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How to Stylishly Stretch Your Flex Space


Sometimes when I need inspiration for a project I’m working on or even for updating my own home, I do what I know SO many of you do too…. I go on Pinterest!! Honestly, I have a hard time remembering what my life was like before Pinterest… and I definitely wouldn’t want to go there!!! Google images?? That’s SO 2011….

I recently came across the image above of this super contemporary, simple, chic, & eclectic room and just FELL IN LOVE. It’s more difficult than it seems to keep clean lines & simple modern shapes feeling as warm & invitingĀ as this room looks. Props to one hell of a designer!!

The best thing about this look, however, is not necessarily the jaw-dropping vaulted ceilings (although they are amazing)… it’s actually just in the small little details and the well thought-out pieces. I wanted to share with you some inspiration on how to create a VERY similar look for a room in everyone’s home that can use a little work… the flex room!! THINK: guest room meets TV room meets library, and all of a sudden you have an incredible place in which you’re proud to put your house guests AND have a little sanctuary to truly enjoy the other 360 days of the year!!

To build this look I decided to keep it easy for you, so I’ve created a one-stop-shop & pulled most of these gorgeous pieces from one of my favourite design stores, Moe’s. Moe’s is awesome because they really embrace the idea of FORM & FUNCTION. They have pieces that can truly be used & loved throughout the years, but that also make a stylish statement… equally as important if you ask me!! šŸ˜‰


Here’s the D-L to keep in mind.

Convert that couch.Ā Most of the time, you’ll probably want a cute contemporary couch for your flex room for some tube time & reading time, but why not make it convertible into a bed?? Same space, double the use. I love the simple details ofthis one (4).

Go au natural.Ā The natural wood fibres of thebookshelf (3), side tables (6), and TV console (9) do double duty to add warmth to the space while being – of course! – very functional for storage and to display your library,Ā knick knackery, and somegreenery (7).

Don’t skimp on the details.Ā From this stunningpendant light (2) to the funky buffalo sculpture (1) to the simple & surprising abstract art (5) to thecolourful throw cushions (8), this room really comes together in the care taken selecting these much needed artistic elements. Don’t be tempted to settle for bare walls, a boring old light fixture, and some worn out couch cushions…. every space deserves some true artistic love!!

xo Jilly

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