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The Bachelor Recap: The Battle of the Beauty Queens

Hi everyone! It’s Mindy here and I’m back with another recap of The Bachelor! Did you catch last night’s episode? If you haven’t watched it yet, and you don’t want me to spoil anything, make sure to come back to this blog once you’re all caught up!

However, for those of you who spent last night glued to the TV screen (like me!) let’s chat about a few things! LOL! It’s no joke that things are starting to heat up for Colton … girls are starting to get a little competitive and the claws are starting to come out! I mean, we all knew it was only a matter of time before that happened anyway!

Well, let’s dig into it, shall we?!


Demi is definitely around to keep the girls (and Colton!!) on their toes! There’s no doubt she is causing some tension in the house between a few of the girls (and it looks like there’s more of that to come next week!). But I honestly don’t think she is a threat. I mean, I know it would be hard for the other girls in the house to not view her as a threat considering she goes for what she wants and she is VERY confident. However, I feel like those qualities might start to work against her!

As I was watching her odd little encounter with Colton last night (the fake hand rubbing down his body and then butt paddling?!) … and how aggressive she was towards him … you could almost see Colton pulling back a little. I think he feels very awkward around her and I don’t think they have the same chemistry as he has with some of the other girls! Ahem … Cassie … ahem!!

Also … can someone say Bachelor in Paradise?? I can TOTALLY see Demi on the next season! She ALMOST reminds me of Corinne!!

Jillian Harris - The Bachelor Recap


Jill called this one from the get go! She thinks (and still thinks!) Cassie is going to get the final rose and I think she’s on to something! Cassie and Colton (I mean, that even SOUNDS GOOD, doesn’t it?!) have this sort of crazy electricity when they’re around each other. They are both very calm, they connect, they’re both a bit awkward and giggly … these two have a genuine connection and NONE of it seems forced.

Cassie doesn’t cause any drama, she pays Colton the right attention, when they have one on one time it’s completely focused on the two of them … I truly think these two are going to go the distance!

Jillian Harris - The Bachelor Recap


As I mentioned in my last recap, I think Elyse is so sweet and there’s no denying that she ALSO has a great connection with Colton. I thought their one on one date was the CUTEST thing ever!! However, while I think Elyse will make it very far this season I don’t think she will score the last rose. I hate to say that as I really do like her but I just have a feeling she might make top three and then be sent home. However, there is a silver lining here … I would LOVE to see her as the next Bachelorette!! Wouldn’t you?!

Jillian Harris - The Bachelor Recap

Hannah B & Caelynn

This whole situation makes me cringe and want to bury my head in the sand. I have no clue which one of these girls is telling the truth but I’m sure they both equally feel the same about each other! Obviously! LOL! They’re both naturally competitive and have that beauty queen (I’ll kick your ass but play sweet to your face) mentality … and it’s not going anywhere any time soon.

Hannah should have never started this entire conversation with Colton as it has snowballed since and not to mention, it completely backfired on Hannah in the first place. It was the most awkward thing I have ever watched. She started complaining about Caelynn (the last thing guys want to hear about is girl drama lol!), and you could see Colton just shut down. He wanted to get to the truth but you could also tell he was very put off by the whole thing. I mean, did you see the kiss?! Ugh.

Also, did you see when Colton pulled Caelynn aside after he spoke with Hannah and then we walked right over to the table and picked up THE ROSE to give to Caelynn that was DIRECTLY in front of Hannah?! I died a little inside for Hannah when that happened but she totally brought it on herself by kickstarting this whole mess! Face. Palm.

I think Colton might let Hannah go soon over this … I think he will get sick of the drama and I TOTALLY think he feels a stronger connection with Caelynn at this point.

Jillian Harris - The Bachelor Recap

Top Contenders

I think Colton is going to have a hard time choosing who will get the last rose as I feel like he has so many unique connections happening … the following girls are most definitely in the lead as it sits right now (in my opinion!). I’ve also marked who I think will make it to the top 3!

  • Cassie (Top 3)
  • Caelynn (Top 3)
  • Hannah G. (Top 3)
  • Elyse
  • Katie
  • Nicole

There you have it!! Who do YOU think will make the top three?? Comment below!



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  1. I have no idea why anyone pays any attention to Demi. I would just avoid her. She is very bitchy and insecure, and left to her own devices, she will dig her own grave. She was so fake with Colton, working so hard to force a connection that doesn’t exist, and it was super annoying that she was fixated on everyone’s age again. I was disappointed we didn’t get to see her pouting at the house when she found out Elyse was getting the one on one date! That would have been golden.

    The Caelynn and Hannah drama is also ridiculous. They both need to shut their traps and focus on their own relationship with Colton. I don’t think either are a good fit for him, or will make it to the final 4. They are beginning to self destruct.

    The one on one date was definitely the highlight of the night. Elyse is lovely, and I cried when she talked about her sister. I agree that she would make a great Bachelorette. I think she and Katie will be in the final 4, along with the final 2, Hannah G and Cassie.

  2. I love Cassie and Elyse but your right I don’t think she will get the final rose. Cassie however she is adorable and sweet and kind and is really into him they both light up when they are around each other. Hanna and Cailyn have to go. Drama that fast is a sure sign.

  3. I think Cassie was one of the first out of the limo and I said at that moment, Cassie is the winner. I still think he is head over heels for her. I also think Hannah G. will go fair.

    As for the pageant drama, that needs to FLY! It’s funny how editing can change your view. I first thought Caelynn was the bad egg, then I switched to Hannah …… now I think Caelynn is REALLY good at acting and pleasing her crowd. I think she is playing everyone and works around whoever she is with. She is better at acting then Hannah is, lol.

  4. I have a top 4 that includes all of your top 3 plus Katie M. My final two is Hannah G. and Cassie and I have Hannah G. for the last one standing, but it could easily be Cassie too. My gut tells me that Hannah B. is the one not telling the truth. The fact that she brought the situation up to him at all is a red flag to me. I don’t think Caelyn would have said anything if Hannah B. didn’t. She seemed very focussed on Colton until Hannah B. brought it up. Not to say that Caelyn was for sure blameless in whatever happened, but just from the way Hannah has chosen to talk about Caelyn when it’s just her talking to the camera (and with Colton), I get the sense that she lacks maturity and is likely very jealous of Caelyn. And it sucks for Caelyn because I could see her with Colton, but I think this situation will hurt her unfairly. Just my two cents!

  5. Very nice recap. I agree with your top 3 picks. 🙂
    Also wanted to say Congrats on the new site. It’s kind of early for wine but I grabbed some anyways, lol. It’s very Jillian…if that makes sense. Love it!

  6. Yes! I thought you guys had discontinued the Bachelor recaps, and I am so glad it is still on! Thanks, Mindy! Demi is just immature. Hannah B gives me the creeps as she is so fixated on comparing herself with Caelynn! Jealousy literally makes Hannah B look so scary!

    P.S. Congrats on the new website!

  7. Totally agree about Elyse is amazing but I’m not sure she will be the final rose ? but she would make a fantastic bachelorette!

  8. Putting it out there- why do people think one of the beauty queens are telling the truth and one is a ‘liar’? Colton seems like he has to figure it out but why doesn’t he realise that neither has to be at fault or consciously not telling him the truth. Neither are giving specifics on what happened- it seems like they had a disagreement and are no long er friends. Therefore they believe the other has negative traits or a bad character because each felt betrayed- as happens when you end a friendship. Why Colton must know who is telling ‘the truth’ is going to be frustrating to watch because each believe their own version of events because to me it seems it is about the way in which each of the girls recall how their friendship broke down rather than an event in itself

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