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The Bachelorette Recap: Love is in the Air!

Hi everyone! It’s Abbi, and you guessed it, I’m back for another Bachelorette recap! Was it just me, or did it feel like this week’s episode was jam-packed with drama? I mean … I’m not complaining.

As always, if you missed my last recap you can check it out here!

Let’s get right to it, shall we?

Last night’s episode kicked off with Chris Harrison letting the guys that didn’t go on the previous group date know that they would be competing for a shot at a one-on-one with Tayshia. How would they win this? By serenading Tayshia with an original love song! I have to admit, the thought of being on this date gave me instant stage fright! LOL!

We saw everything from Blake playing the accordion to Bennett rapping. But in the end, what sealed the deal was Ivan’s rap performance! As soon as he called her up on stage with him, I knew that he was going on the one-on-one date.

Image Credit: Entertainment Tonight

Ivan and Tayshia’s One-On-One

Ivan and Tayshia started the date by playing a little bit of “the floor is lava” which totally brought me back to my childhood! After that, they ordered some room service and started a very emotional chat. I was SO impressed with Ivan; you could really tell that he was putting his heart on the line and really opening up to her. Sharing that his brother went to jail on national television couldn’t have been easy, but we got to really see the type of person he is; compassionate, down to earth, and caring. When he started to ask Tayshia about her feelings surrounding this year’s cultural and political events, she started to tear up! You could tell that she didn’t really want to open up, but Ivan kept persisting (nicely, of course!). I was just so surprised at how organically their conversation snowballed from there. I can see a great connection in the making. How about you?

Image Credit: Vulture

Group Date

First things first, I don’t know about you but THAT smoothie had me feeling some kind of way … extremely nauseous, that is. Some of the other dare challenges were quite funny, but the one that had me laughing uncontrollably and (quite uncomfortable) was the orgasm noises over the hotel intercom! You could tell that the guys not on the group date had a good chuckle from it as well!

Also, is it just me, or do you think the final dare was a little much? I think that having them fake “propose” would end up ruining the real deal if, in the end, one of the guys from that group date was to get down on one knee? It made it feel a little less sentimental for me if I’m being honest!

Then the guys went onto the truths! I thought that all of the guys did a good job answering the questions, but I wasn’t sold on Blake’s answer. I thought he must have one ex that may mention one of his flaws that she wasn’t fond of, I mean we all have them! Right?!

What I was most excited about during this group date was when Tayshia snuck Zach aside for another chat … in the hot tub … talk about steamy! I find that Zach, while he may be “shy” and keeps to himself, is a very genuine guy! You could tell that they were both really enjoying their conversation, and Tayshia confirmed that by giving him the group date rose! Was anyone else happy about that?

Image Credit: ABC News

Pre Rose Ceremony

You can tell that a few guys, in particular, are feeling the pressure with the rose ceremony evening looming! Two of the guys, Ben and Ed are on the same page and looking to sneak out of the villa and get some more one-on-one time with Tayshia! I don’t know about you, but I was a little stressed out as they headed out to her room at the same time. How funny was it when Ed showed up at Chris Harrison’s room instead of Tayshia’s? LOL!

Is it just me or do you think that Ben seems like a bit of a pushover? I understand that Tayshia was not thrilled with him during the last episode, but he seemed to be overly apologetic during their chat! As their conversation came to an end, I think Ben was a little less nervous and started to become a little more grounded. Ultimately, Tayshia ended up forgiving him and I think she took it quite well.

Image Credit: Flare

The Rose Ceremony

During the rose ceremony, I was happy to see that Ben put his money where his mouth was and took Tayshia aside for the first chat of the night. I feel like, since last night, their connection has really started to evolve, and he’s growing on me!

Before Noah and Tayshia sat down for their chat, I already had an icky feeling about it. Is it just me, or do you not enjoy when contestants throw one another under the bus during one-on-one chats? However, I do understand that there needs to be some level of drama during the show. Let me tell you. It worked. I was hooked! LOL!

I was most frustrated with the fact that Noah didn’t specify who he was talking about during their conversation. Instead, he wanted Tayshia to chat with all of the guys and figure it out for herself. If he wanted to be manly and not cause a scene, I think he should have given her all of the details upfront.

I was impressed that Noah stepped up to the plate and told the guys exactly what happened during his conversation with Tayshia. BUT from their reaction, it doesn’t seem like this. In fact, it happened the way that Noah had described.

Also, I noticed at the end that he already HAD a rose… and he ruined the rest of the cocktail party for the guys going into a rose ceremony without a rose!

Well, that was sure an eventful episode! I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below about if you think contestants with a rose should get to talk to Tayshia during the cocktail party before the guys without a rose?



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