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The Bachelorette Recap: Let’s Chat About Colton!

Hey everyone! Mindy here! Sorry this blog is a day late, we have been busy little bees the last couple of days getting ready for an exciting partnership with Etsy that’s coming down the pipeline! I’ll let Jillian fill you in on ALL of that at a later date! Right now, let’s chat about Monday’s episode of the Bachelorette … and more importantly, let’s chat about COLTON!


I was SO EXCITED when Becca chose Colton for the first one on one date as I definitely have a huge soft spot for him! I thought the date went well leading up to dinner minus the whole conch thing and seeing them eat whatever in the hell that was out of the shell which actually made me feel sick to my stomach!! Anyone else get grossed out over this?!

Then the dinner portion of the date arrived and Colton confessed to Becca that he’s a virgin. Okay, for starters, this takes a lot of balls for someone to admit to the ENTIRE world, and I think it’s something that should be appreciated and respected. I was totally shocked by Becca’s initial reaction to hearing this news … she got up from the table and just left him sitting there. How weird was that?! I was a bit miffed that this happened at first but then I came across some tweets from Becca and Colton and it seems as though she had just got up to go to the bathroom and they made it seem like she walked away at that point … so odd.

Jillian Harris The Bachelorette

Anyway, did you see the preview for next week?? Tia is back and she pulls Becca aside and basically says that she has to be honest with her and that something is making her sick!!! WHAT IS IT?!?! I mean, I can’t help but think it’s something about Colton. What are your predictions here??


I think Becca likes Garret but I don’t think she LOVES Garret … but I could be wrong here?? I feel as though she was trying really hard to find something wrong with him but in the end, didn’t really end up with anything. Unless she is trying to FIND something wrong with him because she DOES love him and she wants to find that one red flag sooner rather than later?? Who knows! Anyway, I honestly don’t think they will end up together in the end but I’m so curious to see how his hometown goes!!


Blake is seriously HEAD OVER HEELS for Becca and there is a part of me who thinks he is moving WAY too quickly and I have an inkling that this one may get his heart hurt. First off, he refers to Becca as his “girlfriend” … and then he told her that he is falling in love with her. Also, he is getting PRETTY sensitive when it comes to other guys dating her. This could be one of those cases where the guy comes on too strong and it pushes the girl away but I guess we will have to wait and see!

Jillian Harris The Bachelorette Recap


I really like Jason and I think that the two of them would make an awesome couple! I think he is just the right amount of playful, sensitive and serious for her. My fingers are crossed and I’m rooting for Jason to be her pick in the end!! Who do you think it will be??

Jillian Harris The Bachelorette Recap


Oh, Leo … did you see at the end when they left him on the deserted island that he was waving bye to them?! Ugh, that broke my heart but I wasn’t surprised when Becca let him go, I knew they didn’t have the best connection. You could tell particularly by the awkward forehead kissing going on while Becca was chatting with him … normally girls would swoon over that and instead, it sort of came off cringe-worthy. Anyway, I think Leo is a sweetie and I hope he finds the love of his life and rides off on a horse into the sunset with her. Ok, maybe that’s just me slipping into la-la-land because I think that Leo looks like he belongs on the cover of those romance novels.


Wills is also a sweet guy but like I said in my previous posts, he was put in the friend zone early on so it’s not a shock she let him go!

I can’t WAIT for next week’s episode!! The hometown visits are my absolute FAVE!!! I find it so intriguing to see what everyone’s family life is like and it really shows another side of them … which always ends up making or breaking it!!

Until then …



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  1. I think Leo is creepy creepy creepy. Are you sure he was waving goodbye to them or was he giving them the one finger salute? 🙂 He’s just too much of everything, like a 70’s Porn Star.

  2. I adore Colton. I thought it was so ridiculous that the guys back at the house were speculating that Becca was going to dump him because he was a virgin. Hello fools, she’s not a dude, thinking with her little head! She is female so she will totally get it. (It’s not as though he said he was waiting ’til marriage. That could be problematic if they were engaged and not on the same page). I don’t doubt they edited that clip in of her walking away just to make it look more awkward than it really was. And I doubt Tia is talking about Colton in the clip from next week. Those previews are ALWAYS designed to mislead you.

    I still think it’s Blake as the last man standing, and likely Garret second. I’m hoping Colton will be the next Bachelor.

  3. Love love Colton! He has been my front runner since the beginning! I’m hoping Becca choosing him in the end but i am worried about the previews and Tia! ? I’m not a fan of Blake because he is coming on too strong and i personally don’t think they would make a great couple. I think the final 2 will be Colton and Garrett (or possibily Jason).

  4. Jill I agree with you I like Jason the most. I think he is a cool guy and Becca would have lots of fun with him! You can tell Blake is really into Becca, but I also think he will get his heart broken. I really don’t care for Garret and all the things that was said about him before the Bachelorette were found true.
    As for Colton, Tia does come back to tell Becca she still cares about him. I thought that was pretty shady of Tia. They both go on Bachelor of Paradise and continue to date.
    I hope Jason is her pick and Realty Steve has it wrong again!!

  5. I’m rooting for Colton. I’m hoping they are trying to make her attraction to him and connection with him less obvious through editing. Seems like they would do that to add drama. I also like Jason, I do find Blake too possessive and Garret seems a bit shallow to me. I did notice that Blake was the only one they edited to show he was listening to her which was nice though. My daughter and I watch this together and really can’t tell who she really likes the most, which brings me back to editing, they are doing a good job with that.

  6. regarding the Becca and Colton dinner and Colton telling her the I’m a virgin story if it’s true yeh for him for her twitter statement what showed of her leaving the table she walked out to the hallway and was leaning on the railing ,so that’s a little confusing ,and it looks now like she sent him home after hometowns and Tia spilling more stories as I’ve seen on some feeds he too is going to Bachelor in Paradise .. . guess the producers and the ones who film this drama pick what they think us viewers want to see ..

  7. I’d love Becca to choose Jason but I have a feeling it will be Blake in the end. She just seems to be smitten with him! Jason would make a great Bachelor though… I’m done with the Tia drama. I’m worried she’s going to tell Becca she still has feelings for Colton?! Leo and Wills both seemed like such sweet souls. Garrett needs to go!

  8. Great recap, Mindy! I totally agree – I really hope Jason is her final pick. He became a serious contender in my eyes after the date where his friends met up with them. It looked like he started to tear up, aww. He seems to be taking the process seriously – when he told her he had been praying about it? I’m sold. Plus, they physically look a lot alike, don’t you think? My only complaint is that he needs a better haircut! I’m not a fan of the slicked back look at all. But that can easily be fixed. 🙂

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