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The Bachelor Recap: Caelynn & Cassie Are in the Hot Seat

Hi Everyone! Mindy here … and we are FINALLY back with a recap of The Bachelor!!! We have missed the last two weeks as I was in Mexico and then we launched the #JillyPresets the following week which had us really busy answering all of your amazing questions!! If you haven’t checked out JH Love Presets yet you can do so here!!

Okay, let’s get right to this week’s recap of The Bachelor … shall we?? I can’t believe it’s already going to be the hometown dates next week (that’s my FAVOURITE episode every season!!). But first off … let’s catch up on what happened last night!

Jillian Harris The Bachelor Recap


I feel as though Colton has a really strong connection with Tayshia but I feel as though it’s most of a FRIEND connection more than anything! I think he really trusts her opinion and confides in her. Which is why I think he chose to ask her directly about the women in the house who have been rumored to not be ready for marriage.

I was totally shocked to hear her call out Caelynn and Cassie though … now, I know that I missed the last two episodes so forgive me if there were warning signs of this … or if one of them said something (fill me in down in the comments section if there was because I want to know!!) … but these two ladies were always in my top 5 so it was so CRAZY to hear that!!

Jillian Harris The Bachelor Recap


There’s no denying that Colton is head over heels for Caelynn which why I think he was so devastated to hear that she was one of the two girls who weren’t ready to be engaged. I THINK she is telling the truth but I’m not 100% confident (what do you guys think??) …

However, all of that aside … did you see how much he LIT UP when she dished that she was falling in love with him and wants to have kids?! It was like all of the worry and insecurity washed over him and it was a HUGE relief for him. This guy is in L.O.V.E. with her.

Jillian Harris The Bachelor Recap

Hannah B

I can’t believe he brought Hannah to meet his parents! SO crazy!! I feel as though that definitely hurt Hannah’s chances as his parents really got him to recognize his true feelings for her. HOWEVER, I think it was really important for Colton to have that experience to really allow him to take a step back and re-evaluate their relationship at this point. I felt bad that Hannah left as I think she got her hopes up a little when he brought her to his family home but I do think it was smart of him to let her go if the feelings weren’t there.

Jillian Harris The Bachelor Recap


I think that Heather was very brave to tell Colton exactly how she was feeling and it was so honorable that she trusted her gut instincts and didn’t lead Colton on when she knew in her heart that it wasn’t right for her.


This is such a tough situation for Colton … just like Caelynn … Colton has very strong feelings for Cassie and the girls are raising red flags about Cassie as well. I think Cassie does have good intentions and I wasn’t shocked when Colton decided to give her the rose on the group date over Kirpa.

Hannah G

I definitely wasn’t surprised when Hannah G got the rose from Colton … she is 100% still a front runner!!

Jillian Harris The Bachelor Recap

What a CRAZY WHIRLWIND!!! I can’t believe everything that happened but I really think Colton handled it well and I’m SO CURIOUS to see how the hometown dates go next week!!

If I had to guess, I would say the final three girls will be (in no particular order!):

Hannah G



Until next week!



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  1. I 100% agree with your final three! They were my favourite three from the beginning. What confused me was why so many girls were talking about something that they didn’t even hear first hand! For all they know it was a rumour. Boggling. Have contestants not learned anything from previous seasons?

  2. Karma is really going to be a b*tch for Tayshia; what goes around, comes around. She straight up was merely jealous of Colton’s OBVIOUSLY strong feelings for both Caelynn & Cassie. She threw them under the bus, in a totally dishonest way, wording it to Colton as if she were repeating things she had actually overheard, when in truth, it was just her “opinion” (which again, reads jealousy). Hindsight is 20/20, so I’m betting that he now (in viewing things as they really happened), regrets wasting that hometown rose on her. And no, don’t even suggest her as the new bachelorette, she hasn’t earned it! I’ve always been a big Caelynn fan, though it’s not hard to see the HUGE chemistry that he has with Cassie.

  3. I agree with Mindy on the top three! I’ think they are all quality women but I am rooting for Caelynn as Mrs. Underwood, Cassie as The Bachelorette and Hannah G. for Paradise.

  4. I was blown away as well by the drama this episode. There were no warning signs and I believe both Cassie and Caelyn over the others. I wonder what the real truth is… mY top 3 are Cassie, Caelyn, and Hannah G.

  5. Ok. I agree with all of your comments, including final 3! I haven’t missed an episode but I was equally confused about Cassie and Caelyn being thrown under the bus by the other two. Apparently it all stems from something Katie said. When will these girls ever learn that warning about others always ends bad for them!?? I think maybe they are jealous of Cassie and Caelyn because they are obvious front runners! Shout out to Hannah G who has been sort of an underdog in all of this, though a serious bombshell!

  6. What I heard last week was Tayshia saying to Kurpa (sp?) that they would make themselves final two. IMO, it’s Tayshia he needs to be on guard with.

  7. No red flags about Caelynn and Cassie these last few episodes at all. I think the other girls were just plain nasty and could see the connection Colton had with them. I was glad that Caelynn confronted Tayshia, – what she “heard” and how she “felt” – she/they must feel pretty threatened, to twist things and tell them as truths. But Hannah G was also a part of that group saying those things as well, just more quiet about it. It will be interesting to see how that plays out. I have the same final 3 as well – Cassie has always been my top pick, then Caelynn.

  8. No, Mindy. You did not miss any signs! This was totally out of blue, and as far as I can see, a total fabrication. If either Caelynn or Cassie said one peep about not wanting to get engaged, or about just being here to become the Bachelorette, we did NOT see it. Seems suspicious, no? I feel like they definitely would have shown us that footage if it existed being that they are forever trying to make every episode “the most dramatic ever”!
    I am so tired of girls trying to throw each other under the bus. Have they never seen the show!? That never works. It inevitably blows up i your face.
    Now I am disappointed Tayshia is getting a home town, but I think she will be the next to go because of this.
    I have been convinced since day 1 that Hannah G is “the one”, and that Cassie would be in the top 2, but it could also be Caelynn in the top 2. They are definitely still my top 3, but I had expected Elyse to be there with them on the home towns.
    P.S. I felt bad for Hannah B, too. I do think he really got her hopes up by introducing her to his parents. WHY did he do that? I think that was his one misstep.

  9. I love your bachelor/bachelorette posts, Mindy! But I have to asked why it says “by Jillian Harris”…. why isn’t your name there?

  10. They did not say anything we saw, I believe Taysha was throwing the front runners undet the bus, for no reason other than jealousy, in fact I thought both her and Chupra were the ones feeling overly confident at the last ceremony. I agree Karma is coming for Taysha and the others

  11. I was so disappointed in both Taysha and Kirpa for telling Colton their opinions of who wasn’t ready. Considering that nothing happened and it’s just their opinion, but they made it seem like Cassie and Caelynn had said specific things.

  12. thanks for the post..if there is anyone to trust on this it would be vote has always been Cassie and Caelynn..but i think Cassie is his girl…brother and sister in another they get again

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