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Sundays With Shay

I want to introduce you ALL to the Managing Editor of …. Shay Merritt!!!!! Without Shay all of you beauties wouldn’t be able to see the content that we produce. Not only does Shay manage my website, she also manages my life, my schedule, and who knows what else. You may have seen her before, here and there, on my Instagram account (which is now recovered thank god), Facebook, Snapchat and even Periscope. She has the CUTEST style and I want her to share it with all of you (I know that so many of you have been asking). SO without further adieu … take it away Shay!!!!

Hi!!! Shay here … well this is exciting!!! I just want to start my series off with a looooong overdue post from New York Fashion Week (I know, where has the time gone) as a basic introduction. That’s when so many of you started following along with me and expressing interest in my fashion. Now that I am making it a regular thing…I won’t take much more time of your luxurious weekend. BUT FIRST, how cute is this BCBG dress!? For all of you down south this still makes for a great casual or going out dress. And for us up north, the long sleeves are a life saver. Pair it with a pair of stockings and a stylish coat and you will be set to battle through the cold all winter long.

IMG_3089 IMG_3086 IMG_3085 IMG_3082IMG_3088IMG_3079 IMG_3080IMG_3081IMG_3083

White Dress | Heels | Similar Dress for Less | Similar Heels for Less

I’d love to hear in the comments below WHAT you want to see from me!!! Thank you all so so much for taking the time to read this and follow along. I truly appreciate it.

Happy Sunday


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  1. Shay, you are always so elegant and put together. It’s wonderful to see you share your style and your voice! Still wondering what lipstick colour you were wearing at Nordstrom Van opening…!

  2. Very cute ensemble! You look wonderful in that dress. And the shoes are adorable! (P.S. The plural of “Sunday” is “Sundays”.)

  3. Can’t wait for more posts from you Shay! I’d love to know how you do your bun?! It always looks so stunning and effortless.

  4. I think you can start by being nicer to Kenny on the show, I don’t believe that is your real personality but when I see it over and over I start to believe the negative!!!!!!!!!! just my opinion and please don’t lash out at me for having one!

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