4 Summer Dresses That Are Flying off the Shelves!

You guys!! I’ve been coming across and ordering (earmuffs, Justin! LOL!!) SO MANY cute summer dresses lately!! Being that I’m pregnant, dresses are really the only thing I wear lately, especially in the summer!! As soon as I get my order in the mail, I usually tear it open, try everything on and then plan to share my favourites with you as soon as I can because lately, my faves have been selling out SO QUICKLY!

Today I wanted to share a few of my favourites from Urban Outfitters with you, none of these dresses are maternity which is great because I will be able to wear them again next summer post baby! Now, I will warn you ahead of time that some of these dresses are already sold out but I wanted to share them with you anyway because they do tend to restock their items here and there and if I can at least put them on your radar then you might be able to snag them when they are back in stock!! That’s the thing about shopping, isn’t it?! You can’t hold off too long because if you do, BOOM, that cute little number you were eyeing up is GONE!!

Actually, here’s a fun fact for you! Urban Outfitters has launched their “After Pay” feature which is pretty sweet!! After Pay allows you to shop now and pay later … so if you’re wanting some items but you don’t really want to fork out ALL of the money right away, this allows you to pay for your purchase over 4 equal installments billed every two weeks!! How’s that for splitting your shopping habits up over your paycheques!? LOL!! This is actually only available in the US right now and my fingers are crossed that they introduce this to Canada soon as I’m sure it would be well received!!

Okay, let’s take a look at a few of my recent scores!!

1. Blue Chambray Mini Dress

This dress comes in blue, peach AND red and it’s a hot commodity!! I wanted to share this one with you right away (but apparently I missed the boat) because it is so darn cute and comfy and it keeps selling out!! So, make sure to keep this one bookmarked so you can check back to see if it has been re-stocked as it’s a summer must-have!

Jillian Harris Favourite Summer Dresses Jillian Harris Favourite Summer Dresses


2. Red Chambray Mini Dress

This dress is the exact same as the one above but in red and I can’t get enough of how much this colour POPS!!!

Jillian Harris Favourite Summer Dresses Jillian Harris Favourite Summer Dresses

Dress | Hat | Sunglasses | Bandana

3. Floral Mini Dress

ALL of Team Jilly wants this dress but again, it’s sold out!! LOL!! It’s actually the cutest little mini dress ever and I love the fact that it’s so flowy and has short sleeves! I know for a fact that Shay, Mackenzie, and Mindy have their eyes peeled for the restock of this one!

Jillian Harris Favourite Summer Dresses Jillian Harris Favourite Summer Dresses Jillian Harris Favourite Summer Dresses


4. Eyelet Button-Down Dress

This eyelet button-down is currently in STOCK and it’s a STAPLE!!! I have already worn this dress about 4 different times and I only got it last week!! It comes in white and black and it has a nice lining underneath which I love!! This dress definitely won’t be in stock for long!!

Jillian Harris Favourite Summer Dresses

Hat | Dress

There you have it!! I’m sure there will be plenty more faves coming your way over these summer months so make sure to keep your eyes peeled!










Thank you Urban Outfitters for sponsoring this post. All comments and opinions are my own.

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  1. Hi Team Jilly!
    I have a really random request…a while back Jillian was wearing a dark blue dress in one of her insta stories and she had mentioned it was from Aritzia, or so she thought. (She was also showing off the new vegan shoes she discovered if that helps…) I have searched the Aritzia site high and low and could not find the dress. Is there a chance it’s from a different store? If you could help me out that would be greatly appreciated…I fell in love with the dress and need to find it! Thanks.

  2. Haha I’m not alone! I’ve been buying a bunch of summer dresses as well from Urban Outfitters & Free People! Love all these – look great!

  3. Beautiful and unique dresses for hot summer days. I love the red one the most; I can wear it on picnic or weekends. To explore more ideas you can check mine too.

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