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The Bachelorette Recap: Viva Las Vegas

Hey everyone!! What did you think of last night’s episode of The Bachelorette?? Is it just me or did you find it to be a bit of a snore?? I was a little bored by the episode and I’m not even sure how that’s possible considering they were in Vegas?? Unless they had to cut out all of the juicy bits because … what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas?! LOL!

Let’s take a look at some of my thoughts on the guys from last night’s episode …


Colton got the one on one and it was interesting to see the two of them together without the distractions of everyone else but I feel as though the date was a little lackluster!! Maybe that’s because it always baffles my mind when they have hot tub dates in the middle of nowhere (particularly the DESERT!) in broad daylight …. nothing about that seems romantic to me. If I’m going to crawl into a hot tub with someone I just met, it better be winter outside so I don’t overheat and under the stars … because that sounds WAY sexier. But hey, that’s just me.

I think Colton really started to open up near the end of the date and while I’m a fan of Colton I’m not SUPER convinced he is who he says he is but I WANT to believe him. Also, holy SMOKES … Becca is seriously attracted to him! You can tell by the way she acts around him and how she kisses him … but I mean, can you blame her?? He is a bit of a stud.


Apologies in advance to any fans of Chris out there but I can’t get on board with him. Last night he totally turned me off! I will admit, he put on the best performance on the group date but he expected to get the rose because of it and ended up being so shocked when he didn’t get it! Not to mention, he was even more shocked that Becca didn’t pull him aside to talk. Buddy, if you want her to know that you are genuinely interested in her, TALK TO HER!!!

I understand that it’s a two-way street when it comes to relationships but this isn’t your average “date” … you need to pull up your socks, check your ego and give it your all which means making time to pull that person aside. Oh, and don’t make her feel bad if she didn’t come up to you first and tell her that she owes you something because of it. I was shocked when he told her that she owes him 50,000 kisses. Give me a break!

Jillian Harris Bachelorette Recap


How awesome was Wills last night when he stood up to Chris?? That was sooooo amazing to watch! I was definitely cheering him on when he didn’t let Chris get away with his silly antics! I think Wills is an awesome guy but I still don’t think his relationship with Becca is advancing much … I think he might be in the friend zone …


I liked David at first but he kept hyper-focusing on Jordan which ended up coming back to bite him in the ass. We all know that when you spend your one on one time talking about someone else rather than trying to further your relationship that it never works out as planned.


I was surprised that Becca didn’t let both David and Jordan go at the same time (I would have done that!). But, I think she quickly regretted not doing so when she had to sit through dinner and listen to Jordan talk about his favourite topic, himself.

Ps. I just saw that they released the cast of Bachelor in Paradise and BOTH David and Jordan will be on it!!! Check out the full cast here!

Jillian Harris Bachelorette Recap


Blake is head over heels for Becca!! It’s so crazy to see the way he looks at her and the way he speaks to her … this guy seems like the real deal!! I almost think Becca should just cut the season short and give Blake the final rose now. They look so damn cute together!

Jillian Harris Bachelorette Recap

What do you think of everything that unfolded last night?? Make sure to share your thoughts and feedback in the comments below!




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  1. Nothing about last night changed my mind. She is still all about Blake and Garret, and I am still all about Colton! She did have some sizzle with Colton, too. Chris crashed and burned. I absolutely would have sent those 2 knuckle heads packing at the same time on that terrible 2 on 1 date. She would have had a much nicer evening in the bathtub with a good book than with Jordan! I agree that Wills may be getting put in the friend zone, and that he handled the Chris situation as well as he could have.

  2. I was so glad to finally see Jordan go home. I thought she might send Chris R. home but he will be going soon. I am thinking Blake and Garrett will be the final two. I always like the ones who don’t get into the drama. And on another note, I am so happy for you Jillian and your love and your growing family.

  3. Is it me or do all the dates seem like recycled dates from the past couple The Bachelorette’s?? Ugh, they are boring. Two song writing/singing ones in a row… Yawn… I’m not really digging any of the guys 100%. Blake stands out so far though, I guess.

  4. I agree with you Jillian Chris for one should have made some sort of advance if he was found of Becca
    as for Jordan & David well Jordans all for myself andDavid I have no comment

  5. Hi Jillian – my prediction is that it will be Blake and Garrett down to final 2 but she picks Garrett and Blake becomes the next Bachelor ?

  6. I also thought it was pretty boring for it to be shot in Vegas! Also, who hot tubs in the desert!?!?!

    Colton is a babe <3 Chris is…. well, not important!

    Blake is a cutie and they have sparks!
    I'm also a fan of Wills! I really loved that he stood up for himself.

    I'm hoping it starts to get juicer!

  7. I think the top 3 will be Garrett, Blake, and Colton. I think she’s going to end up with Garrett… They seem to have the most chemistry together. Blake is a very close second. I really do like Colton, but it doesn’t seem to be there with them like it is with Garrett and Blake. I’m glad David and Jordan are gone. I do have to say, David annoyed me more than Jordan did. I liked that she just walked away from David when she cut him loose. 🙂 He deserved that.

    Chris’ aggression is off putting. I would’ve sent him home. I can’t get over how much he looks like Ben Stiller! Am I the only one who sees the resemblance? Wow.

  8. I agree with everything (she definitely wants to “Final 3” Colton ?) except I’m glad she kept Jordan, got to know him and then sent him home once she realized it wasn’t gonna work. He wasn’t right for her but I’m glad she decided that and didn’t let others decide it for her. I do think he was there “for the right reasons”. He just needs to find someone to love him as much as he loves himself. ? Fingers crossed for him in Paradise!

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