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4 Jilly Academy Scholarship Recipients Share Their Biggest Takeaway From the Courses!

Did you know that here at The Jilly Academy there is a Scholarship Program?! The soul of The Jilly Academy is always to provide educational knowledge to business owners, influencers, content creators, or those looking to advance their knowledge around digital marketing. Throughout history, however, underrepresented and marginalized groups have encountered barriers to obtaining higher education due to denial of opportunity, structural oppression and racism. The purpose of The Jilly Academy scholarship is to provide access to this learning opportunity for those who may otherwise not be able to. 

I am beyond honoured to introduce a few of the first round of recipients of this scholarship with their biggest takeaway from The Jilly Academy thus far. It has been a pleasure watching all of their journeys unfold and being able to connect with them through the Alumni community. If you have missed our previous blogs featuring our Alumni, click here, oh and here too!

Overhead shot of Jillian Harris working on The Jilly Academy Courses and showcasing the Scholarship Program part of the Academy website on her laptop.

Take it away, Alumni!

Sam, Lemonade Party Box

I am truly grateful for The Jilly Academy Scholarship which for me has opened doors in a world I didn’t know well. Jillian shares her knowledge and wisdom in a fun, insightful way with real life examples, workbooks and tools and she presents the content in a way that feels as if we’re having an intimate fireside chat with a friend. I have already implemented a dozen of Jillian’s tips which has resulted in higher revenue for my small business.I love using the JH Sunset preset. My biggest takeaway is building a system and support to make dreams and ideas actually happen. Truly the best online course EVER, a must have for entrepreneurs and I mean it wholeheartedly having taken more than a hundred online courses (including Ivy League ones) over the years. 

Chelsey, Fit Beside Me

My biggest takeaway from The Jilly Academy was defining my brand themes. As a fitness trainer for moms, I wanted my content to be educational and relevant, but still funny and relatable. Recognizing that I could switch things up by consistently incorporating different aspects of my life and my business really changed the way I look at creating content. Having the Facebook group of other alumni has been such an amazing resource. That group is so full of supportive, motivated, and like minded individuals who never hesitate to answer a question you might have. I was even able to collaborate with a handful of alumni for a social media giveaway. I love making these connections.

Dee, the_real_dee_real

From receiving the scholarship/The Jilly Academy as a whole: leaving my Corporate job to pursue entrepreneurship was an extremely difficult decision from a financial perspective. There were days when I felt I was crazy for thinking I could make this work. Receiving the scholarship felt like I was one step closer to make things work. The biggest takeaway is that any support, sense of community can make a huge difference in this journey. From Course One: The Brand Strategy course my biggest takeaway is that I experienced such a personal growth journey that I was not expecting. The course really made me take a step back and think about who I am and what my values are.

Amanda, My Lovely Crazy Life

The Jilly Academy has been such an amazing experience and more than I was ever expecting! It has been such a blessing to be given this opportunity and the takeaway has been huge! I have worked through a lot of online courses and this one has been my favorite! As a busy mom of 8 kids, the delivery method made it engaging but accessible as I worked through each module and course. With other courses, often the material is focused on the “popular: pieces, like social media growth and sales. What I loved about The Jilly Academy, is that it started with the basics. They get you to stop and think about who YOU are, and who your business is. By taking a look at my mission and values, I found I was able to ground myself and my business and reach a new level of clarity for what I was hoping to achieve. They also provided such encouragement by bringing you to the other end of the spectrum by teaching about your BHAG! Taking the time to think of a big dream or vision can be so encouraging and really helps provide the momentum you need to move forward and make big changes. The bonus, of course, is getting to learn all of the information in a fun and authentic way from Jillian, as she puts her personal touch on everything and makes it really relatable. This course has been so valuable and I have already applied what I have learned to my business and to the charity I run. I highly recommend it for those looking to grow, refocus, or dream big!

Jillian Harris's nightstand with a stack of books that encourages growth along with a lamp, flowers in a vase and watch.

If you applied to our Jilly Academy Scholarship Program, stay tuned as the next round of Scholarship Recipients will be contacted VERY SOON! Missed the first deadline in June to apply? Don’t worry, there is now another opportunity to apply RIGHT NOW for September 2021 when we relaunch the courses! 

This scholarship is available, regardless of your geographic location, to people who identify as members of historically, persistently, or systemically underrepresented groups, including:

  • Black and Indigenous folks 
  • People of color
  • Persons with a disability
  • Low income or financial burden



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