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Talk To The Palm!

THANK GAWWWDDDDD Summer is HERE!!!! And with it comes the classic decor change, as you know, a few simple changes can bring a touch of summer into your home! The classic retro PALM print and Palm Spring style is NOT going anywhere soon… I used a splash of it in my bedroom and I’m seeing it everywhere else right now!


So … how to get the look?

As I usually suggest with people who change their mind as often as their underwear (like me) you must have a neutral base in the rest of your space … that allows you to modify and tweak with the seasons, the trends and yah … your moods. I like to call it multifaceted … you can call it a roller coaster of emotions… either way I like to change it up often and I’m LOVING this look right now! TAKE ME TO PALM SPRINGS!!! (or just make my living room look like it!)

  1.  ONE item with the palm print … no more
  2. A dash of ‘kelly green’ in your accents
  3. A few warm metal accents (gold!!)
  4. An unexpected pattern (like a bold stripe or even a leopard print)
  5. ONE touch of unexpected color! Yellow, pink, even blue!
palm springs decor
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talk to the palm
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talk to the palm2
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palm springs home decor
1. Palm Pillow | 2. Coral Pillow | 3. Spotted Pillow | 4. Bamboo Lampshade | 5. Blue Swirl Lamp | 6. Gold Bamboo Mirror | 7. Bamboo Glass Table | 8. Palm Print | 9. Bench | 10. Circular Leaf Hanging | 11. Palm Chair


Well off to Palm Springs we go…. in decor that is!!!



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  1. I live in the Palm Springs area and grew up here. You are spot on in capturing the feel of this vacation destination. I am elated that its natural beauty can inspire your home decor. Enjoy the feel without the summer heat of 117 degrees!

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