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The Bachelor Recap: Nick, Andi, Raven and the Turtleneck

First off … I’m peeved that last night’s episode of The Bachelor was only an hour and next weeks is THREE HOURS long … I guess that means I’m going to be one tired mama next week! Alright, rant over. Back to the recap of the world’s shortest Bachelor episode ever… okay NOW I’m done ranting. Lol!

Am I the only one who felt SUPER anxious while watching Andi and Nick chat it up over whiskey?! It was strange and confusing and … well, just odd … I like Andi but I’m so confused as to why she showed up … what was the point of that??

Jillain Harris - Bachelor Recap - Nick Viall-1 Photo Credit

And while Nick was getting advice from his ex (every girl’s nightmare) the four girls were standing outside waiting for him all while freezing their ASSES OFF … are you freakin kidding me?!?! If I were Nick I would have told her straight up that I didn’t have time to chat (in a nice warm hotel room) because four girls were waiting for me outside … in the cold … at night … in dresses … WTF. And was it just me or were the girl’s jackets HUGE?? It’s like they borrowed them … did anyone else notice that?? Or maybe they were made out of Nick’s turtleneck … LOL … sorry, I HAD to!!

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I was actually dumbfounded when Nick sent Corinne home … I wonder what Raquel is thinking riiiiight now!! Probably that she is gonna kick some Nick ass if she ever runs into him again!! Eeepp!! Seriously, though, I was convinced that Rachel was going to be sent home … considering we know she is the next Bachelorette … so turned out to be a bit of a spoiler … we totally know who the last two are now and it’s between Raven and Vanessa!!

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Raven ended up scoring the first one on one date and while she and Nick enjoyed a nice fireside conversation … Nick swiftly took her wine out of her hand (FYI: Big NO NO guys!!) for fear that she was going to spill it … when instead all she spilled was … well, her whole sexual history. Lol!! TMI Raven … TMI. I couldn’t tell if Nick was put off by the details or secretly giddy over them?? I’m going to go with the latter. But I’m really convinced all he was secretly thinking was “Does this turtle neck make me look too turtle-ly??” … Lol!!!

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I can’t help but feel a little nervous at the thought of Nick and Raven going to the fantasy suite … I just feel like she is on the path to heartbreak and that really worries me as she is such a sweet girl and she hasn’t had the best of luck with guys so far … eeeeppp!!

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Matchmaker Jilly came back last night as well … as I sat there watching (and worrying … LOL!) I started thinking, WHO would I match Raven up with if I could choose a guy for her and I think I really nailed it here … WELLS!!! How DAMN cute would they be as a couple?!

Jillian Harris - The Bachelor Recap-2

And just like THAT as soon as this episode started … it was over!! I felt like I was just getting settled and it’s another “To Be Continued” Gahhhh!!!! Looks like we are going to have to wait until next week to wrap this one up!! I think next week might be a full blown wine and snacks evening …

So before we go, tell me … who do you think is going to get the final rose? Raven or Vanessa?? Share your guess in the comments section below!!

Until next week …




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  1. Unfortunately I think Andi’s only purpose for this episode was so Nick could apologize for calling her out on “After the Final Rose” years back for sleeping with him. I think a lot of people watching this season are pretty annoyed with him for that comment years back, and now with his own fantasy suites coming up how could he not be judged for doing exactly what Andi did years ago? And it will make perfect sense when he decides to not take Rachel to the Fantasy Suite(not a spoiler just what I think will happen based on her definitely not making it past this episode), and will be solely based on Andi’s advice.

  2. I have a sneaky suspicion that he just might take Rachel to the end and then tell her he’s not ready to commit. He told Andi that he might send all 30 home. They have us all assuming Rachel will be going home next but I’m not sure about it. Just think if she was in the final two, we all know the other girl will get the Rose and she doesn’t!! Talk about a surprise ending…I think that’s why they announced it so early.

  3. I honestly almost turned it off after Corinne got sent home! I was so bummed – I just loved how she was sort of supposed to be the villain this season but was actually hilarious and adorable. I was so rooting for her! We all know it’s not Rachel, and I don’t really care about the other two. I feel like I’m the only one who doesn’t love Vanessa, but she rubs me the wrong way. I think Andy was just there to add to the drama/suspense? Either way, it was very awkward.

  4. I think he’s going to pick Raven. I think he has a great connection with Vanessa also but he has mentioned wanting someone adventurous and fun several times and I think Vanessa may be more serious than what he’s looking for.

    And what the heck was up with his turtleneck? You’d think he would wear that after the fantasy suites ?

  5. I don,t get why Andi was there at all, really after this long, you need to let it go and move on, also he needs to get his head together and know what he wants, now as for Raven, again thought the same TMI especially with the camera,s rolling, she should have waited till they were alone in the fantasy suite and then told him, I think Nick is not going to go further then he should with Raven, if he knows she isn,t the one, and how she has been hurt, and she will be hurt if she is not chosen, then i think he might and should not push it any further, and love the idea of Raven and Wells , or Raven and Luke, those are great choices for sure,I am wondering about a Raven and Jared Haibon, and just a thought, he is one of my faves, and i am looking forward to more bachelor next week, unreal how we only got an a hour this week, its just not enough, and can,t wait to see the Women Tell All next week should be good.

  6. I wish he would have kept Corrine and Raquel around. The three of them would have been very happy together. I love Vanessa, she was my pick from night one but I’m not convinced he is ready to settle down with someone so mature and put together. Now who can we match Vanessa with……..

  7. Come on Jill, you were on the show. You know full well that they paid Andi to show up. She did not come up with that idea by herself or do it as a good samaritan or friend to Nick!

    1. Agreed! As someone who has been on the show twice (Bachelor and Bachelorette) and is part of the Bachelor “family” I’m not sure why Jillian acts like this show isn’t influenced by the people behind the camera. She knows how it works and can’t be completely oblivious to the fact that things we see are often producer driven (like Andi showing up) or due to editing (making it look like the women are standing outside freezing while Nick is talking to Andi). Both Nick and Andi’s terrible acting alone are dead giveaways that Andi didn’t just show up on her own accord. I like your blog Jillian but come on, be more honest with your readers! You know how this show operates, please don’t pretend like you don’t.

  8. Not convinced he is in love or soon to be with any of the girls. If he does choose Vanessa, I don’t think it will last as I think she likes her life and won’t want to be in the spotlight post Bachelor. I do see him choosing her and wanting love to grow, but I see it not working out. As much as he says he is ready for love and commitment, it looks doubtful. I don’t think Raven is right for him, but Wells would be a good match for her. Waiting for next week…

  9. Oh Jillian, I can’t even… 1st – You NAILED it with Wells and Raven. EEKS, adorbs is an understatement.. Ok, now the turtleneck.. Low quality fabric, his neck was itchy and I was peeing my pj’s. then when it snuck up to cover his mouth, I was definitely thinking the man above did that to prevent him from saying something really dumb. Raven; She is an absolute dollface. She is absolutely the cutest young lady… She’s going to be broken hearted, we can only hope he did not sleep with her, and god if he did, hopefully, Andi was right and the sex was not all that. LMAO…. I know you Canadian ladies stick together, but Vanessa is way too advanced for Nick. Her career, her drive and her poise. She is not going to leave Canada to watch him dance, and to sit and wait for a modeling gig when she has her kids at home (school) waiting. Not going to do it. I give the 15 min. after their media run. Did I mention I love Raven? LOL

  10. Firstly, I thought the meeting with Andi was dumb also, but it was nice to see them make up and have some closure over their past. I agree with everything you said: girls freezing on the roof, episode 1 hour long, Raven TMI was cringeworthy. He will pick Vanessa.

  11. I don’t think Nick is going to pick anyone….have you noticed there is not 1 preview of him standing there getting ready to propose???? I just have this feeling……………

  12. I’m very worried!!!! At the beginning Vanessa was my favorite… but I (and I think Nick as well) have slowly fallen head over heals for Raven!!! She’s AWESOME!!!! She’s funny and sweet and I think she’s got a little wild streak waiting to come out. She’s no nonsense no drama and as my 11-year-old daughter pointed out was the only one that tried to keep that volley ball game together!! The convo about the big O was a little much. I think Vanessa might be too demanding and too much for Nick. I say go through life with the light fun one… she has a deeper side but we don’t have to be deep every minute of the day… that’s way too exhausting :))

  13. Nobody is going to O town with that turtleneck in the fantasy suite. Burn it!!!! ? Really hoping Raven is Nicks lady. They seem to be the most compatible. Vanessa is a bit too intense for Nick and I can’t imagine she would be okay with leaving her family. She is absolutely gorgeous tho….yowza!

  14. For the record, it was only an hour because of the HUGE 2 hour special event that was on last night, and was super important. Maybe consider that next time you want to make offhanded comments about why the bachelor was only an hour this week.

  15. I think he actually picks Rachel for the final rose , then changes his mind and calls Corrine back. The switcheroo has happened before!

  16. First of all, I loved your blog. ??My thoughts exactly. Episode way to short and next week too long. I think he’ll choose Raven. If he does in fact choose someone. I think Vanessa will give him the hard questions she so needs answered and Nick won’t be able to provide her the with that. She seems to be too mature for him and was wishing she’d be chosen as the next Bachelorette. But since the spoiler………I wish Rachel all the best. She also deserves it.

  17. I loved your blog! I had a good laugh, and isn’t that the whole point? To find humor in this world? Good for you Jilly. We just have to ignor the any rude remarks. Thank goodness their is only the odd one.
    I too thought it was too short a show. Can’t wait now until next week. Not sure who Nick will pick now. Anyway, thanks for the laughs. Bye for now.

  18. What was with that 1 hr BS?! And what was Andi doing there? Seemingly giving Nick permission to sleep with multiple women?! I got the impression she was thinking he would feel like a hypocrite if he did after calling her out on national television, and she wanted to encourage him to go for it? It was kind of weird, especially how the girls were waiting. I wasn’t surprised Corinne went, but am wondering what is happening with Rachel? Maybe she will be in the top 2? Naw, probably not. That would give away the suspense at the end. I actually think he will pick TMI Raven, though Rachel is my fave

    1. There was a special 2 hour event documentary after The Bachelor on Monday, which I said in my previous comment and you seemed to feel it was ‘unimportant’… Maybe if you looked at your TV schedule next time.

      1. Why do you need to post rude comments? Clearly no one commenting on this post knows what you are talking about, and we can’t look at the guide after the fact, so why not simply tell us what was so important that it had to be scheduled on the same night as overnight dates?

        1. Oh, gee, I don’t know… Maybe the HUGE documentary about the Gay Rights Movement that’s been advertised for weeks… I wouldn’t expect someone as selfishly rude as your acting to understand the importance of that, though, oh perfect “voice of reason”. Ironic name for someone acting so ignorantly rude. But, you’re right, that special is totally WAY LESS important than Nick Viall having overnight dates on the Bachelor. Really.

          1. You seem to operating under the misconception that every one posting here is living in the same country as you and watching The Bachelor on the same channel as you. They aren’t. I have never heard of the documentary you are speaking of, and don’t care for your response, which was even ruder than your previous comments..

          2. And I don’t care for your blind ignorance about something that was literally everywhere. You need to check your attitude if you think I am the only one being rude.

          3. Rudeness again! I don’t believe the documentary was shown in Canada after the Bachelor on City TV as I have not seen any ads for it. At any rate, I’m done attempting to converse with you since you refuse to be polite.

  19. I absolutely agree that it was not okay that the girls had to stay out in the freezing cold. Honestly I was hoping Corrine would go home. She is more than the girl we saw as she acted with the women, however she definitely did not seem right for Nick. I love Vanessa and Raven so much! Vanessa is just such a wonderful person and so loving. You are totally right, Raven is such a sweet girl and I think any guy would be lucky to be with her. I’m not sure who Nick will propose to. I will say that, ignoring feelings and what not, Raven seems the more suitable choice due to the problems of Vanessa wanting to live in Quebec. He cannot force her to move and uproot her life and she cannot ask him to move away from his family. If he ends up with Vanessa, there is a lot of things to sort out.

    P.S I totally agree, Wells and Raven would be such a cute couple. I love Wells!

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