The Bachelorette Recap: The Drama Continues!

We are BACK with another recap of The Bachelorette but before we dig into the DRAMA of last night’s episode, we wanted to let you know that Easton (one of our newest members of Team Jilly!) is taking over these recaps and she’s so excited to share her insights with all of you weekly! So, without further ado, I present to you … EASTON! Let’s give her a warm welcome and show her some LOVE!

Hi everyone! Easton here! I’m so excited to hop on and help out with the blogs from time to time! That episode last night was jam packed with so many emotions and there was so much going on!! It went all the way from the drama between Luke S. and Luke P. (which was absolutely ridiculous!) to the guys “free balling” in kilts while wrestling! LOL! On that note, let’s get straight into it!

Luke P. and Luke S. Drama

Okay first of all, WHY hasn’t Hannah gotten rid of Luke P. yet?! None of the guys like him and that has to say something right?? She should have kicked him to the curb a long time ago in my opinion!! The drama between Luke S. and Luke P. just got WAY out of hand… the way she had to sit them both down together was just embarrassing … right?

My heart hurt for Luke S. when he decided to leave because I felt like this was all Luke P.’s fault!! ? When she gave Luke P. the last rose at the rose ceremony, I was actually yelling at Hannah through the TV screen! LOL! And, to top it off, she gave him a one on one … are you kidding me??

JIllian Harris The Bachelorette Recap

Mike’s One on One

I’m a big fan of Mike, and after their one on one I like him even more!! He is so nice to Hannah and seems like such a genuine guy!! During their entire one on one he wouldn’t stop smiling, you can just tell he cares so much about Hannah, it’s just TOO cute!! I think Hannah can really see a future with Mike and he might be the perfect fit for what she’s looking for, don’t you think?? I have a really good feeling Mike will be around for a long time (fingers crossed), and if not, I’m sure we will see him again sometime soon … maybe in Paradise or as the next Bachelor?!

JIllian Harris The Bachelorette Recap

The Group Date

Okay … was it just me or did anyone else die laughing at the all the guys dressed in the kilts? Especially at the fact that they weren’t wearing anything underneath to ya know … hold it all in … LOL!! We really got to see the guys personalities come out and see them all let loose and have fun after all the drama in the house!!

Jed, yet again, really seemed to stick out to Hannah, and I think it made sense that he received the group date rose. I’m going to call these two the “Country Cuties” … LOL!

JIllian Harris The Bachelorette Recap

The episode OF COURSE ended off with us not knowing if Luke P. was going to receive a rose from their one on one! Ugh, you guys I need to know!! Do you guys think he’s sticking around?? Make sure to share your guesses in the comments below! For now, I guess we will have to wait and see!!!

Until next week!



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  1. I think Luke P is just telling Hannah what she wants to hear. He is mirroring her. He definitely needs to go.

  2. I am a huge fan of Mike! If Hannah doesn’t pick him, I think he would make a great next Bachelor! Luke P = Puke P. Can’t stand the guy. He won’t open up. Has smething to hide, I think. Kick him to the curb!!

  3. If Hannah does not choose Mike, I think he would make an awesome bachelor!
    The group date without Luke was actually fun to watch without his drama. I’m just disappointed the Hanna didn’t kick him to the curb during the one on one.

  4. I only know that when Hannah watches this all back (as we are doing now) she is going to feel pretty dang foolish for how long she let Luke P play her! Dude seriously needs some serious mental health help. Bye Felecia!

  5. It frustrates me so much that she can not see through Luke P’s BS! He constantly lies and only says exactly what he thinks she wants to hear. He repeated his same answer over and over last night and never once actually answered her question! Send him home already! It makes me think way less of Hannah for her keeping him around!!!

  6. He’s sticking around for sure! This show likes drama and wants you to keep coming back for more! GREAT for the ratings! :Given Hannah the benefit of the doubt because if not….. she’s NOT the smartest knife in the drawer when choosing a life partner!!! Good luck Hannah …… open your eyes and EARS! Listen to the other 20+ men that don’t like Luke P!!!!

  7. Welcome Easton!

    I think they will for sure keep luke P around, Just to keep us coming back to see each week and yell to Hannah WHY!? As much as we all can’t stnd him- he is good for their ratings. I have a sneaking suspicion he will be around as part of the final 4 *vomit*

  8. Hi Easton! Thanks for the recap. I agree, Luke has got to go. Too much drama. At this point, we can see that Hannah is figuring him out and contemplating turfing him. She’s just having trouble letting go of the idea of him being the guy she wants him to be. She’ll get it sorted out.
    I adore Mike, but I don’t see the sizzle with him. I think he’s going to end up ion the friend zone.
    Since Day 1, I’m all about Jed and Peter, and definitely see some sizzle there! These are my Top 2. I’m still stumped on which other 2 will get a home town. Connor? Maybe Mike? Hopefully not Luke, who should be disappearing by the rose ceremony, right?!

  9. as a fan of both shows bachellor too, i see what a woman looks for first. personallity.
    who does this guy follow or is he a leader.
    old traits allow a woman to pick a strong male until you mix laughter, dance, and experience to come through.
    i still look for a bride and being a widower i need all the lessons learned. i am 63 and a good wingman. which none of these guys ever consider.
    David From vancouver canada

  10. What a fabulous addition to your blog Jillian,, love Easton! She certainly prepared an awesome recap on the boys! Yes, hope this is the end of Luke P. He has taken too much precious time from Hannah!!!

    Love Marian

  11. So dang frustrated that Hannah has kept Luke P around. Compared to the other men she has sent home, Luke P just plain sucks. I now have a feeling he is on the show for his own gain and not for Hannah. This also makes me judge Hannah’s character. If she can’t see that Luke P is lying all the time and that he is the sole issue then that’s on her. I have almost quit watching every time she keeps Luke on. No longer a Hannah fan!

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