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The Bachelorette Recap: Hannah Has Her Hands Full

Hi everyone! Mindy here! Did you catch last night’s episode of The Bachelorette?? I don’t know about you but there were a couple of things that seemed a bit ODD to me … I mean, other than the fact that Hannah wore ALL white for her ATV mud bogging date with Tyler … and the fact that Luke told Hannah he loved her?? Anyone else confused like me?

Well, let’s chat about a couple of things quickly, shall we?? Because I feel like Hannah has her hands full this season …


Ok … I don’t really know where to begin here … Cam is a bit of an odd duck … right?? I think he is a little obsessed with Hannah and it’s coming off a bit creepy to me. Do you feel the same way or am I overthinking this?? Also … can we talk about his “ABC” reference … “Always be Cam” … I’m curious to know what “being Cam” actually means? Or do I want to know? Maybe not … lol.

I think Cam will end up sticking it out for a while because he is one of those guys that stirs up a bit of drama but I definitely don’t think he suits Hannah … at all.

Jillian Harris The Bachelorette Recap

Luke P

I’m a liiiiittle confused how (and WHY??) Luke got away with just pouring out his heart on stage for the talent show?? I mean, John Paul Jones rode a unicycle … Jed sang … and Luke P just stood up there and told Hannah how much he is falling for her and then walked up and kissed her? Did we all forget it was a talent show when he took his shirt off? LOL. I’m so baffled and to be honest, I don’t buy it.

I was hoping that Luke was the real deal but the more I see him interact with Hannah the more worried I get. Luke knows he is a looker and he KNOWS how attracted Hannah is to him and (in my opinion) he is using it to his advantage. I have a feeling we will be seeing him on Bachelor in Paradise in the near future!

Jillian Harris The Bachelorette Recap


I think Jed is a sweet guy and while he can come off a bit cheesy from time to time, I actually think he suits Hannah the most right now! Maybe it’s because I’m comparing him to both Cam and Luke but I was really happy to see him get the rose on their group date. I think Jed will continue to impress us as the season goes on (well, I HOPE he does!). If all goes well I could 100% see him in the top 2 at the end of this!

ALSO … how awkward was it when Jed walked in on Hannah and Luke hardcore making out?! Ugh … I could barely watch that scene but Jed handled it like a champ.

Jillian Harris The Bachelorette Recap

What were some of the moments last night that made YOUR mouth drop (other than Luke’s abs, that is ?)?? I have to admit, I’m a little nervous to see how next week unfolds as I think we might finally see the REAL Luke … under all of those muscles. LOL. Sorry, I had to.

Until next week!


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  1. I am totally loving Jed too! I also agree about Cam and Luke. I am hoping she sends Cam home soon!

  2. I am starting to get disheartened with this season of the Bachelorette. I was hoping Hannah would be smarter than a few of her predecessors, but…. Luke .is just creepy and obviously too young and immature to have feelings for any woman. If Hannah is falling for this bozo, then she has more problems than just being horny. Cam? Are you kidding. The guy is a slime-ball and should have gone home , But of course, we all knew they’d all hang on to this loser too. Jed? Those Nashville dudes never seem to work out. There seems to be a few other guys that have potential, but unfortunately we haven’t seen much of them so far, other than Tyler G.., What about Brian,. Garrett,, Kevin, Peter and of course, Tyler C. Lets see a little more of these guys please!

  3. Hi Mindy,

    I agree with you regarding last nights show. Cam won’t make it to the end of this weird process, but I suspect Luke P and Jed just might. I find Luke P to be pretentious and totally into himself. He might find Hannah attractive but claiming to be falling in love with her is just nonsense at this point in the game …. and it does feel like a game, like a race to the finish line for some of these dudes. Luke strikes me as a decent enough guy from what we’ve seen of him so far … but who knows what’s scripted or not.

  4. Cam has got to go. He is super creepy. He’s acting like a stalker. Luke is so phony. I was very disappointed she gave him that sash when he didn’t even try to tackle some form of talent because he was afraid to look silly. That was exactly the opposite of what she said she wanted. Hot as he may be in a speedo, he needs to go, too! (I was surprised that Jed looked pretty darn good. too!).

    I’m still all about Peter and Jed. We didn’t get to see much in the way of sparks with anyone else so far, so I still can’t pin point who the other 2 will be on the home towns? Definitely not Cam, and I’m hoping not Luke. He’s bad news.

  5. All I can say say is, Run Hannah Run… From Luke P. Eeeeek
    Great season so far, I just love Hannah!

  6. Oh yes Me too with the White outfit and mud. Soon as I realized where they were going I thought “ that’s the stupidest wardrobe choice on record!!” Totally ruined a nice outfit. Water resistant coveralls might not be sexy but more practical.
    Cam is a jerk. But it seems that during every Season they have a Red Herring in the mix to get everyone riled up. He will be there until the producers tell her he can go.
    I like the Pilot.

  7. In my opinion, Cam and Luke P. should be sent home. Cam does come off obsessed with Hannah and Luke comes on way too strong for my liking. I am thinking that John Paul could also be a player. I could see Hannah with Peter.

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