfect amount of warmth in the hot summer months, but they also bring texture and level up your bedroom space if you ask me.

Best Bedroom Decor 2021 Finds

5. Urban Outfitters Duvet Cover

Not only do I love organizing and rearranging, but I also LOVE to switch out our duvet covers depending on the season. It’s a quick and affordable way to really transform your space. Two of my all-time favourite duvet covers are from Urban Outfitters (currently on sale!) and Pom Pom at Home. They both have fun and elegant patterns that add a bit of texture to our room, without going overboard!

Bedroom Decor Duvet Cover Options

7. Decor

Last but certainly not least is bedroom decor! When adding little nicknacks to our room, I like to have intentional pieces that are pleasing to the eye. I’m talking, books, candles, vases, a jewelry dish, framed pictures along with my favourite goodnight sign. These pieces are extremely affordable and shouldn’t break the bank and add that last finishing touch!

Jillian Harris Bedroom Decor Options

Well, there you have it! All of the pieces in my room that I love for less, let me know in the comments below what your favourite item in your bedroom is! To shop all of my other favourite bedroom decor pieces, check out our dedicated shop page here!



Please note that the items from The Cross Design & Decor in my bedroom were gifted back in 2017! But all thoughts and opinions are my own.

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  1. Great blog! I was hoping for more details of what to look for in a bed frame in terms of what about bed frames make it worth the investment. The fabric that is used? Craftsmanship? Solid wood? When we can’t spend the $$$ what should we be looking for when purchasing a bed to find a happy medium? What about types of fabrics to avoid? Velvet vs linen? Thanks!

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