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The Bachelor Recaps are BACK: Guess Who Is Writing Them?

Hi guys! Kayla here! I’m so excited to be taking over The Bachelor recaps! I want to assure you guys that you’re in GREAT hands as my Bachelor knowledge dates back to watching Trista and Ryan’s season in my parent’s living room when I was fourteen years old… watching steamy make-out sessions with your mom isn’t awkward at all! LOL! Up until this point, my Bachelor claim to fame was that time Sean Lowe replied to one of my tweets back in 2014 (I mean, it was a pretty good tweet?!), and now here I am… writing The Bachelor recaps for Jillian freaking Harris! Is this real life?!

So! Before I dig into this week’s recap, I figured I’d introduce myself and tell you how I landed this amazing opportunity with Team Jilly! I’m a 31-year-old from Newfoundland (a proud Newfie!) and a mom to my cute as a button son, Will! I have a background in Industrial Engineering Technology and I work as a Project Planner for a ship design company!

I just went through an extremely challenging year, and I guess you could say that my breakdown was my breakthrough! I went into 2020 with a PLAN… invest in myself, set goals and see them through, show up for myself and my son every day, and focus on doing the things in life that I’m passionate about; one of those things was to find a way to express my creative outlet!

So, perhaps it was a combination of recently reading Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis (which lit a fire under my ass – holy inspiring!) and a couple glasses of red wine (you gotta love that liquid courage!), but one night as I was watching The Bachelor a light bulb went off! As an aspiring member of Team Jilly (don’t we all aspire to this? LOL!) and a Bachelor superfan, I decided I would get in touch with Team Jilly and offer to write The Bachelor recaps… I mean, what did I have to lose??? The subject of my email was “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take”, I explained my story and my idea, hit send and waited! I’ll be totally honest here – I did NOT expect a reply. But low and behold… just days later, I received an email from Mindy! Now, here I am! I get to collaborate with a group of empowering women while finally finding that creative outlet I’ve been looking for?! Somebody pinch me, please!!

Holy moly, you guys! We have a lot to cover here… 5 hours of The Bachelor in one week?! Grab a coffee or a glass of rosé(it’s 5 o’clock somewhere!), get cozy and let’s get to it! Since this is our first recap of the season, I cannot start off without pointing out the fact that Peter is a total BABE – and I’m so happy that he was chosen as The Bachelor! I mean, just look at him?!

Episode 5 – Costa Rica, baby!

Peter sends Alayah home right out the gate! I’m actually surprised she wasn’t kept around to play the villain for weeks and weeks… did anyone else get major Luke. P vibes from Alayah?! The fact that everyone in the house didn’t like her and Peter was the only one who couldn’t see it was really making me think she would be around all season! But unlike Hannah Beast, I feel like Peter has a really hard time making decisions on his own and has been easily influenced by the women in the house! Who do you guys think will be the next villain now that Alayah is gone?!

Sydney’s One on One

Okay… has anyone else noticed all the cheesy analogies said on all these dates?? Once I started noticing them now, I can’t stop and they are sooo cringey! Sydney starts her date saying “I can’t wait for our love to take flight today!” and as they fly off in a helicopter over the jungle in Costa Rica, Peter says “I think it’s safe to say love is in the air!” LOL, it’s so bad… but I digress, back to business!

This date was totally lackluster for me! I can’t tell if Peter is really into Sydney or not – he did tell her she was the best kisser followed by a super-steamy waterfall make-out sesh??? So, I think there’s definitely a physical connection but I’m not overly confident there’s more than that?! Would you guys agree?

Group Date

Oh my gosh, this date was SO uncomfortable to watch! The group date was a Cosmopolitan bikini photoshoot and the “winner” received a photoshoot with Peter for the cover of the magazine! Sounds fun right?? Wrong! It was horrible. A group of women in super-hot bikinis, all making out with the same guy literally RIGHT in front of each other? Does anyone else find the extreme case of spit swapping a little disgusting?! Eek!

Victoria. F is chosen as the winner of the contest and is awarded a hot Costa Rican photoshoot with Peter… while all the other girls burn holes through her from the cliffs above. LOL! Gotta love a good ol’ group date to display the opposite of women supporting women… But seriously you guys, the name-calling this season is harsh! Don’t you think?!

Kelley’s One on One

My girl, Kelley! She has been the front runner for me from the start and I was SO shocked about how this date went down! The date started with a spiritual session in the mountains that suggested Peter and Kelley were not on the same wavelength! Uh oh!

Later that evening, Peter expressed his concerns about how Kelley seemed too comfortable and hasn’t been fighting for his attention like all the other girls, which basically screams that Kelley is a mature ass woman that avoids the drama! Am I right?! It’s a shame to me that Kelley’s maturity is what Peter is considering her downfall?? I LOVE how Kelley put Peter in his place about him feeding into all the drama in the house and rewarding the women for their bad behaviour … amen to that! I think Peter realized that he’s just as much to blame for Kelley keeping her distance and ended the date by giving her the rose! Phew!

Episode 6 – Things get spicy in Chile!

Holy drama! *insert eating popcorn meme here* LOL! This episode kicks off with a preview of the much anticipated two on one date! Nothing will top the two on one from Jojo’s season with Crazy Chad and Army Alex. Jojo sent Chad home (shocker!) and he returned after the date to let all the guys know he’s coming for them after the show! Oh, Chad.

Let’s dig in!

Hannah Ann’s One on One

Peter and Hannah Ann spend the day exploring Santiago, just having fun and taking in the Chilean culture…. and smashing hot dogs in each other’s faces?! Things you should NOT do on a first date… LOL! Did anyone else feel like they were watching a job interview on the second part of this date?! Peter was grilling Hannah Ann on why she thinks she’s ready for marriage and she reeeeally didn’t have the answers he was looking for – he had to excuse himself from dinner out of frustration! After watching this date, I have a funny feeling we’ll be seeing Hannah Ann on the next season of Bachelor in Paradise. Would you guys agree?!

Group Date

I actually really enjoyed this group date! The ladies and Peter got to film a scene in a telenovela and even though it was pretty cheesy, it was fun to see the girl’s personalities come out! Kelley stood out the most to me and had so much fun playing the granny role – I think I have a major girl crush on her?!

The second part of this date was jam-packed with drama! It started off with Peter sending Victoria. P home and I did NOT see that coming!!! I don’t think she did either based on her reaction… she was PISSED! I freakin’ love Madison! She’s been getting very little screen time but when she does it’s always so cute to watch her and Peter together! Their time got cut short by the catfight going on with Tammy and Mykenna and all the drama led to Peter planning a two on one date with both of them… juicy!!!

Victoria. F’s Second One on One

I feel like I’m noticing a trend with Victoria that she’s always looking for some sort reassurance? You can tell Peter is CRAZY about her and I feel like everyone is aware of that besides Victoria?? This date started out great, but as it went into the evening Victoria started to spiral! She yet again tells Peter how she feels she’s not cut out for this and “maybe you’d be better off with someone else who can do it”. Eyeroll. I’ve always been a Victoria fan but lately, she’s getting on my nerves with this passive-aggressive BS!

Two on One: Tammy vs. Mykenna

First of all, can I just call out Tammy for saying “no little girl with blonde hair, from Canada, is gonna ruin my chances” Ummmm… excuse me?! I feel personally victimized by this statement… LOL! Rude. This date was basically just two girls throwing each other under the bus and ultimately Peter was left to decide who he believed… and he decided to keep our little blonde Canadian girl! Woop woop! Although Mykenna did survive the two on one, she ended up getting dumped at the rose ceremony! Weh!

Woah! That was a lot to cover… are ya still with me?! LOL! Let’s discuss my front runners based on the two episodes this week, shall we?!


I really think there’s something to be said for the girls who don’t get a lot of screen time at the beginning of the show… you can pretty much guarantee they’ll make up for it in later episodes! We barely got to see Madison at all the past two episodes which are probably because she stays out of the drama, and this week was jampacked with it! The preview for next week showed a one on one date with Madison and I am here for it!

Victoria. F

I think Victoria and Peter had an instant connection and even on group dates she has continued to stand out from the crowd! I think Peter feels the most strongly for Victoria, without a doubt, BUT I do sense a lot of hesitation with her that may play a big role in the possible downfall of their relationship?! I can totally see Victoria making it to hometowns and I’m excited to see how it all plays out!


Last but certainly not least in my books! Nothing has changed and Kelley is still my favourite of the season! I always appreciate a girl who truly appears to be there for the “right” reasons and I don’t question her intentions at all. I think the seeds of doubt that were planted this week was just to throw us all for a loop! Kelley is here to stay and I predict we will see her in the finale!

What did you guys think of all the drama that went down?! And who are you front runners after this crazy week? Let me know in the comments!

Until next week!



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  1. Love that the Bachelor recaps have returned! I agree with Kayla – I think that Kelley is the dark horse of the season. Will be looking forward to these every week! Yay!

  2. Kayla, this is such an amazing accomplishment. I’m so proud of you!
    I just read this using your voice in my head, I love how it’s so you! I’m fangirling so hard right now.
    Can’t wait for your next recap post!!!

  3. This was awesome!! Great recap and look forward to future recaps. So excited for a fellowNewfie to be a part of Team Jilly!!!

  4. Wow! Great recap, Kayla! You covered it all so well!

    I think we are totally on the same wavelength this season! Kelley and Madison are my faves by a landslide– gotta love strong, mature and confident women, right?!

    Can’t wait for next week’s post- this is such a great addition to an already amazing page!

    PS: You and your little boy are SO cute, happy to hear you’ve been killing 2020 so far! Kudos to you!

    Janelle xo

  5. The one I ‘m trying to figure out is Chelsea. He seems to be smitten by her. Do you think she will make it to hometown’s???

  6. I am so in love with bachelor recaps because I’m curious what other people’s perspectives are! I agree with almost everything you said.
    First, Hannah Ann cries because she thought she was going home. I also felt Peter gave her too hard of a time questioning her readiness just because she had never been in love before. I think that says a lot about her though, she doesn’t just fall in love with anyone and everyone. I was also shocked when Victoria P went home! Totally didn’t see that coming! I was also shocked by Kelley’s one on one; for a minute, I thought she was going to be sent home!! (NOOOOO!) but thankfully she didn’t haha I still think in the long run though, her maturity will be her downfall purely based on the decisions Peter has been making this far. Which is unfortunate because she seems The most real and ready girl in the house. I felt the two on one was a total waste because he ended up sending Mykenna home at the end of the night anyway. Sydney being sent home was a surprise also, like you said because of their strong physical connection. Overall, I felt this weeks episodes can be summarized by one word: shocking! I’m hoping that the rest of the season has less petty drama so we can actually focus on the love stories now. And the teaser trailers they keep showing are killing me, what is going to happen?!?

  7. I feel like this weeks episode can be summed up with one word: shocking! I agree with almost everything that you said. Here are some of my thoughts…
    Sydney’s one on one: definitely a strong physical connection, but she doesn’t seem to show much emotion. Still surprised she went home
    Group date: didn’t care for this group date, I also agree with you saying how uncomfortable for the girls. It was super awkward to watch.
    Kelley’s one on one: I was shocked by the conversation that Peter wanted to have with Kelly that night. I feel like her maturity level will still be her downfall in the end, and I am basing this purely on peter’s decisions that we have seen so far.
    Hannah Ann’s one on one: she cried because she was afraid she was going to be sent home. End of story.
    Group date: telenovela was pretty funny, I liked that as far as group dates go. SOOOO shocked Victoria P got sent home, like where did that come from?!
    Victoria F’s one on one: She is exhausting to watch. So she is exhausting to watch. She’s so unsure all the time and needs constant reassurance but she is so whiny about everything! and I agree with what you said about how she seems to spiral. I like her but she’s got to get it together haha
    Tammy vs Mykenna: what a waste of time! Why did he tell MyKenna he trusted her and Basically gave her the false hope of staying, only to send her home a couple hours later??

    Overall, it seems like Peter has finally gotten rid of the most dramatic people so I am hoping that now we can focus on the love stories instead. The teaser trailers they keep showing though are driving me crazy, what is going to happen at the end?!

  8. Great post!
    I felt the same, totally felt like he was interviewing the girls at times! Kelley gave it to him good! She didn’t have a chance to open up to him because he spent on his time addressing the drama.
    Can’t wait to read next week 🙂

  9. Great post!! Couldn’t agree more with the above summary! P.s Kelley all the way!
    Can’t wait for next week!

  10. Yes Kayla!!!!! So proud… while I’m not a diehard bachelor fan, I must definitely am a Kayla fan, and will follow your journey as a member of team Jilly!!!

  11. Wow, from the mom that watched it from the beginning with you I couldn’t be more proud.
    Kayla, you did an excellent job and I’m looking forward to following this journey you are on. XOXO

  12. Wish I thought of this! Love your point of view and fully agree about Kelley. She is so down to earth and you can tell, just a very genuine person. Can’t wait to read next week!

  13. Welcome Kayla! It is so great to have an East coaster on Team Jilly! I loved your recap and cant wait for next weeks. I love Peter from last season and was so happy he would be the Bachelor but now I am finding that he is playing into the girls too much (wants to be the nice guy and hear them all out). Chelsea needs to go, since the Champagne craziness, I have not been a fan of hers. She is way too Emotional!!! I am having a hard time finding a front runner this season because of so much drama and not getting to know each girl. Kelly is definitely in my radar because she is mature and not there for the drama (and told Peter exactly the way it is). I loved Shiann’s exit comment to him!
    Thank you for a great recap!

  14. Loved every minute of reading this recap ! Totally nailed the details ! Can’t wait to keep following your post’s

  15. Yay!! The recaps are back!
    Amazing Job, Kayla!
    I can’t wait to see what the next recap post has in store for us 🙂

    -Melissa xo

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